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发行公司:Mint Records


     Duplex的一张独立发行的专辑, 这是一张送给孩子的音乐专辑,无处不透露着欢乐。

     The sincerest applause for an album of songs written for kids would be getting the approval of both the parents and the kids. My test subject, my six-year-old daughter, who will try and dance and sing along to anything, was instantly "involved" with this record: she danced, she bobbed her head, and she sang along. There were a few moments where she thought the recording was too silly, or a strange joke, like the very short track "I am a Robot" by three-year-old Abe Caruso who speaks a few words and the "song" transitions to a wheezy toy instrument jam. But those moments of disbelief were few, and from the first familiar "one two buckle my shoe" to the goofy sounding "pooing and peeing" she was having a grand old time.

     Duplex! is a collaborative effort of a bunch of musicians who live in the same duplex house in Vancouver. The adults involved were Veda Hille, Annie Wilkinson (of Great Aunt Ida and the Beekeepers), Justin Kellam (of p:ano), Matt Caruso (of the Beekeepers), and Shaun Brodie (of the Neins). The kids were Saoirse Soley, who's 11 and plays electric guitar, organ, nose trumpet and kielbasa; Sierra Terhoch, also 11, on piano, fake strings, and maracas; and Abe Caruso, aged 3, who plays harmonica, xylophone and rattles. And everybody sings!

     The music is largely taken care of by the adults, who venture through pop, rock, and ska. Surprisingly, or maybe not, the parents aren't "running the show". There are three songs written by 11 year-olds Saoirse and Sierra, plus they co-wrote "Lament of the House Rabbit" with Veda. Abe is credited for "I am a Robot", and there's a cover from Schoolhouse Rock by Bob Dorough. The remaining songs are fun and mostly nonsensible, or only barely educational. The leadoff "Yr Mama" riffs quickly through some familiar melodies, includes a kids' chant of "don't tell me, I know already" and possibly a nod to the Ramones "gabba gabba hey" and a jazzy trumpet and building to a choir of everyone singing "we don't want to go to bed!"

     The songs are generally short. The deliriously frantic "Lookit me!" is just over a minute-and-a-half long. The music is from the toy circus They Might Be Giants school, the lyrics by the 11-year-olds are either parodying an attention-starved couple of kids or it's a documentary.

     The audience age for this eclectic collection would be maybe 4 to 9. Older kids would appreciate the slivers of Japanese and Italian in "Mr. Slim" and the existential angst of "Lament of the House Rabbit", but would be embarrassed by "Pooing and Peeing". Even Sierra seems to be hamming it up or talking it down while sideshow barking the intro to "Multiplication Treehouse," where she whips through a little of the 6 times table. Veda picks it up a little more seriously in a "Figure 8," starting slow and quietly with just vocals and piano. After going through the times table once the rest of Duplex! joins in and... wow, it's just catchy as heck.


01. Yr Mama
02. Hanu
03. Salad Song
04. Best Little Boy
05. Mr. Slim
06. Multiplication Treehouse
07. Figure 8
08. Freaky Rhesus
09. I Am A Robot
10. Dna
11. Dear Emily
12. Lookit Me!
13. Nucat
14. Camels in the Desert
15. Bethlehem
16. Lament of the House Rabbit
17. Heatin' Up the Milk
18. Pooing and Peeing







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