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版本Scripting Edition 教程

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LinuxCBT Scripting Edition is a unique approach to teaching GNU/Linux Scripting skills. Serious Linux IT-professionals are expected to have a command of various scripting environments for administrative purposes. It consists of 4 LinuxCBT Scripting Products: BASH, Perl, Python & PHP.

LinuxCBT Scripting Edition, is unparalleled in content, depth and expertise. LinuxCBT Scripting Edition prepares you or your organization for successfully developing and implementing business-critical GNU/Linux-based scripting solutions. Linux automation requires a solid scripting foundation.

Recommended Prerequisites:

LinuxCBT Classic and/or Debian GNU/Linux Editions - Operating System (OS) Base
Open mind & determination to master Linux Scripting Solutions - BASH/Perl/Python/PHP
Access to a GNU/Linux-based PC to perform exercises in LinuxCBT Scripting Edition

Bourne Again Shell (BASH) Scripting - Disc 1

Introduction to BASH Command Line Interface (CLI)
Identify BASH installation & key configuration files on RedHat & Debian GNU/Linux distros
Identify & use common built-in BASH commands (pwd,cd,set,unset,export,source,etc.)
BASH Command-line Expansion
Brace Expansion
Tilde Expansion
Parameter & variable Expansion
Command Substitution
BASH Reserved words
BASH History identification & configuration
Aliases (ls,du,df,rm,cp)
Backticks - command expansion & execution
BASH Prompt configuration
Command chaining
Error level/Return code (Command Exit Status) identification
Test return 0
Test return 126 - permissions
Test return 127 - command not found
Conditional execution of subsequent commands (&&,||)

Standard Input

Direct input from Standard Input
Redirect input from a file
Standard Output
Direct output to Standard Output
Redirect output to a file
Append Standard Output to an existing file
Standard Error
Redirect Standard Error
Input/Output (I/O) Redirection
Sequential execution via pipes
Quoting & Escaping
single quotes preserves whitespace, double quotes don't
Full-quoting - single quotes - all enclosed values are literal
Partial quoting - double quotes - all enclosed values are literal except "$, \, `"
\ is the escape character used to treat following strings literally

BASH Scripting
Basic Script definition (hello world), permissions modification & execution
Internal BASH variables
Global Variable definition
Function definition
Local Variable definition - function scope
BASH Arrays
Menu creation using Select
Job control - Foreground/Background processing
Conditionals - If-Then-Else - Testing
Case - Concise Conditional Branching
Positional Parameters

BASH Script Definition
Create BASH script to move multiple files to new names defined by positional parameters
Create script to monitor directory for file changes and report the differences via E-mail to Administrator
Create script to monitor directory size and report threshold encroachment to Administrator via E-mail
Define script to parse logs for keywords and notify the Administrator via E-mail
Create script to monitor network connectivity between hosts and report outages to Admin via E-mail
Define script to monitor process, restart if fails, and E-mail Administrator at defineable limits
Create script to backup sub-directories using Tar & Gzip, define threshold, and SSH file to remote host
Log the output of BASH scripts to a Syslog-like format

Practical Extraction & Reporting Language (Perl) - Disc 2
Discuss Perl's capabilities
Identify available Perl binaries on the system
Discuss Perldoc - documentation program
Discuss Perl interpreter
Define first Perl program - Hello World
Explain the application of the SHEBANG header within Perl scripts
Explain warnings options
Explain strict options
Discuss compilation of Perl scripts and compare and contrast with shell scripts
Print function
Escape sequences including (\t, \n, etc.)
Explain quoting rules and variable interpolation
Variable definition

Perl Variables
Variable scopes (Global/Local)
Scalars - single values
Discuss the properties of scalar variables
Evaluate the definition of scalars
Variable concatenation
Arrays - lists & lists of lists
Discuss the properties of array variables
Evaluate the definition of arrays
Multi-dimensional arrays
Array slices
Array functions
Hashes - Key/Value pairs
Discuss the properties of hashes
Evaluate the definition of hashes

Control Structures
Discuss various types of Subroutines and features
Define non-returning sub-routines
Define returning sub-routine
If - integer and string comparisons
Else/elsif testing
For Loops
Foreach Loops - Array iteration
While Loops
Until Loops

