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专辑流派:Heavy Metal/Alternative Metal/Industrial Metal
发行公司:Winedark Records


如果你是他们的乐迷你就一定很了解他们。在2004年底, Clint Lowery 离开了Sevendust ,加入了才刚刚起步的 Dark New Day .很快,空缺由原 Snot 乐队的吉他手 Sonny Mayo 填补.但是他们的音乐还是没有改变的.一样的重,一样的折磨着耳朵.只是这张专辑没有多少的突破,走的还是以前的保险路线,狂暴和反省的确让这张 Next 血留不止,但真的还能让 Sevendust 如从前一样赤岔风云吗?

Things have never been easy for Sevendust. How they are not a national hard rock darling is beyond me, especially considering they have toured with such high-powered acts as Creed and Staind. The band’s sound has gotten progressively catchier since their breakout, 2001’s Animosity, but they can still rock with the best of them. One of nü-metal’s few survivors; Sevendust has struck again with Next.

Next, the band’s fifth studio album, has been a long time coming as the band has had to dodge various obstacles. The band parted ways with longtime label TVT (although the label recently released a best-of - a contractual obligation I am sure) and also lost guitarist/backup vocalist Clint Lowery to the startup project Dark New Day. Brought in to fill the big shoes is Sonny Mayo, he of Snot fame.

Those looking for Sevendust to break new barriers with Next will be gravely disappointed. The formula is followed to a tee: Balls-to-the-wall intro riff, chugging verse, soaring, catchy chorus, and dynamic breakdowns. The good news is that Sevendust has always done this better than anyone else. What distinguishes the band from all the “too little, too late” counterparts that have popped is the powerful, heartfelt voice of lead vocalist Lajon Witherspoon. His range is absolutely fantastic as he can go from a grunt and growl to a beautiful melody at the snap of a finger. Drummer Morgan Rose has always added color vocally to the music, and here he is getting more work than ever with the departure of Lowery. His punishing style dominates “The Last Song,” a breakup anthem that could easily have been a bonus track on 1999’s Home.

Mayo brings some new ideas to the table, and they flourish on the record. He adds some depth and complexity to what could easily be interpreted as generic, down-tuned riffing. His brief but engaging solo on “Pieces” easily propels it past its counterpart, “Enemy,” off 2003’s Seasons. The ballad “This Life” (written to celebrate the birth of guitarist John Connolly’s daughter) features some beautiful, intricately woven guitar work.

Sevendust explores many of its token topics on the record, including anger, isolation, and even joy and poignancy. The band has improved greatly lyrically over its past several efforts, and the songwriting on Next varies from impressive to startlingly simple. There is never a shortage of heart in what they write, and Witherspoon’s delivery has left many a crowd weeping from its power.

Next proves once again how talented of a band Sevendust are. They have all the elements in place, which has helped them survive the ever-changing metal landscape. Longtime fans will yearn for a true head banging-worthy song in the spirit of any track off their 1997 self-titled debut, but Sevendust has evolved and grown since those days. Next won’t win any originality awards, but it does showcase a gifted band doing what they do best. By now I’m sure Sevendust would agree that you can either take it or leave it.


1. Hero
2. Ugly
3. Pieces
4. Silence
5. This Life
6. Failure
7. See And Believe
8. The Last Song
9. Desertion
10. Never
11. Shadows In Red







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