《E宝剑》(e-Sword)V7.7.7 (来自美国的圣经查考_研究工具)


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版本V7.7.7 (来自美国的圣经查考_研究工具)

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e-Sword是一款来自美国的研读圣经的软件。在同类软件中,e-Sword是我遇到的最棒的!它的优点很多,主要归纳为三点:一是功能强大,除了不同版本圣经的对照外, 还有地图浏览器,也能做笔记,用荧光笔对经文进行勾勒等许多功能(软件带有详细的插图教程,大家慢慢研究吧^O^);二是内容极为丰富,e-Sword自带KJV版圣经,此外,通过安装插件,还能加入许多版本的圣经,其中有国际通用的ASV , BBE , CEV , ESV等,还有数十种不同语言的版本,有希腊语,汉语,希伯来语,保加利亚语,丹麦语等等,除了近百种版本的圣经外,还汇集有历代很多的解经书,圣经辞典,图解辅助和很多相关书籍,特别是能对希腊文和希伯来文版的圣经,进行以单词,章节,段落为单位的解释;三是各种版本的圣经及相关资料都以插件的形式制作,的确使我们在操作时感到更加灵活,方便,具有人性化!


注:必须先下载安装e-Sword v7.7.7 application installation,然后把其他包中的exe资料插件安放到该软件e-Sword目录下方可使用。插件无法单独使用。



e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly. This combination is what I pursued, and as such there were decisions I had to make when implementing various features. If a feature became too complicated for anyone other than a software engineer to use, then I abandoned the design in favor of keeping things simple. The $500.00 software packages might be able to do more "things", but does the average user know how to take advantage of them? No! Below you'll find a list of features that you will discover makes the study of God's Word both enjoyable and enriching.

All available Bibles, commentaries and dictionaries are readily viewed without having to "tile windows".

Create your own "parallel Bible" with up to any four translations. Studying the Word of God and comparing passages have never been easier!

Integrated editor for creating your own commentaries or study notes, complete with Spell Checking and a Thesaurus! Notes are "linked" to the Bible for easy viewing and can also be exported for portability.

Comprehensive print capabilities, including print preview, allow you to create impressive Bible study handouts from the Study Notes Editor.

Strong's definitions are displayed as ToolTips! Just place the mouse pointer over a Strong's number and the definition will then be displayed.

Scripture references in the Commentary and Dictionary views are displayed as ToolTips! Just place the mouse pointer over the reference and the passage will then be displayed. To go to the passage, just click it!

Easily compare the various translations to see how they rendered the Greek or Hebrew manuscripts.

Powerful search capabilities, yet simple to use. Enter as many words you want to search for and select the search style and range. You can even search on Strong numbers and exclude words from the search!

Use the Verse List to create your own topical lists of Scripture, or cataloging your discoveries!

Copy and print Scripture in a variety of formatting styles. This is also available for search results and verse lists.

Graphics Viewer for studying maps, charts, and other images.

STEP Reader for viewing the various resources you may have invested in from QuickVerse, Bible Companion, and WORDsearch.



American Standard Version

Bible in Basic English

Contemporary English Version

Douay-Rheims Bible (w/ Deuterocanon)

English Standard Version

Good News Translation


International Standard Version

Jewish Publication Society Old Testament

King James Version

King James Version (Red Letter)

King James Version (w/ Apocrypha)

Literal Translation of the Holy Bible

Modern King James Version

Revised Version


Analytical-Literal Translation

Darby Bible

English Majority Text Version

James Murdock New Testament

Webster Bible

Weymouth New Testament

Young's Literal Translation

Bishops' Bible, 1568 (w/ Apocrypha)

Geneva Bible, 1587 (w/ Apocrypha)

King James Bible, 1611 (w/ Apocrypha)

Greek New Testament (Majority Text)

Scrivener Textus Receptus


Robinson/Pierpont Byzantine Greek New Testament (w/ Strong's)

Textus Receptus Greek New Testament (w/ Strong's)

Westcott-Hort Greek New Testament (w/ Strong's)

Greek New Testament (w/ Variants)

Hebrew Old Testament (Tanach)

Hebrew Old Testament (w/ Strong's)


Greek Old Testament (Septuagint)

Latin Vulgate (w/ Deuterocanon)

Afrikaans Ou Vertaling

Arabic Smith & Van Dyke Bible

Bulgarian Bible

Czech Bible Kralická


Chinese Union Version (Simplified)

Chinese Union Version (Traditional)

