Big L -《The Big Picture》分轨[Flac]

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专辑中文名The Big Picture
歌手Big L

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专辑名称: The Big Picture
专辑歌手: Big L
发行日期: 2000-07-04
专辑语种: 英语
专辑类型: Hip-Hop/Rap/East Coast Rap
唱片公司: Priority


Big L是Fat Joe领导的著名团体D.I.T.C.的成员。他生于1974年。首张专辑是发表于1995年的《Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous》,其中的单曲"No Endz, No Skinz"、"Street Struck"、以及"Da Graveyard"都在Underground圈成名。Big L最著名的单曲是1998年的"Ebonics",同年他还建立了自己的厂牌Flamboyant,几乎是在同时,他加入了来自纽约Bronx的Hip Hop超级团体DITC (Diggin' in the Crates),并出现在他们的单曲"Dignified Soldiers"中。正当Big L欲登上自己事业的颠峰时刻,1999年2月15日,他在路上被人枪杀,死亡的地点离他在纽约哈林区的家仅仅隔了一条街。

  《Big Pictures》是Big L的第二张,也是最后一张专辑。专辑展示了他作为来自哈林区的MC王者风范,音乐暴戾推进而他则配合以自己邪恶的叙事风格以及剃刀般锋利的饶舌。但真正让专辑成为经典的原因,还是其全明星的制作群:Pete Rock和Premier担纲了大部分歌曲的制作,而Tupac Shakur的客串出现也影响不下小。如果没有这张专辑,Big L则只是一个天才却没有杰出作品的MC。(转自嘻哈圣经)

AMG的评价: 3

The second and final album from the late Big L showcases the Harlem MC as a master of the punch line and a vicious storyteller with a razor blade-under-the-tongue flow. Unfortunately, despite a well-meant effort from Rawkus Records, The Big Picture fails to capture Big L's underground legacy. A member of the New York underground collective's Diggin' in the Crates crew, L's 1995 debut on Columbia Records, Lifestyles of the Poor and Dangerous, was met with a lukewarm response despite his rugged talents. As a result, Big L was dropped from Columbia primarily because Lifestyles lacked the supersonic production to match his rough, witty style. On The Big Picture, even with a few production heavyweights in on the project, the production is again suspect. The album billed as a classic has merely the makings of one, all-star producers like Pete Rock and Premier and heavyweight guest appearances including a duet with another fallen rap star, Tupac Shakur. There are about five good tracks on the album, two of which are spectacular: "Flamboyant" over a soulful bump provided by Mike Heron is the heavy-hitter on the album followed closely in quality by the flute-laced "Holdin' It Down" produced by Pete Rock and featuring A.G. "Ebonics" is L's clever slang dictionary and the two DJ Premier-produced tracks, "Platinum Plus" featuring Big Daddy Kane and "The Enemy" featuring Fat Joe, are also worthy of note. Here is an underground king that finds only slight aboveground success posthumously. Rawkus' scramble to compile new and old tracks into a cohesive product proved too difficult a task. In the end, there is too much gloss on this undergrounder's parting project; The Big Picture does not do justice to Big L. Big L may be remembered as a gifted MC who put out mediocre albums but he will not be forgotten by hip-hop fans on the strength of his underground legacy and respect. Big L (1974-1999) was gunned down in his own Harlem neighborhood in early 1999.


1. The Big Picture (Intro)
2. Ebonics
3. Size 'Em Up
4. Deadly Combination
5. '98 Freestyle
6. Holdin' It Down
7. The Heist
8. The Enemy
9. Fall Back
10. Flamboyant
11. Casualties Of A Dice Game
12. Platinum Plus
13. Who You Slidin' Wit'
14. Games
15. The Heist Revisited
16. The Triboro






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