原声大碟 -《Battlestar Galactica Season 2 OST》320kbps[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Battlestar Galactica Season 2 OST

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从2003年的mini-series到现在的season2,Battlestar Galactica的音乐保持著它一惯的高水準。
Bear McCreary虽然没有为这张season2创作新的主题,这丝毫不影响它的可听性,而对太鼓的运用也更加嫻熟了。

以下是从Amazon上截来的一段简介,本人E文不强,也就懒得翻了,大家就自己看吧 smile.gif
 In its own way, this soundtrack to the cult SciFi Channel series embodies all the trends of film and, to a certain extent, TV-scoring circa 2006. Alien universes and mysterious plots are suggested by exotic instruments like gamelans and taikos; an otherwordly woman comes in at regular intervals to vocalize esoterically ("Lords of Kobol"); and thundering percussions suggest action ("Scar"). It's as if cult band Dead Can Dance were on the required listening list for American screen composers ("Gina Escapes"). Composer Bear McCreary pulls off the mix better than some of his contemporaries because, this being TV, he probably doesn't have the budget of a big Hollywood composer and so he can't rely on a ginormous orchestra to do the work for him (i.e., he can't just pile on dozens of violins to suggest mood). Look for ex-Oingo Boingo member Steve Bartek (who's orchestrated many of Danny Hellman's finest scores) on guest guitar on the final track, "Black Market."

下面还有一段是作曲Bear McCreary的介绍:
 Bear McCreary took over as the composer for the hot new science fiction series Battlestar Gallactica when the series went it normal production in 2004. McCreary expanded upon some of the original mini-series (2003) composer Richard Gibbs's themes, but quickly developed a style of his own characterized by a mix of tribal beats, ethereal vocals, and electronics. His season 1 Battlestar Galactica soundtrack was very well received, and has been considered an instrumental part of the success of the series. McCreary is comfortable writing and making use of traditional orchestra ensembles, string quartets, electronic compositions, rock flavored guitar, and more traditional folk arrangements. I'd describe his style as actually being similar to European "fusion" music, which mixes electronics with a variety of music styles from around the globe.


1. Colonial Anthem (Theme from Battlestar Galactica) (4:02)
2. Baltar's Dream (2:45)
3. Escape from the Farm (3:09)
4. A Promise to Return (3:03)
5. Allegro (4:59)
6. Martial Law (1:51)
7. Standing in the Mud (1:45)
8. Pegasus (2:46)
9. Lords of Kobol (2:50)
10. Something Dark is Coming (8:51)
11. Scar (2:26)
12. Epiphanies (2:43)
13. Roslin and Adama (2:49)
14. Gina Escapes (2:00)
15. Dark Unions (2:53)
16. The Cylon Prisoner (3:51)
17. Prelude to War (8:22)
18. Reuniting the Fleet (2:45)
19. Roslin Confesses (2:09)
20. One Year Later (1:43)
21. Worthy of Survival (3:35)
22. Battlestar Galactica - Main Title (0:45)
23. Black Market (5:48)







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