Kurt Nilsen -《I》专辑 [MP3]

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: D Kurt Nilsen -《I》


艺人: Kurt Nilsen
语言: 英语
公司: BMG Norway
时间: 2003年12月15日

Kurt Nilsen - Norsk is 24 years old and he is Norway’s biggest Idol. It was in May, earlier this year, that he got the final proof that he was an Idol with a capital I. Half a million cheering Norwegians forgot about the telephone-bill for a while and threw their votes in the air for the plumber from Bergen, Norway’s second largest city. Those votes made him the winner he deserved to be, although it was with a small margin. TV2, Norway’s leading commercial TV-channel had witnessed an enormous success. Through harsh qualifications, thorough examinations by a strict, but fair jury, excruciating semi-finals and a fantastic final, viewed by nearly one and a half million excited Norwegians, Kurt emerged as the winner. He had been hailed as the favorite and he kept his cool. Already in the early stages of the competition, Kurt received favorable reviews for his fabulous voice and his artistic presence, not often seen in an amateur. Amateur may not be the correct tag to label Kurt with, seeing as he had his own band in Bergen, Fenrik Lane, but the participation in Idol overshadowed what small success the band had, and they had to step down to give way to their front-man. The fact that Kurt also had two kids and a girlfriend, did probably contribute to his overall popularity with the Norwegian audience. He continued to charm his way through television and interviews long after the Idol-competition was over and done. The record contract, the coveted first prize, was ...

2003 debut album from Norwegian Kurt Nilsen, winner of the World Idol competition. Unfortunately the album does not feature the U2 track 'Beautiful Day', which won Kurt the Idol competition, although it does feature 12 tracks penned by Kurt himself along with 2 other covers, 'She's So High' (Tal Bachman) & 'Ordinary World' (Duran Duran). BMG Norway.

1.Here she comes
2.All you have to offer
3.Breathe you in
4.Last day of summer
5.Lost in despair
6.Games we play
7.Sue me
8.Wedding's off
9.Ordinary world
10.She's so high
11.Smell the roses

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