Linda Ronstadt -《Winter Light》[APE]

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专辑中文名Winter Light

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每次翻箱倒柜,总有些收获,找到一盘10多年前一国外同学送的CD:Linda Ronstadt 的专辑Winter Light,在这盘专辑中,印象最深刻的是第一首曲子:Heartbeats Accelerating ,记得在早年的MTV看过, 歌曲描写一位多情少女,等待情人到来的焦急心情,旋律十分委婉动听,歌中唱到:

Love love,where can you be?
Love,I am waiting
Heartbeats accelerating...

这首歌曲给当时的我留下深刻印象,至今难以忘怀。今天翻出来再次聆听,依然十分感人。关于歌手Linda Ronstadt的介绍,本网站已有朋友介绍,在此不在复述,关于本专辑的介绍,实在找不到中文,在网上找到一段英文介绍,供各位朋友参考

This is one of Linda Ronstadt's greatest albums, even though it is probably the least well-known of her career. It came out in 1993, long after pop fans had figured she'd given up slumming in the rock/pop world and had moved into a joint appointment as the Ethno-musicology chair at a major university and the curator of the Nelson Riddle Museum.
But while I love this album, it illustrates what can drive you crazy about her. Linda Ronstadt is a promiscuous lover of great songs. When she finds a song she falls in love with, she wraps it in her world class voice, and makes love to that song with romantic intensity. What she DOESN'T do, usually, is INTERPRET the song. Instead, to show her loyalty and love for the song, she performs a version that is almost a replica of the original. That's no big deal on great songs like "Heartbeats Accelerating" or "Do What You Gotta Do," which were new to me when I heard this disk. But on incredibly familiar songs like "Anyone Who Had a Heart" or "Don't Talk, Put Your Head on My Shoulder" she presents an arrangement that is very much like the original--in the case of "...Heart" almost an exact duplicate. She sings it at the same tempo, to the same beat. She imitates some of the features of the original singer's interpretation--Dionne Warwick, especially, although their voices are so different. She did that during her heighth of popularity, sometimes to absurd effect, in songs like "Heat Wave" and "Tumbling Dice" that were just wrong for her. But we all know promiscuous people who hook up with the wrong person...that's Linda!

Do I have a problem with this? This is the guilty part of the guilty pleasure...I don't! Her voice is so good, and most of her song choices (especially on this album) so tasty, my feeling is, if she wants to be a jukebox, she's an awfully good one, so I just give in to it. This is a great album, and if you get it, you won't hate yourself in the morning.


1. Heartbeats Accelerating
2. Do What You Gotta Do
3. Anyone Who Had A Heart
4. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
5. Oh No, Not My Baby
6. It's Too Soon To Know
7. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
8. A River For Him
9. Adonde Voy
10. You Can't Treat The Wrong Man Right
11. Winter Light






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