Danish Bible

Dutch Staten Vertaling

Finnish Pyhä Raamattu

French Darby Bible


French Louis Segond Bible

German Elberfelder Bible

German Luther Bible

German Neue Evangelistische Übertragung

Vamvas Modern Greek Bible

Hungarian Károli Bible


Icelandic Bible

Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia Sehari-hari

Indonesian Terjemahan Baru

Italian Nuova Riveduta

Italian Riveduta Luzzi

Korean Revised Version


Norwegian Bible

Polish Biblia Gdanska

Portuguese João Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada

Romanian Dumitru Cornilescu Translation

Romanian Orthodox Bible

Russian Synodal Text


Russian New Testament (w/ Strong's)

Serbian Daničić Karadžić (Latin version)

Modricker Somali Bible

Spanish La Biblia de las Américas

Spanish Nueva Biblia de los Hispanos

Spanish Reina-Valera


Spanish Sagradas Escrituras

Swedish Bible

Tagalog Ang Biblia

Thai King James Version

Turkish Kutsal Kitap

Ukrainian Bible

Y Beibl Cymraeg Newydd Argraffiad Diwygiedig (Revised New Welsh Bible)



Albert Barnes' Notes on the Bible

One of the best-selling commentary sets of its time---for preachers and laypeople! Albert Barnes' conservative verse-by-verse commentary on the KJV text is dependable and profitable for personal Bible study, sermon preparation, and teaching.

Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

Adam Clarke (1760-1832) was one of the most influential Methodists to follow John Wesley. His monumental commentary on the Bible has been a standard reference work for over a century and has been widely used by all evangelical denominations. Its thorough and authoritative scholarship has been recognized by Arminians and Calvinists alike.

John Darby's Synopsis of the Bible

The John Darby's Synopsis does not attempt a commentary on every verse. Instead, Darby comments on each chapter as a whole along with a commentary on the subject matter contained within a given chapter.

Geneva Bible Translation Notes

The Geneva Bible was one of the earliest English Bibles. Produced by English reformers exiled in Geneva during the reign of Queen Elizabeth it quickly became the Protestant Bible in reformation England. It is an important text in the history of the English Bible as it predates the KJV. This commentary is comprised of the translations notes in the margin of the Geneva Bible.

John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible

He preached in the same church as C. H. Spurgeon. John Gill is little known, but his works contain gems of information found nowhere outside of the ancient Jewish writings. John Gill presents a verse-by-verse exposition of the entire Bible.

Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary

Long considered one of the best conservative commentaries on the entire Bible, the JFB Bible Commentary offers practical insight from a Reformed Evangelical perspective. The comments are an insightful balance between learning and devotion, with an emphasis on allowing the text to speak for itself.

Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament

A classic in conservative biblical scholarship! Beginning with the nature and format of the Old Testament, this evangelical commentary examines historical and literary aspects of the text, as well as grammatical and philological issues. Hebrew words and grammar are used, but usually in content, so you can follow the train of thought.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible

For nearly 300 years Matthew Henry's commentary on the Bible has been a favorite of teachers, preachers, and laypeople. His rich exposition and useful applications are perfect for devotional reading and sermon help.

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

Get the best of Matthew Henry---from his acclaimed writings to his insightful study outlines. Matthew Henry's warm mix of scholarship and practical application has made his commentary a favorite of preachers and devotional readers alike.

Robertson's Word Pictures in the New Testament

Robertson's magnum opus has a reputation as one of the best New Testament word study sets. Providing verse-by-verse commentary, it stresses meaningful and pictorial nuances implicit in the Greek but often lost in translation. And for those who do not know Greek, exegetical material and interpretive insights are directly connected with studies in the original text. All Greek words are transliterated.

Scofield's Reference Notes

Dr. C. I. Scofield's classic study system (1917). An unparalleled subject chain reference system that follows major Bible themes throughout Scripture. Enlightening introductions to each book, illuminating explanatory notes, comprehensive index to annotations and subject chain references which permit thorough topical study.

The People's New Testament (B. W. Johnson)

From the preface: "This work has been prepared, not especially for the learned and critical class, but for the people. The aim is indicated by the title. It has been a cherished purpose to prepare a People's New Testament, with such aids as would enable the common reader to arrive at an understanding of every portion of the sacred message."

The Treasury of David (C. H. Spurgeon)

The classic commentary on the Psalms is a treasure for preachers and devotional readers alike! Each verse includes Spurgeon's commentary, as well as illuminating quotes from Spurgeon's contemporaries and great Puritan expositors of the 17th and 18th centuries. Each psalm closes with a short section of "Hints to Preachers."

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

This classic Bible study help gives you a concordance, chain-reference system, topical Bible, and commentary all in one! Turn to any Bible passage and you'll find chapter synopses, key word cross-references, topical references, parallel passages, and illustrative notes that show how the Bible comments on itself. This really is a treasure!

Vincent's Word Studies

Marvin Vincent's Word Studies has been treasured by generations of pastors and laypeople. Commenting on the meaning, derivation, and uses of significant Greek words and idioms, Vincent helps you incorporate the riches of the New Testament in your sermons or personal study without spending hours on tedious language work!

