Sophie Ellis Bextor - 《Shoot From The Hip》专辑 [MP3]

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: D Sophie Ellis Bextor -《 Shoot From The Hip 》

专 辑: Shoot From The Hip

艺 人: Sophie Ellis Bextor


公 司: Polydor (Universal)

Sounds Like: With her smooth sultry vocals and heavy accent, critics have hailed Sophie Ellis-Bextor as the voice that Posh Spice wished she had. This follow-up album to her successful debut Read My Lips treads the same retro pop musical direction. Ellis-Bextor, who got her first cut at fame when she lent her vocals to the huge dance hit "Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)" by Spiller, has since carved a niche for herself in the club circuits, delivering four hit singles from her debut album, which proved widely successful on the dance floors.

You May Have Heard: Pop's favorite bad boy once mentioned that her face was as wide as a satellite dish. And Mrs. Beckham was apparently miffed when "Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)" beat her own single to the coveted No. 1 spot. It was a surprise to many when Bextor, despite a name that screams of prestigious breeding, wasn't really as posh as she seemed. All this didn't stop Ellis-Bextor from becoming the next big thing in the U.K. with her singles "Murder On The Dancefloor," "Get Over You," and "Take Me Home."

We Fancy: Ellis-Bextor continues to sing in that signature way of hers, put to good use in tracks like "Mixed Up World" and "Party In My Head." The tracks should repeat the success of their predecessors with their catchy choruses. "I Am Not Good At Not Getting What I Want" is a throwback to the '60s, complete with lyrics about a girl pining hopelessly for a boy. Ellis-Bextor sounds so at home on this number that it works in her favour despite the uninspired lyrics.

We're Not Too Sure About: Let's face it. This is strictly a manufactured pop album. Ellis-Bextor isn't a remarkable singer, and less-than-enamored critics have described her voice as nasal and grating to the ears. Thankfully for her, not all share the same view, as others seem to take to her posh voice, which sets her apart from other contemporaries like Holly Valance and at least three of the ex-Spice Girls. The songs on this album could have been sung by anyone, but when delivered by Ellis-Bextor, it just sounds better.

Verdict: Less exciting than her debut album, but still credible enough to ensure her success as a pop singer. Ellis-Bextor can rest assured that clubs will continue to love her, and she won't have to worry about not getting what she wants just yet.

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1. Making Music
2. Mixed Up World
3. I Won't Change You
4. Nowhere Without You
5. Another Day
6. Party In My Head
7. Love It Is Love
8. You Get Yours
9. The Walls Keep Saying Your Name
10. I Won't Dance With You
11. I Am Not Good At Not Getting What I Want
12. Hello Hello







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