Various Artists -《No Boundaries》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名No Boundaries
别名A Benefit For The Kosovar Refugees

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网上没找到中文的介绍,只好自己写下,好在大多数都是大家耳熟能详的名字,Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Alanis Morissette, Neil Young, Oasis, KoRn, Black Sabbath, Indigo Girls…… 大家为了谴责科索沃战争走到了一起,合辑里的歌大多是live版和未发行的版本。有直升机的轰鸣,neil安静的unplugged,狂躁的RATM、KORN…还是很值得推荐的~ 特别是neil的“War of Man”,老杨在歌里苦口婆心的反复吟唱“No one wins,It's a war of man”很是让人感动~

英文介绍里第三行“The 16-track album ”,网上的版本多是16个歌的,但我买的cd是18个歌的,多了第16。17那两个,我也不知道为什么,谁知道我告诉我下,谢谢!~

Album To Feature Rare, Live And Unreleased Tracks By Rage Against The Machine, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, KoRn, Alanis Morissette, Tori Amos, The Wallflowers, Oasis And More

On June 15, 1999, Epic Records will release No Boundaries--a unique compilation created for the benefit of the refugees of Kosovo.

The 16-track album will feature rare, live and previously unreleased special versions of songs by some of the most popular and acclaimed artists on the international music scene. The artists confirmed to appear on No Boundaries are Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Alanis Morissette, Neil Young, Oasis, KoRn, Black Sabbath, Indigo Girls, Ben Folds Five, Peter Gabriel, The Wallflowers, Sarah McLachlan, Bush, Tori Amos, and Jamiroquai.

Pearl Jam's version of "Last Kiss," the 1964 hit by J. Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers, will be the first single from No Boundaries. The single arrives in stores June 8 and includes the B-side "Soldier Of Love," a live version of the song first recorded by Arthur Alexander. "Last Kiss" and "Soldier Of Love" were released initially as the 1998 Pearl Jam Fan Club Christmas single and distributed free to fan club members only. Both tracks are included on No Boundaries.

Pearl Jam manager Kelly Curtis says: "Pearl Jam is proud to offer this small contribution to help improve the appalling conditions of the refugees suffering from this human rights tragedy in Kosovo."

In advance of the album release date and based on projected sales of No Boundaries, Epic Records will make an initial donation of $1,000,000 to be distributed among three international aid organizations--CARE, OXFAM, and Doctors Without Borders--all of which are working now to provide food, shelter, medical care and other basic needs to the Kosovo refugees. Further donations derived from worldwide sales of No Boundaries will be made to these organizations.

"This album is the first collective response by the international music community to the crisis in Kosovo," says David Glew, Chairman of the Epic Records Group. "No Boundaries is an outstanding collection of music, created in support of a vital cause."


01 Pearl Jam Last Kiss
02 Alanis Morissette Baba (Live)
03 Rage Against The Machine The Ghost of Tom Joad
04 Neil Young War of Man (Live)
05 Korn Freak on a Leash (Freakin' B Mix)
06 Black Sabbath Psycho Man (Danny Saber Remix)
07 Bush Comedown (Acoustic)
08 Ben Folds Five Leather Jacket
09 Oasis Take Me Away
10 Sarah McLachlan Mary (Live)
11 Indigo Girls Go
12 The Wallflowers Used to Be Lucky
13 Jamiroquai Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
14 Tori Amos Merman
15 Peter Gabriel Black Paintings
16 Manic Street Preachers She Is Suffering(US Remix)
17 Suede He's Gone(Demo)
18 Pearl Jam Soldier of Love (Lay Down Your Arms)







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