《Hardware Hacking: Have Fun While Voiding Your Warranty》

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Leonardo Da Vinci

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中文名Hardware Hacking: Have Fun While Voiding Your Warranty

IPB Image

如何在 ipod 电池用完后自己换电池,
改装苹果的USB鼠标让他变成UFO 鼠标(不是很明白) = =
自己做个Atari 5200的 操纵杆 (谁还玩这个) = =
PS2改机技术(这个有点用) 等等
Kevin D. Mitnick 为该书的技术顾问, 他在前言里写道. "如果我10年前有这本书的话, FBI永远不可能抓到我"
总之很多有意思的东西 各位慢慢看 smile.gif

ABOUT THE BOOK”If I had this book 10 years ago, the FBI would never have found me!”–Kevin D. Mitnick

This book has something for everyone–from the beginner hobbyist with no electronics or coding experience to the self-proclaimed “gadget geek.” Take an ordinary piece of equipment and turn it into a personal work of art. Build upon an existing idea to create something better. Have fun while voiding your warranty!
Some of the hardware hacks in this book include:

  • Don’t toss your iPod away when the battery dies! Don’t pay Apple the $99 to replace it! Install a new iPod battery yourself without Apple’s “help.”
  • An Apple a day! Modify a standard Apple USB Mouse into a glowing UFO Mouse or build a FireWire terabyte hard drive and custom case.
  • Have you played Atari today? Create an arcade-style Atari 5200 paddle controller for your favorite retro videogames or transform the Atari 2600 joystick into one that can be used by left-handed players.
  • Modern game systems, too! Hack your PlayStation 2 to boot code from the memory card or modify your PlayStation 2 for homebrew game development.
  • Videophiles unite! Design, build, and configure your own Windows- or Linux-based Home Theater PC.
  • Ride the airwaves! Modify a wireless PCMCIA NIC to include an external antenna connector or load Linux onto your Access Point.
  • Stick it to The Man! Remove the proprietary barcode encoding from your CueCat and turn it into a regular barcode reader.
  • Hack your Palm! Upgrade the available RAM on your Palm m505 from 8MB to 16MB.
…Many more hacks and modifications inside!
TABLE OF CONTENTSJoe Grand, Grand Idea Studio, Inc., Technical editor, hardware hacker, and electrical engineer IntroductionTools of the Warranty Voiding TradeElectrical Engineering BasicsDeclawing Your CueCatUpgrading Memory on Palm Devices
Lee Barken, Wireless enthusiastWireless 802.11 Hacks
Marcus R. Brown, PS2 game developerHacking the PlayStation 2
Job de Haas, Mobile phone expertCan You Hear Me Now? Nokia 6210 Mobile Phone Modifications
Deborah Kaplan, Repetitive task automation expertOperating Systems OverviewCoding 101
Bobby Kinstle, Macintosh reliability engineerTerabyte FireWire Hard Drive Case ModMacintosh Hacks
Tom Owad, www.applefritter.comMacintosh Hacks
Ryan Russell, Computer security guru and HTPC visionaryHome Theater PCs
Albert Yarusso, www.atariage.comHack Your Atari 2600 and 7800Hack Your Atari 5200 and 8-Bit ComputerHacking the iPod
Andrew “bunnie” HuangForeword

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