《编译器》(PGI Workstation Server 6.2.3 )英文

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英文名PGI Workstation Server 6.2.3

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一整套并行Fortran,C 和C++的编译器和工具。PGI Workstation 可以运行于基于Intel处理器的工作站、服务器并且运行诸如Linux、Solaris86和NT的操作系统,支持HPF/F90/F77/C/C++,支持的语言之多,效能优化之美妙,足以让每一个使用的用户拍手称是。这也是首款针对AMD的64位技术的编译器,对于AMD而言是个相当好的消息。PGI Workstation编译器以及工具主要用于科学和工程应用,所解决的也都是最具难度的问题和工作,例如天气建模、地球物理处理、空气动力学模拟及相关领域。


PGF95™ native OpenMP and auto-parallel Fortran 90/95 compiler
PGF77® native OpenMP and auto-parallel FORTRAN 77 compiler
PGHPF native data parallel compiler with full HPF language support
PGCC OpenMP and auto-parallel ANSI and K&R C compiler
PGC++ OpenMP and auto-parallel C++ compiler (Linux only)
PGDBG® OpenMP graphical debugger (not currently available on Windows)
PGPROF® OpenMP graphical performance profiler (command-level only on Windows)
Full 64-bit support on AMD Opteron and Athlon 64, and Intel Pentium and Xeon with EM64T including full support for -mcmodel=medium and single data objects > 2GB
AMD Opteron and Intel EM64T optimizations including SSE/SSE2, prefetching, use of extended register sets, and 64-bit addressing
Intel Pentium II/III/4/Xeon and AMD Athlon XP/MP optimizations including SSE/SSE2 and prefetching where supported in hardware
Large file (> 2GB) support in Fortran on 32-bit x86 systems
-r8/-i8 compilation flags, 64-bit integers
Full support for Fortran 95 extensions
Optimized ACML version 2.5 math library supported on all targets
Highly-tuned math intrinsics library routines
One pass interprocedural analysis (IPA)
Interprocedural optimization of libraries
Profile feedback optimization
Function inlining including library functions
Vectorization, loop interchange, loop splitting
Loop unrolling, loop fusion, and cache tiling
Concurrent subroutine call support
Extensive vectorization / optimization directives / pragmas support
State-of-the-art dependence analysis and global optimization
Invariant conditional removal
Compile-time optimization listings
Support for creation of shared objects on Linux and DLLs on Windows
Tracking ANSI C++ Standard - EDG 3.41 C++ front-end (C++ is Linux only)
C++ Class member templates
C++ partial specialization and ordering
C++ explicit template qualification
GNU style template instantiation
Integrated cpp pre-processing
Cray/DEC/IBM compatibility (including Cray POINTERs)
Support for SGI-compatible DOACROSS in PGF77 and PGF95
Byte-swapping I/O for RISC/UNIX interoperability
Threads-based auto-parallelization using both PGF77 and PGF95
Threads-based auto-parallelization of FOR loops in PGCC and PGC++
Full native OpenMP parallelization directives in PGF77 and PGF95
Full native OpenMP parallelization pragmas in PGCC and PGC++
Process/CPU affinity support in SMP/OpenMP applications
Compile-time optimization listings using the "-Minfo" switch
FORALL and F90 array assignment merging
Re-use of communication schedules
Complete implementation of the HPF Library
Fully upward compatible with PGHPF for high-end parallel systems
HPF parallelization of irregular DO loops, FORALLs, and array assignments
HPF parallelization using direct accesses to shared memory
UNIX-compatible build/edit environment for Windows, including the BASH shell, vi and EMACS editors, make, tar, gzip, sed, grep, awk, and over 100 other shell commands
Parallel executables generated by PGI's Workstation-class compilers use up to four processors
Prevalidated de facto standard support libraries including NetCDF, F95 OpenGL, ATLAS, ScaLAPACK, MPI-CH and LAM MPI
Interoperable with Etnus TotalView®
Fully interoperable with gcc, g77, and gdb
Home-use license at no extra charge
Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee






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