Various Artists -《Traveling Light : Songs From the 23rd Psalm》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Traveling Light : Songs From the 23rd Psalm

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第一次发资源~~心情比较忐忑 hoho

这是一张关于Jesus的流行音乐专辑~ 有种说法是歌曲类型属于Religious。 这张专辑的创作灵感来自Max Lucado和Psalmist David的文学作品。Lucado的畅销书《Traveling Light》激发了专辑制作者Brown Bannister和Steve Hindalong;而The 23rd Psalm这个用来安抚心灵的圣经经文中被传诵最多 人们最熟悉的段落,则成为歌词的来源。专辑中的歌手来自多个基督教和乡村音乐团体。

我本人并不信宗教的啦 但是听着这张专辑的时候 还是一下子被安抚了。整张专辑都是那种让人心情平静的音乐,每一首歌都很美好,有种可以当轻音乐来听的感觉。而如果你愿意,可以仔细地听听歌词,都是很简单的话,就像在你伤心的时候,朋友几句贴心的安慰,就可以帮你卸下心上的沉重。

说起来,大学这几年我每个期末考试复习周,都是靠它度过的说。。。。 tongue.gif

Music inspired by the writings of Max Lucado and the Psalmist David. The 23rd Psalm, it's the single most quoted passage of scripture, familiar and comforting to people around the world.

Now, energized by the writing of best selling author Max Lucado's book Traveling Light, award winning producers and songwriters, Brown Bannister and Steve Hindalong have teamed to create the definitive musical work on the passage.

Some of the best known and loved artists from the Christian and Country music communities lend their talents and passion to this modern and personal collection of songs centered on the Psalm 23 scripture.


Easy Going, Easy Listening, January 15, 2003
Reviewer: Music "Music" (in the world)

This is a very mellow, relaxing CD. It's not acoustic worship and it's not the same old songs people are remaking. Although the artists are varied, they all keep the same 'vibe' throughout the CD, keeping it from being choppy for the listener. I heard this while shopping in the bookstore, and bought it immediately. I bought it for the music, not because such and such artist is on it, so if you are into artists..you will like this even more. The songs have lots of repetition, like a worship CD without 'being' a worship CD if you know what I mean. I really like the title track "Traveling Light"; that one deserves some radio play!! It's very healing and nurturing music. I play it at work at all day at my computer.

True Songs of Faith, October 1, 2002
Reviewer: "pastor_david" (The Woodlands, TX United States)

What a wonderful compilation of praise and worship! Within this album you are able to enjoy the beat and still enter a place to spend time with the Lord! As a Pastor I suggest this CD to all and not just for believers, but non-believers alike!

We are all asking questions in life and these artists have shown examples of how a personal relationship with Christ answers those questions. Their utilization of music to express the meaning of Psalm 23 will truly enrich your walk through life and provide you with direction for that personal relationship that we all need. You will also be able to see that the void in our lives that we have all felt is a God shaped hole that only He can fill!


1. Traveling Light - Sarah Groves
2. Gentle Shepherd - Amy Grant
3. I Shall Not Want - Bryan White
4. In Green Pastures - Jaci Velasquez
5. Mountain Of God - Third Day's Mac Powell
6. I Will Not Fear - Adore
7. Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us - Fleming & John
8. Let It Flow - Russ Taff
9. Following Me - Tait
10. Rest In Me - Derri Daughtery







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