John Wesley's Notes on the Bible

Produced between 1754 and 1765, John Wesley's commentary on the whole Bible has stood the test of time.


Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

Since it first appeared in the early part of the twentieth century, BDB has been considered the finest and most comprehensive Hebrew lexicon available to the English-speaking student. Based upon the classic work of Wilhelm Gesenius, the "father of modern Hebrew lexicography," BDB gives not only dictionary definitions for words, but relates each word to its Old Testament usage and categorizes its nuances of meaning.

Easton's Bible Dictionary

Easton's Bible Dictionary provides informative explanations of histories, people and customs of the Bible. An excellent and readily understandable source of information for the student and layperson. One of Matthew George Easton's most significant literary achievements.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary

From the co-author of the classic Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary, Fausset's Bible Dictionary stands as one of the best single-volume Bible encyclopedias ever written for general use. The author's writing style is always clear and concise, and he tackles issues important to the average student of the Bible, not just the Biblical scholars. This makes Fausset's an excellent tool for both everyday Bible study and in-depth lesson or sermon preparation.

Hitchcock's Bible Names

Published in the late 1800's as part of the "New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible", Roswell Hitchcock's purpose was to define over 2,700 names of characters and places found in the Bible.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

This authoritative reference dictionary explains every significant word in the Bible and Apocrypha! Learn about archaeological discoveries, the language and literature of Bible lands, customs, family life, occupations, and the historical and religious environments of Bible people.

King James Concordance

The King James Concordance is the alphabetical index of the words in the classic King James translation of the biblical text, indicating their Scripture references.

King James Dictionary

The King James Bible has stood its ground for nearly 400 years. However, during that time the English language has changed. With it has changed the meaning of some words used in the KJV. This authoritative dictionary gives the contemporary meanings to over 800 curious and archaic words found in the KJV.

Nave's Topical Bible

The best known and most comprehensive topical Bible, containing over 20,000 topics and sub-topics with over 100,000 scripture references.

Smith's Bible Dictionary

A classic reference, this comprehensive Bible dictionary gives you thousands of easy-to-understand definitions, verse references, and provides a wealth of basic background information that you'll find indispensable as you read the Bible.

Thayer's Greek Definitions

For over a century, Joseph Henry Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament has been lauded as one of the finest available! Based on the acclaimed German lexicon by C.L.W. Grimm, Thayer's work adds comprehensive extra-biblical citations and etymological information, expanded references to other works, increased analysis of textual variations, and discussion of New Testament synonyms. An invaluable resource for students of New Testament Greek!

R. A. Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Written in the tradition of Nave's Topical Bible, the New Topical Textbook is a practical tool for approaching the Bible text by topic. The most useful aspect of this work is that it is surprisingly different from Nave's in its selection of topics.

Noah Webster's Dictionary of American English

Noah Webster once wrote, "Education is useless without the Bible." That's why his first dictionary is the only one available today that defines every word in the original language and its biblical usage. Compare Webster's definitions of words like "marriage" and "education" with those found in modern dictionaries and see the difference for yourself!


American Bible Society Maps

Classic Bible Maps

Gustave Doré New Testament Woodcuts

Rev. Clarence Larkin's Book of Charts

Ancient Mediterranean Maps

NASA Satellite Images

Son Light Bible Atlas


2000+ Bible Illustrations

Ante-Nicene Fathers
(9 volumes)

Absolute Surrender
(Andrew Murray)

All of Grace
(Charles H. Spurgeon)

Antiquities of the Jews
(Flavius Josephus)

Concerning Christian Liberty
(Martin Luther)

Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia
(Ashley S. Johnson)

Creeds of Christendom
(Philip Schaff)

Doctrinal Works in the Reformed Tradition

Fox's Book of Martyrs
(John Fox)

History of The Christian Church
(Philip Schaff)

In His Steps
(Charles M. Sheldon)

Institutes of the Christian Religion
(John Calvin)

Jesus From Seven Sources
(an interwoven harmony)

Sketches of Jewish Social Life
(Alfred Edersheim)

St. Paul the Traveler
(William M. Ramsay)

Systematic Theology
(Charles G. Finney)

The Christian Faith
(Dallas M. Roark)

The Complete Writings of E. M. Bounds on Prayer

The Deeper Christian Life
(Andrew Murray)

The Imitation of Christ
(Thomas Ë Kempis)

The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah
(Alfred Edersheim)

The Practice of the Presence of God
(Brother Lawrence)

The Psalms of David in Metre

The Pursuit of God
(A. W. Tozer)

The Temple - Its Ministry and Service
(Alfred Edersheim)

