Phoenix Stone -《Phoenix Stone》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Phoenix Stone
歌手Phoenix Stone

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在国内比较少见,我一直没有找到关于Phoenix Stone以及他个人专辑的中文介绍,在此表示歉意,因为国内的网站都没有他的个人档案及歌曲资料,也没有在VeryCD上搜索到他的资源,所以把这张专辑发布给大家,个人觉得Phoenix Stone的音乐风格和Human Nature.A1或者Plus One等流行乐队的风格有些类似,喜欢的朋友可以下载!!

At 15 years old, Phoenix Stone already knew the value of a good song. Though he had been singing since he was a pre-teen, he hadn't yet taken the step to songwriting. But one day it occurred to him that he should try his hand at it. "I was like, 'Where do you get a song if you're a singer? Where am I going to find a good song?' My answer was, "Well, I'd better write it,'" he says, adding with a laugh, "You don't have anybody throwing songs at you as a teenager." From that point on, he never stopped writing. And the Tampa, Florida native brings his years of experience to the table with his self-titled Universal Records debut.

Phoenix is not only a gifted songwriter, he also co-produced and played multi-instruments on Phoenix Stone. An audacious album melding pop, R&B and rock, it's a bold introduction for an artist destined to make his indelible imprint on the music scene. Intent on including songs which "raise the hair on the back of my neck," the album features a diverse roster of tunes, like the piano-driven "Count On Me," a song about falling in love and "Nothing Good About Goodbye," a single whose melodic and dramatic dance beat drives home a story about trying to save a relationship. At the forefront is Phoenix's incredible voice, which can go from a chill-inducing falsetto to a deep, rich baritone.

Phoenix guided the shape the album ultimately took. As a producer and writer, he had a definite vision of what he wanted. "What really gets me from other artists when I listen to music is just a really good melody or a lyric that has something different or something really cool to say. And that's what I try to do when I write," he explains.

From the sensual track "Kiss," which Phoenix describes as "a feel-good love song" to the rock-pop "I Want You Tonight," all of the songs have an electricity that transcends their tempo. It makes sense, since Phoenix is inspired by so many kinds of music. "The album has a continuity, it all flows in a pop context," he says. "But there are definitely a lot of influences on the album. I'm inspired by great vocalists, soul singers like Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye, and I'm also completely inspired by Elton John. Also people like Lauryn Hill, she's got a lot to say. I like songs. If it's a great song I'll listen to it no matter how it's dressed up or how it's produced."


1. Nothing Good About Goodbye
2. Still Be Loving You
3. Kiss
4. Nobody Loves Me Like You
5. Never Fall In Love Again
6. It Could Have Been Me
7. Count On Me
8. Sorry
9. More
10. I Want You Tonight
11. She Can't Be You
12. Forever Friend







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