John Lennon -《Mind Games》[APE]

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专辑中文名Mind Games
歌手John Lennon

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John Lennon的又一张经典之作,值得收藏。

这张专辑是列侬solo生涯的一个转折点。从此,他削减了对音乐的艺术性探索,整体走向逐渐靠向当时的主流音乐形态。不少人批评他的“不思进取”,虽然这只是一家之言,但1973年到1975年的间的几张专辑确实未能带来太多的惊喜。在我看来,尽管专辑整体并不出彩,但第四首作品《One Day》,仍然是难得的经典之作。列侬再次展现了其妖邪诡异的唱腔,让人回想起披头士时期的《I'm The Walrus》。

《Mind Games》这首曲目作为列侬的标志性作品之一,原名为《Make Love Not War》,当年被认为是《Cold Turkey》的续章。这首作品曲风明快,琅琅上口,被后人翻唱至今。值得一提的是,专辑的第六首曲目名中,出现了一个前所未有的新单词“Nutopian”,在歌词册的内页部分,亦有一段关于此的宣言。这个单词的定义仍然为一种精神上的国度,类似于“Utopia”(乌托邦)。

有趣的是,《Nutopian International Anthem》作为“Nutopia”的国歌,只有短短几秒钟时间。


A lot of people consider Mind Games to be another Lennon "flop", coming after Sometime In New York City, which is also considered to be a bad album. However, Mind Games is, without doubt, a stronger album than New York City and while it isn't as strong as some of John's other work, some other artists would probably kill to have an album like this.

The first song is the most well known on the album and wouldn't be out of the place on his Imagine album. It's a nice, relatively slow, upbeat number and always makes its way on to Lennon best-of compilations. After that, the songs aren't as well known. Tight A$ is a fun rocker, but not one of John's best. It seems to wear off its welcome fairly quickly, but the next song is much stronger. Aisumasen (I'm Sorry) is a great love letter/apology to Yoko, and one of the strongest songs on the album. One Day (At A Time) is another good song but is followed by what I consider to be the best song on the album Bring On The Lucie (Freda People). It's a fantastic little number and the only song on the album that has anything "political" in it at all, and it's not even a political song. It's definitely a classing John song, and it is very underrated, much like the rest of the album.

For those wondering, the Nutopian International Anthem is a 5 second long silence, and was the anthem for the conceptual country that John and Yoko created in 1973. After that, we have Intuition, which has always sounded to be like something off of Plastic Ono Band, except a little more upbeat than most of the songs on that album. Out Of The Blue is another of my favorite songs on the album, and is sort of like an upbeat love letter to Yoko.

Only People and I Know (I Know) are fairly good songs, but are hardly the best on this album. However, the last two are definitely classics. You Are Here is a quiet, beautiful song and Meat City is an absolutely fantastic rocker, and a great way to end an amazingly underrated album.

This remastered edition also has three extra tracks. Home demos of Aisumasen (I'm Sorry), Bring On The Lucie (Freda People), and Meat City. They're fairly rough but they're goopd to listen to a couple of times.

Overall, I highly recommend picking Mind Games up. It's not one of John's most famous, but it's a fantastic album, and it is very underrated



01 - Mind Games
02 - Tight As
03 - One Day (At A Time)
04 - Bring On The Lucie (Freda Peeple)
05 - Nutopian International Anthem
06 - Out Of The Blue
07 - Only People
08 - I Know (I Know)
09 - You Are Here
10 - Meat City






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