Richie Kotzen -《Change》(Change.[Japan.Bonus.Track])日版CD(加长版)[MP3!]

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歌手Richie Kotzen

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Richie Kotzen 是深受众多人喜欢的吉他明星,有着英俊的外表和高超的琴技,在美国Richie是非常主流的吉他手。《Change》专辑中Rhie Kotzen更注重的是音乐的沉淀,不在同与早期SHRED的吉他曲风。Richie 的声线也相当不错,对专集中歌曲的高音部分以及抒情慢歌的演绎显得游刃有余,富有磁性。当然吉他部分也功力相当,Solo非常连贯和悦耳。在Instrumental的部分,Richie把握BLUES,JAZZ,摇滚等手法恰到好处。这张专集的最大特点是太耐听了。Richie 当之无愧的吉他全才。



Change is 2003's solo album from former guitar prodigy Richie Kotzen. Richie started out as one of the most extreme shredders of the 80's. Over the years he 's matured a lot as a player and as a songwriter. He played infact with Poison ( on the album Native Tongue, who was actually thier best album with Crack a Smile, this last one featuring Blues Saraceno as the guitar player) and with Mr. Big.
Forever One opens the album with balls, a distorted guitar and a filtered voice. Mr. Kotzen has a very melodic approach to guitar playin' and songwritin', and even if the guitar is quite aggressive, his vocal lines are very catchy. The chorus has a very 'modern rock' feel. A short solo which starts off à la Zakk Wylde and then shows Richie's personal and very interestin' style. It might sound easy, but it's not. Wide intervals and hybrid pickin' are two of Richie's trademarks.
Get a Life is a great song, a 'summer hit'. Again, very very catchy hooks. The solo is in line with the rest of the song. Richie doesn't feel the need to show off anymore...
Change is a ballad with acoustic intro. Acoustic solo too. Kotzen has grown alot in the last years. In the last few years he's written great records, as Bi-Polar Blues and What Is... Change sounds to be one of these too...
Don't Ask is another potential hit. The sad thing is that in the pop charts we have everyday more and more soul-less s#@t, while a true artist like Richie Kotzen doesn't get the attention he deserves. Are you searchin' for a great pop-rock album? You've found it.
Deeper (INTO YOU) has a very 'electronic' vibe, very 70's stuff. Richie's voice shines thru. Yes, I was forgettin', the man has also an awesome voice. Quite talented, isn't he? =)
High is another ballad, where you can clearly hear Richie's Statocaster's voice. Another great hook. If only this man got the promotion and visibility that other singers have... The solo is typical Kotzen, sounds alot like the stuff he's recorded with Poison.
Am I Dreamin' is a kick in the ass to all the 'latin' artists of today's music scene... Apart from the fact that such singers have to call kick-ass guitarists to play the openin' licks of this track... Beautiful short solo with nylon string guitar and electric tradin' licks.
Good For Me is another example of Richie's love for soul music and R&B. Chilled out groove.
Fast Money Fast Cars sounds like a joke... Rappy vocals, a talk box riff , wha solo and funk. Simple yet so effective.
Unity is a jazz bebop instrumental, where Richie shows he's still one of the best guitarists out there even when talkin' 'bout technique ( and here there's plenty of it). Listen to his debut album, and you won't believe you're listenin' to the same guitarist... maybe because he's not the same guitarist, after years of playin' and 'cleaning' his style.

A great album. There's not so much 'technical' playin', but there's a lot to listen to as far as songwritin',
hooks+melody creatin', soulful playin' goes. The songs have great arrangements,
and everybody can learn alot on how to write a 'hit' song. And I just love Richie's voice.
A complete player, and a completely well-rounded musician.




1 Forever One [Kotzen] 3:47
2 Get a Life [Kotzen] 3:19
3 Change [Kotzen] 3:23
4 Dont Ask [Kotzen] 3:31
5 Deeper (Into You) [Kotzen] 4:15
6 High [Kotzen] 5:05
7 Am I Dreamin [Kotzen] 3:45
8 Shine [Acoustic Version] [Kotzen, Zito] 3:52
9 Good for Me [Kotzen] 3:53
10 Fast Money Fast Cars [Kotzen] 6:58
11 Unity [Kotzen] 2:43
12 Out Take [*] [Kotzen, Sheehan, Torpey] 5:09







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