《繁星之夜》(Starry Night Pro Plus 5.0)

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英文名Starry Night Pro Plus 5.0

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测试系统:Windows XP PRO SP2


史上最强的天文模拟软件,估计不是天文爱好者是不会了解这个软件的。毫不夸张地说,它可以模拟公元前99999年到公元99999年1000000光年内的人类所能观察到的所有天文现象。它可不是一般的天文教学软件,只有一点文字,图片或动画而以,而是实时模拟软件。你可以把观察点设在自己所在地,看看今晚的星空,保证和你看到的实际星空一样(由于环境污染,真实星空估计你是看不到的)。你也可以把时间设到1万年前,看看那时的北斗七星是个什么排列,甚至可以站在冥王星上看日出,坐在哈雷彗星上环游太阳系,或者开着飞船在外太空遨游。反正,这一切都不是事先设定好的,完全可以按自己的意愿自行模拟出来。和一般天文软件相比,它最大的特点就是画面漂亮,支持openGL渲染和全景图片,星空在starry night里是非常真实的。


首先要向大家道歉!!!由于本人的问题,提供了错误的链接源,(原来的是游戏星球大战...)如今emule上很多资源都是假的,本人也深受其害。现在链接已经更新(2月22日12点),这次是真的starry night。再次向大家道歉,实在是对不起~~~



官方网站 http://www.starrynight.com/

Now with Full-Color CCD Photograph of the Entire Night Sky Visible from Earth!

Starry Night Pro Plus version 5.0 enhances your observation experiences with the first-ever, full-color photograph of the entire night sky, to a limiting magnitude of 14-15. Quickly and easily navigate the full-color CCD image mosaic comprised of about 20,000 individual images taken with a 6 mega-pixel CCD camera and custom-built optical system.

Make the most of the enhanced telescope controls to find your target and capture it using the new plug-in to MaxIm DL* imaging software. This innovative integration lets you find your target, take and process pictures with MaxIm DL and then import these pictures back into Starry Night.

Add exciting, new dimensions to your passion for the night sky with the ability to create your own stunning astrophotography.

New Features in Starry Night Pro Plus 5.7:

Outlines for 1400 dark, emission, planetary and reflection nebulae
Positional data for 1700 globular and open clusters
Follow the path of space mission probes like Voyager
Ride along with Cassini as it flies by Jupiter on its way to Saturn
Ability to add 3-D objects such as irregularly shaped asteroids, man-made satellites and more
Integration with Google Maps for Earth-based locations
Improved functionality for finding viewing locations on Earth and the Moon
Improved Planner functionality, making it easier to select and filter objects for viewing sessions
Access to up-to-date local observing conditions through online link to Clear Sky Clock
Improved Equipment List functionality and FOV support for DSLR (digital) cameras
Default Equipment Database of over 200 Orion, Meade, Celestron and Vixen scopes, binoculars, and SBIG, Apogee, FLI and Starlight Express CCD chips
卆nd more

Other Features

Zoom in on the AllSky Image, a full-color CCD mosaic of the entire sky visible from Earth, to a limiting magnitude of 14-15
Connect to MaxIm DL* to take pictures with your telescope and camera and import them into Starry Night (Windows only)
Move your telescope freely in altitude or azimuth using the "telescope handbox simulator" (Macintosh only)
Use the improved "Telescope" pane to park/unpark and home your scope, configure slew limits and more
Explore PGC Catalog of 1 million galaxies
Plan observing sessions using SkyCalendar full of upcoming astronomical events
Export positional data for any object over a specific time span or interval with the Ephemeris Generator
Track satellite positions more accurately as predicted by the SGP4 model
Deepen explorations of the universe with over 100 SkyGuide tours
Choose from over 30 photo-realistic horizon panoramas
Enjoy high resolution exclusive constellation illustrations and images from Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes and Chandra X-Ray Observatory
Fly around the universe using joystick-supported spaceship mode
Control most popular brands of computerized telescopes including Orion?SkyQuest?Intelliscope? Meade?LX-200 and AutoStar and Celestron?Nexstar series (additional cable required)
View over 55 million stars and 1 million galaxies with online link to 500 million stars
Customize field-of-view indicators to match your eyepieces stored in the equipment list
Store comments and images on individual targets in observation logs
Print full sky (180 degree) star charts of any area in the sky
Receive automatic updates of new discoveries and orbital data of satellites, comets, and asteroids

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