《3D插件》(Lumonix Puppetshop v3.12)英文

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英文名Lumonix Puppetshop v3.12

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Lumonix Puppetshop v3.12
运行环境 Win9X/Win2000/WinXP/Win2003/

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Puppetshop 是一款免费的 3dsmax 角色设置和动画软件,其主要特性包括:
·可使用 maxs cript 添加自定义分支。
·包含 Linear、TCB 或 XYZ 控制器。
·IK/FK 混合。
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3D插件-Lumonix SkinFX v1.19
运行环境 Win9X/Win2000/WinXP/Win2003/
由Lumonix 开发提供3ds.Max的皮肤编辑插件,拥有强大的皮肤控制以及编辑功能,可以和连接皮肤的骨骼联动,可以为艺术家制造出各种奇异的皮肤扭曲方式,帮助他们塑造人物形象。
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Puppetshop is a Rigging and Animation plugin for 3dsmax 8 (or higher).
It offers a unique blend of easy to use animator tools, while keeping the 'backdoor' open for technical directors.
Puppetshop has been used extensively in production environments (both film and games).

Create an infinite number of rigs with any number of parts and store them to re-use again and again

Maxscript expandable Library system to manage your assests

Store any number of animation clips in a single max file and switch seamlessly

Use the Clip Editor to stitch together animations, or test in-game blending

Use animation layers to tweak and blend existing animation

Import and edit Motion Capture data (BVH)

Send animation data via BVH to Character Studio, Maya or Motion Builder

Use a single 'Time Curve' to adjust the timing of your entire animation without adjusting keyframes

Unique Hierarchy tools allow you to adjust the 'export' hierarchy without ever changing the original source

Copy and Mirror animation data between bodyparts

Export to 3dsmax bones or export directly to your game engine

Optimized trackview shows only the controllers animators care to see

Unique 'TD Mode' allows the technical director complete access to change ANYTHING in the rig

Large amount of maxscript code available to expand Puppetshop for your studios needs

Use the interactive video tutorials to learn how to use Puppetshop in no time

Puppetshop removes a lot of the technical headaches from the rigging process

Save countless hours by not having to rig the same types of skeletons over and over

All creatures, human (biped) or otherwise are handled the exact same way

Puppetshop is tightly integrated into 3dsmax, animators will feel at home instantly

Preview animation blends before wasting programmer time to implement it in-game

Take previously made animations and tweak them by using layered animation

Prevent human rigging errors due to the fact that puppetshop automates the entire process via scripting

Animators cannot accidently break rigs (i.e. un-linking, overwritting controllers or deleting parts of the rig)

Technical directors can alter rigs when needed

Puppetshop has been succesfully exported to engines such as Unreal3 and Granny

Take your animation to other applications if you have to (often the case for film)
更多介绍: http://www.lumonix.net/frames_puppetshop.html






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