《教程:RealFlow and Maya Integration》(RealFlow and Maya Integration)[Bin]

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中文名教程:RealFlow and Maya Integration
英文名RealFlow and Maya Integration

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转自The Last Fantasy
软件要求: RealFlow 3 / Maya 7
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模拟真实的粒子效果从来没有这样的简单。"Intermediate: RealFlow and maya Integration"是一个长度为4小时的教程。在这个教程中你将学到如何利用非常省时的技术来制作出照片级的液体效果和动态模拟效果。这个教程适合那些新手和比较有经验的并希望将RealFlow整合进其工作流程中的用户。其中在教程DVD中还包括了RealFlow的免费试用版本,这样你就可以很快的进入到教程的学习当中。此套教程的售价为US$69.99。

Creating realistic particle simulations and effects has never been easier! "Intermediate: RealFlow and Maya Integration" equips you with 4 hours of project-driven training for creating highly photorealistic liquid and dynamic simulations using time-saving tips and techniques. Perfect for new and experienced users seeking to integrate RealFlow into their pipeline - a free trial of RealFlow is included, allowing you immediate access to expand your skills and explore its integration.


This lesson will introduce you to the topics that will be covered over the span of this training kit.
Geometry Setup in Maya

In this first lesson we will explore the workflow that you will use when taking your geometry from Maya into RealFlow.
Splashing Water

Using the previously made geometry, we will create very realistic splashing water in RealFlow. With the particles behaving correctly, we can now create a nice mesh sequence for the water.

Rendering the Splash (part 1)

Now that the mesh has been generated from RealFlow, we will begin the process of rendering this splash using mental ray to achieve the look of photorealistic water.

Rendering the Splash (part 2)

Continuing from the previous lesson, we will finish the lighting and rendering of the water splash.

Sandman (part 1)

In this lesson we will begin setting up RealFlow to simulate particles that behave like dirt or sand to achieve the look of an object disintegrating into dust.

Sandman (part 2)

Now that the particles for the Sandman have been set up, we can focus on the way that they move, so we can create the appearance of a disintegrating object.

Sandman (part 3)

Continuing from the previous lesson, we will finish getting the sand particles to correctly disintegrate and break apart within RealFlow.

Sandman (part 4)

We are now ready to import the particles for the Sandman into Maya and use Expressions to mimic the appearance of sand by randomizing color values on each particle.

Sandman (part 5)

In the final part of this project we will give shadowing effects to the sand particles, as well as utilize the velocity data contained in each RealFlow particle to generate false motion-blur effects.

Splash to Logo (part 1)

In this lesson we will begin the initial Maya setup of making a drop of liquid fall to the ground and splash into the shape of a particular logo.

Splash to Logo (part 2)

Now that we have all the geometry prepared, we can import it into RealFlow and begin creating the falling water that will splash into the shape of the logo.

free preview

Splash to Logo (part 3)

Continuing from the previous lesson, we will finalize the effect of the splash and export the resulting mesh into Maya for rendering.

Splash to Logo (part 4)

In this lesson we will bring the splashing logo mesh from RealFlow into Maya and begin the process of lighting this scene for the final render.

Splash to Logo (part 5)

Now that we have a good light setup in Maya, we will add the caustic effects and reflection attributes to the splashing liquid.

Liquid Text (part 1)

In the first part of this lesson we will focus on building the geometry for the letters in a way that will make it easier for us to fill them with liquid.

Liquid Text (part 2)

Now that the geometry for the text has been built, we can use RealFlow to fill the letters with liquid and complete the effect of liquid text.

Liquid Text (Part 3)

In this final lesson we will generate the meshes for the liquid text and use mental ray for Maya to generate the final rendered sequence of the liquid text.

Bonus Lesson: Splashing Tomatoes (part 1)

In the first part of this project we will use Maya to set up an animation of two tomatoes colliding with each other.

Bonus Lesson: Splashing Tomatoes (part 2)

Now that we have the moving geometry from Maya, we will use RealFlow to add splashing water that flies off the tomatoes when they collide.

Bonus Lesson: Splashing Tomatoes (part 3)

In the final part of this project we will take the RealFlow meshes back into Maya and use mental ray to achieve a photorealistic render.


Maya 7.01 Linux









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