The Training of the Twelve
(A. B. Bruce)

Tortured for Christ
(Richard Wurmbrand)

Wars of the Jews
(Flavius Josephus)

Westminster Confession w/ Catechisms

e-Sword Screen Saver v2.0.0

Turn your computer into a witnessing opportunity with the e-Sword Screen Saver. You can also use it to display your memory verses, or just encourage yourself from the Word of GOD. The screen saver uses a VerseList and Bible translation of your choice.

e-Sword Macros v1.7.3 (for Microsoft Word)

If you just have to use Microsoft Word for your sermon preparation (rather than the really cool Topic Notes editor in e-Sword), then maybe the following template will make searching and inserting Scripture easier for you. Taking advantage of the latest in Active-X technology these e-Sword macros give you all of the capability of e-Sword's Search and Copy functions. Now there is no reason to switch back and forth between applications, and "cut-and-paste".


Day-By-Day By Grace (Bob Hoekstra)

Our Daily Walk (F. B. Meyer)

Devotional Sermons (George H. Morrison)

Morning & Evening (Charles H. Spurgeon)

[STEP Libraries]

e-Sword has an integrated STEP Reader. STEP stands for "Standard Template for Electronic Publishing", and it is a file format designed for the storage of electronic Bible reference books. This file format is used by QuickVerse, WORDsearch, Bible Companion, and other Bible software products. If you happen to already own one of these programs, then this means you can use these resources within e-Sword.

But what if you do not already have a STEP based program? Where can you get STEP libraries to use with this feature? Until now STEP libraries were not available from a third party, but now there is because of a special arrangement with LightByDesign and available for e-Sword users! All of the collections below are free for e-Sword users!

Please visit the LightByDesign web site (home to all of these great collections) and donate to this very worthy ministry, and get a CD with even more of these wonderful collections. The CD is specially developed for use with e-Sword and includes the works of John Bunyan, Beverly Caradine, William Law, F. B. Meyer, George Morrison, Andrew Murray, John Newton, J. C. Ryle, and many more! 468 titles in all!!!

John Bunyan Collection

John Bunyan (1628-1688) was an English preacher and writer. While imprisoned for preaching the Gospel without receiving permission from the Established Church, he wrote The Pilgrim's Progress. This is the entire collection of works by John Bunyan! This collection includes such titles as "Solomon's Temple Spiritualized", "The Doctrine Of The Law And Grace Unfolded", "The Holy War" as well as "Pilgrim's Progress". This collection contains 61 titles in all!

F. B. Meyer Collection #1

Charles Spurgeon said of F.B. Meyer, "Meyer preaches as a man who has seen God face to face". Born in a devout Baptist home, he was heavily influenced by a Quaker grandmother and by his good friend Dwight L. Moody. This collection includes such titles as "Gems From The Psalms", "Christ In Isaiah", "Steps To The Blessed Life", and "David - Shepherd, Psalmist, King". This collection contains 40 titles in all!

John Newton Collection

John Newton (1725-1807) was an English hymn writer and Church of England minister. An early life of wanton sin included ten years of trading African slaves. While reflecting on salvation from this life he penned the famous hymn "Amazing Grace". This is the entire collection of works by John Newton! This collection includes such titles as "Cardiphonia", "A Review Of Ecclesiastical History", "Olney Hymns", as well as hundreds of sermons and letters. This collection contains 6 volumes in all!

A. W. Pink Collection #1

Authur Walkington Pink (1886-1952). In 1922 a small magazine – Studies in the Scriptures – began to circulate among Christians in the English-speaking world. It pointed its readership back to an understanding of the gospel that had rarely been heard since the days of C. H. Spurgeon. At the time it seemed as inconsequential as its author, but subsequently A. W. Pink's writings became a major element in the recovery of expository preaching and biblical living. This collection includes such titles as "The Satisfaction Of Christ", "The Sovereignty Of God", "Gleanings In Genesis", and "An Exposition Of Hebrews". This collection contains 24 volumes in all!

J. C. Ryle Collection

"The characteristics of Bishop Ryle's method and style are obvious. He is pre-eminently and always scriptural and expository. He never starts with a theory into which he tries to fit various scriptures. He always starts with the Word and expounds it. It is exposition at its very best and highest." So wrote Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones. This collection includes such titles as "Holiness", and "The Upper Room", as well as commentary upon the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. This collection contains 14 volumes in all!

Wesleyan Collection #4

This is a collection of somewhat rare, sometimes difficult to find, and generally out of print reference books of the Wesleyan/Arminian viewpoint. This collection includes such titles as "Helps To Holiness" by Samuel L. Brengel, "A Defense Of Christian Perfection" by Daniel Steele, and "Heaven - A Place A City A Home" by E. M. Bounds. This collection contains 52 titles in all!


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