Scar Symmetry -《Pitch Black Progress》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Pitch Black Progress
歌手Scar Symmetry

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专辑名称: Pitch Black Progress
专辑歌手: Scar Symmetry
发行日期: 2006-04-21
专辑语种: 英语
专辑类型: Melodic Death Metal
唱片公司: Nuclear Blast
压缩比率: 192kpbs


Scar Symmetry成立于2004年,当时Kjellgren (前Carnal Forge, Centinex, World Below)、Henrik Ohlsson (前Theory In Practice, Mutant, Altered Aeon)、 Per Nilsson (前Altered Aeon), Christian Älvestam (前Unmoored, Incapacity, Torchbearer) 与Kenneth Seil决定成立一只全新的融合多种元素、视听者更容易接受的死亡金属乐队。乐队将许多合成器的效果连同变化无穷的吉他Solo一起,融合到了音乐当中。
2004年4月,Scar Symmetry录制了他们的一首名为“Seeds of Rebellion”的demo,这引起了Cold唱片公司极大的兴趣,并很快同他们签订了录音合约,此后进入了一段热情的歌曲创作期。同年7月Scar Symmetry进入了Black Lounge studio录音棚,开始了他们首张正式专辑《Symmetric in Design》的录音工作。此张专辑包含12首歌曲,突出显示了队成员精湛的音乐技巧与高超的创作才能。3个月以后,专辑的录制工作结束,并且很快上了2005年2月的发行单。歌曲“Veil Of Illusions”与“2012, The Demise Of The 5th Sun”显示了乐队音乐风格厚重的一面,但同时歌曲“Chaosweaver”、“Dominion”显示出了大量的高速段落,但这些高速段落和谐的结构并没有因乐曲编排的精细复杂而有所损失。歌词的创作方面也进行了深入研究,很快将听者引入大无限的遐想当中。

There has been a lot of competition among metal bands these past few years, and so many of the bands offer nothing at all new to the metal scene. In 2004, Jonas Kjellgren (Carnal Forge a.o.), Henrik Ohlsson (Theory In Practice a.o.), Per Nilsson (Altered Aeon a.o.), Christian Älvestam (Incapacity a.o.) and Kenneth Seil decided to form SCAR SYMMETRY to put together a brand new constellation that would express a fresh and heavy form of catchy death metal without any boundaries whatsoever. The band wanted to incorporate huge synthesizers into the music, along with blazing vituoso guitar soloing, which would all be backed up with complex but catchy rhythms and every style of singing known to metal in general.

In April 2004 SCAR SYMMETRY recorded a demo of the song ’Seeds of Rebellion’, which caught the interest of Cold Records, and very soon a recording contract was inked. A period of intense songwriting followed and a few months later SCAR SYMMETRY entered the Black Lounge studio to start recording the debut album ”Symmetric in Design”, an album that showcased 12 songs of excellent musicianship and outstanding songwriting. After 3 months in the studio the album was finally finished and released in February 2005. Fantastic reviews all over the world brought SCAR SYMMETRY the intrest of NUCLEAR BLAST Records as these guys really showed their talent for writing extremely catchy metal songs.

Right after signing a long termed deal, the boys had no time to rest and started writing new songs for their next effort ”Pitch Black Progress”. Song after song on ”Pitch Black Progress ”, from beginning to end are amazing not a filler song among them as this album will make SCAR SYMMETRY stand out among other modern metal bands!

Songs like ’The Illusionist’ or ’Mind Machine’ show the heavy side of the band, while others bring forth a considerably higher tempo without losing any of the intricate harmony structures. The guitars are fiery and crunchy, but the vocals are what make these songs pleasing to the ears. Christian’s vocals are what really put SCAR SYMMETRY over the edge as he has one of the most notable vocals in the metal scene. He switches back and forth between angry and aggressive growls to harmonic and clean vocals.

The lyrics delve deep into the human subconscious, attempting to resurrect imagination and awe in the listener, which is also reflected in the brilliant album artwork designed by Anthony Clarkson. ”Pitch Black Progress” is more than just innovative, melodic and agressive ... "Pitch Black Progress " is a refreshing masterpiece and will become well known in the highly factional metal community as one of the most important releases for the entire melodic death metal movement ever.

Right after the release of the album on April 21st, 2006 SCAR SYMMETRY have been confirmed for the Neckbreaker's Ball 2006 European tour, which is scheduled to take place in April.

Be sure ... SCAR SYMMETRY will leave pitch black scars!


01. The Illusionist
02. Slaves To The Subliminal
03. Mind Machine
04. Pitch Black Progress
05. Calculate The Apocalypse
06. Dreaming 24/7
07. Abstracted
08. The Kaleidoscopic God
09. Retaliator
10. Oscilliation
11. The Path Of Least Resistance
12. Carved In Stone
13. Deviate From The Form







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