General Perl Information I

Block Definition
Use the X Functions for file system testing
Positional parameters - ARGV
Determine number of command line arguments
Record Separators
Internal Perl Variables
Explore the module path and applicable variables
Discuss various ways to install Perl modules
Install modules
File I/O
File Handles
Open Function
Discuss rules regarding file handles and use of the open function
Assign file handles to Perl arrays for iteration
Process text files using applicable file I/O functions and foreach loops
Generate data files using file I/O functions
Die function
Error handing with Perl's built-in variables
Count records from input file
Use the Split function to separate fields based on various delimiters
Use Join to assemble lists

General Perl Information II
Chomp - strip superfluous characters
Command substitution
Use execute function to launch external programs
Use system function to execute external commands and evaluate return status
Regular Expressions discussion
Demonstrate the many rules of Regular Expressions
Process arrays using push/pop functions
Generated data files and process them using split and field determination
Mail integration using Sendmail
Mail integration using downloaded Perl mail module
Define and execute Perl one-liners
Common Gateway Interface (CGI) - Apache 2.x integration
Process GET & POST variables
MySQL Database integration
Identify required modules for MySQL integration
Define connection object
Execute SELECT queries
Execute INSERT queries
Execute UPDATE queries
Execute DELETE queries

Python - Object Oriented Linux Scripting Environment - Disc 3

Discuss Python's capabilities & features
Identify location of pre-installed Python 2.3x
Discuss Python's Interactive interface
Use the interactive interface to ouput basic expressions
Hello World
Identify reserved keywords
Escape sequences & escape character exploration
Define Python script using Linux SHEBANG header
Execute Python scripts using the Python interpreter directly
Discuss data types including strings, integers, lists, tuples, dictionaries, etc.
Define standard variable types
Use the print function to examine ouput of variables and expressions
Use the type function to resolve data type
Use the id function to expose the memory location of the stored variable
Explain and define references and integrate with the id function
Comments definition
Perform basic arithmetic to illustrate the PEMDAS order of operations and examine how to alter it

General Python Information I
Explain and illustrate STDIN usage
Examine the input function
Examine the raw_input function
Compare and contrast between input and raw_input functions
Define small script to make use of input/raw_input and basic math functions
Python Function concepts, applications and definition

String Manipulation
Define and ascertain the length of strings
String extraction using list elements and list slicing
Discuss immutable and mutable data types
Loop through string slices using for loops
Compare strings using string operators
Discuss Python's object-oriented nature of various modules including classes and methods
Import strings module
Convert strings to upper and lower case using strings module methods
Split strings into lists
Join lists into strings

List Manipulation
Define lists
Discuss and Define tuples
Compare and contrast lists and tuples
Reverse lists
Append lists
Extend lists
Nest lists
Define multi-dimensional lists
Stack Lists using Last In First Out (LIFO) using the pop function
Define First In First Out (FIFO) lists to emulate queueing using the pop function
Insert values into various positions of the list
Use ranges to generate integers
Lists with Integers
Lists with Strings
Emulate standard UNIX Syslog logfile format using Lists
Parse emulated logfile format using the Split function
Recap list manipulation using integers, strings and various list methods
Explain and define Dictionaries - key/value pairs similar to Hashes in Perl

Control Structures
IF - Defintion and usage
Discuss the importance of indentation
Else/Elif - comparisons against integers and strings
Comparison negation
Write script to perform conditional testing
Import sys module to evaluate positional parameters using ARGV
Define script which requires minimum number of command-line arguments
Nest multiple if/elif statements to match logic
Explain how for loops work in Python
for loops definition and usage
Iterate through lists of strings using for loops
Integrate for loops with string manipulation functions and log file parsing
Define and use While loops
Define and examine the consequences of incorrect logic with an infinite while loop
Integrate while loop with raw_input function to obtain data from the end-user

Discuss file handle concepts and applications
Use control structures to generate output for use in File I/O exercises
Use the open function to read a file into a file handle
Iterate through the lines within the opened file using readline functions, etc.
Open file handles for writing
Open multiple file handles
Write strings to files using string formatting options and variable substitution
Parse source file by extracting columns to be stored in destination file
Regular Expressions
Discuss Regular Expressions
Import Regular Expressions module (re) for usage
Implement Regular Expressions (REs)
Regular Expressions Matching of strings and variables
REGEX Repeaters
Integrate Regular Expressions with text file processing
Exception Handling
Try & Except
Identification of default Python modules
Import modules (sys, os, etc.) for usage
Use the dir function to ascertain the classes and methods available within modules
Use the SHUTIL module for advanced, high-level File I/O (Copy, Move, etc.)
Python - Syslog integration
Define script using the Syslog module to log to syslog
Common Gateway Interface
CGI Discussion and applications
Implement Python CGI with Apache 2.x
Evaluate results of CGI integration

