Kingdom Come -《Ain't Crying For The Moon》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Ain't Crying For The Moon
歌手Kingdom Come

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硬摇滚乐队的柔情之作绝对是音乐中的极品,因为由这些摇滚老将演绎出的柔情作品蕴含着令人动容的沧桑感,这是那些流行歌者们望尘莫及的。当重金属老将把狂躁、愤怒的激情沉淀下来,用最朴素最真实的声音唱出的柔情歌曲,那绝对是摇滚乐中的传世经典。--铁目诱惑引用..本人不是怎么HARD ROCK..但还是有点感受

KINGDOM COME was formed in North America by German born singer Lenny Wolf, after his experience with the band STONE FURY (together with guitarist Bruce Gowdy, later on founder of UNRULY CHILD). The initial line-up comprised Wolf, guitarists Danny Stag and Rick Steier, bassist Johnny B. Frank and drummer James Kottak. The band emerged in 1988 with a very successful self-titled album for Polydor. The record entered the US album charts at #12, with good results scored also in Sweden and the UK where it entered the Top 50. As a consequence of this, KINGDOM COME secured a valuable place on the American 'Monsters Of Rock' touring package which also included METALLICA, SCORPIONS and headliners VAN HALEN. Further dates followed with BON JOVI and RATT in Japan and a trip to Britain opening for MAGNUM. The following year KINGDOM COME toured America promoting their second album 'In Your Face', supporting the likes of WHITESNAKE, CHEAP TRICK and FLEETWOOD MAC. In August 1989 the original line-up split, with Wolf keeping on the KINGDOM COME project together with session players on the third album "Hands Of Time", followed after 2 years by the critically acclaimed 'Bad Image' in 1993. During the nineties Wolf relocated in Germany and kept on releasing albums and toured relentlessly Germany and several other European countries. The “Independent“ album in 2002, landed the band back on the radar after a German album and an album of mostly re-recorded songs. “Independent“ saw Lenny occupy the helm of the Kingdom Come-battleship single-handedly, not willing to compromise or rely on others. Following a very good success of sales and critics, Wolf decide to use a similar approach for the follow up album "Perpetual", released in 2004 on Frontiers. “Perpetual“ saw Lenny retain the sheer force and bruteness of “Independent“ mixed with classic KINGDOM COME trademarks. With the new studio album "Ain't Crying For The Moon", Wolf decided it was time to take out the axe again and rock the house. "The new Cd is one of my heavier recordings" says Wolf, adding "I was trying to build “walls of guitars” in combination with that typical KC moody and spacey approach. It does not have the typical “blues” factor anymore, which many of you may remember from KC’s first records. I have transported my roots into the year 2006". Still the album keep on having a very personal and quite recognizable, even if KINGDOM COME still are an ever-evolving musical reality. Welcome back !


1. Two Legged Sheep
2. Not Here To Be Your Friend
3. Same Old Stars
4. Ain't Crying For The Moon
5. Perfect Citizen
6. This Is My Life
7. Bon Scott
8. Removed The Sting
9. Friends In Spirit
10. Darkroom
11. Look At You
12. Across The Universe
13. Get It On (2006 version).







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