《MAX粒子特效插件AfterBurn 3电影特效制作教程》(Turbo Training ParticleFX For Film)[ISO]

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中文名MAX粒子特效插件AfterBurn 3电影特效制作教程
英文名Turbo Training ParticleFX For Film

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全名:MAX粒子特效插件AfterBurn 3电影特效制作教程——Turbo Training ParticleFX For Film by Szymon Masiak
讲师:Szymon Masiak

这是Turbo Training发行的最新一份经典教学,有关专业影视级粒子特效制作技术,主要使用的软件为AfterBurn 3,目标让你的专业特效制作达到新水准。讲师贡献了粒子特效技能业的鲜为人知的新技能。本教程的作者Szymon Masiak是知名的CG特效制作师,他参与的好莱坞影视作品包括:《罪恶之城》Sin City;《神奇四侠》(Fantastic Four);《凤凰劫》 Flight of the Phoenix等特效部分的开发。
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Raise the bar on your particle work!

Industry veteran Szymon Masiak has put together over 4 hours of incredible Particle Flow and Autodesk Certified Animation Plug-in AfterBurn 3 training for animators looking to increase their understanding of how these two systems work in concert to produce everything from fiery explosions to drifting clouds.

With each effect type, the set up of the Particle Flow system is covered in easy-to-understand, logical steps, and Szymon explains how to make the most of your flows to get the looks you're after. Here's an outline of Szymon's course:

1. AfterBurn Introduction
2. Basic AfterBurn Clouds
3. AfterBurn Smoke & Fog
4. Basic AfterBurn Explosion
5. Advanced AfterBurn Clouds
6. Ground Explosion
7. AfterBurn Rocket
8. Advanced Explosion
9. PFlow Std. Cigarette Smoke
10. PFlow Machine Gun
11. PFlow Fireworks
12. PFlow Sand Dunes
13. PFlow Sand Twister

What's more is that Szymon goes into detail on how you can tweak your AfterBurn settings so as not to bring your production renders to a grinding halt while still maintaining incredible detail and quality. It's a must have for anyone who loves particle and effects work, and is a perfect compiment to the other Turbo Training titles。
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关于讲师:Szymon Masiak
Szymon Masiak was born in Poland in 1976, and after initially going to school for music, he switched gears and began his career as a 3D games artist in 1995. Self-taught, Szymon’s talents quickly earned him a good reputation and he quickly became a sought-after hired gun for 3D animation companies around the globe, from Germany and Poland to the UK and the United States. Now in his 10th year of working in the industry, Szymon is working steadily in the US and has recently completed work on several major motion pictures such as Sin City, Fantastic Four and Flight of the Phoenix among others. With his passion for particle effects, this DVD should give viewers a chance to learn from one of today’s top professionals. Let the explosive carnage begin!

Be aware that this DVD has been created at a resolution of 1024x768, therefore it will only function inside of a DVD Drive connected to your PC.
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