PHP - Hyper Text Pre-Processor - Dynamic Web Applications & CLI - Disc 4
Identify Online PHP resources
Download the latest version (5.x) of PHP
Identify Apache prerequisite packages and programs - Modular support (mod.so)
Extract, compile and install PHP with Apache modular support
Compile and install PHP with Command Line Interface (CLI) support
Identify key PHP configuration files & directories
Configure Apache httpd.conf with PHP integration to provide PHP support
Configure Apache with PHP binary and source support

Explain PHP-supported long/short/ASP parse-tags & identify configuration changes in php.ini
Hello World script output using echo to the web browser
Describe the various comments supported by PHP
Examine the ouput of PHP-maintained variables using phpinfo()
Explain supported data types via variables (integers, strings, floating points, here documents, arrays, etc.)
Test instantiation of supported variables with default types
Explain Quoting rules and variable interpolation
Demonstrate escaped sequences such as tab, new lines, spaces, etc.
Exercise the echo command
Define basic associated arrays (i.e. hashes/dictionaries)
Define nested associative arrays

General Information

Examine key CGI PHP-server variables
Explore HTTP GET Request Methods via the URLString and Forms
Explore HTTP POST Request Methods via the URLString and Forms
NULL Variables
Basic Math - PEMDAS
Integer and String Comparison Operators
Examine execution operators for executing Linux Shell commands and obtaining the ouput
Variable assignment via execution operations
Illustrate the usage of nested arrays

Control Structures
IF - comparisons against integers and strings
Else/Elseif - comparisons against integers and strings
Test whether variables are of the same type
Comparison negation
C-stlye for loops definition and usage
Generate HTML option boxes using C-style for loops
foreach list iterator loop definition and usage
Generate HTML based on the contents of the list iterated by foreach
While loops definition and usage
Examine filesystem listings using execution operators and while loops
do While definition and usage
Switch - for concise if/elseif conditional examination

General Information II

Discuss the applications of Server Side Includes (SSI)
Server Side Includes using require
Server Side Includes using include
Explain and examine the differences between require and include
Demonstrate distributed include applications by including content using HTTP
Header, leftnav, body, and footer definition and integration with require/include
HTML Form defintion using include and control structures
PHP Functions definition and sample usage
ISSET & UNSET for examining and controlling variables
Discuss the way PHP handles uploaded files
Identify key configuration files which affect uploaded files
HTTP File I/O - uploads & processing via HTML forms
Define back-end action pages to handle HTTP file uploads
Examine available file attributes of HTTP-uploaded files
PHP SMTP E-mail integration discussion
Define scripts to process forms and generate SMTP-based e-mail
Examine PHP Mail function options
Use mutt on the Linux system to examine PHP-generated SMTP-based e-mail

PHP - Dynamic Web Programming
PHP cookie concepts & usage discussion
Cookie definition and examination on server and client system (Mozilla Firefox)
Set and unset cookies on client system
Make decisions based on the existence of cookies on the client system
Session Variables concepts & usage discussion
Identify pertinent configuration options for session variables
Define session variables
Integrate cookies with session variables
Download MySQL RDBMS packages for usage with PHP
Install MySQL RDBMS for usage with PHP
Download the latest phpMyAdmin for installation
Install phpMyAdmin with Apache supportfor web-based administration of MySQL RDBMS
Recompile PHP for MySQL RDBMS support
Update PHP configuration information to support MySQL
Define basic database structure for usage
Structured Query Language (SQL) integration with PHP
Explain steps for connecting PHP scripts to MySQL
Define and execute SELECT queries
Define and execute INSERT queries
Define and execute UPDATE queries
Define and execute DELETE queries
Forms Processing with MySQL integration
Forms with Cookies
Forms with Session Variables

PHP - Command Line Interface (CLI)
Discuss concepts and applications
Identify CLI binary
Discuss the possible ways of executing PHP scripts from the CLI
Define and execute PHP one-liners
Execute scripts using PHP binary as a prefix
Explore executing PHP via the Interpreter mode
PHP-Linux SHEBANG definition and usage
Execute basic commands
CLI - File I/O usage - Stat files
Examine file attributes
Determine access and modification times and make decisions using control structures






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