Snoop Dogg -《Boss n Up》(Bonus CD)EP[MP3!]

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专辑英文名Bonus CD
专辑中文名Boss n Up
歌手Snoop Dogg

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ARTIST: Snoop Dogg
TITLE: Boss n Up (Bonus CD)
LABEL: Geffen Records
RIP DATE: Dec-06-2005
STORE DATE: Dec-06-2005
QUALITY: VBR / 44.1Hz / Joint-Stereo
SIZE: 22,2 MB

Who else but Snoop Dogg to make a movie about pimps and hoes? With the December 6, 2005 snoop-a-delic release of Boss'n Up, we get to see Snoop put his Huggy Bear experience from Starsky & Hutch to good use as a young, up and coming pimp on the rise. So, put down the gin and juice and take a peek at what's stashed in the DVD.

Boss'n Up follows Corde Christopher (Snoop) and his education into the fine art of being a hustler, schooled by a real OG, Orange Juice (Hawthorne James). In a bit of cross-promotion wizardry, the film was inspired by Snoop's Platinum selling album, "Rhythm & Gangsta," so not only does the ho-pro from the LBC star in the movie, he provides the sweet soundtrack as well.

So, what do the ladies look like? Served up in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen, the visual quality of the disc is top notch. To be honest, you'll get treated to some of the most crisp and colorful badonkadonks ever seen on film. In addition to the mighty fine assets, the picture quality is one of the best aspects of the disc, especially when it comes to showcasing all of the Bling and Superfly threads. As for the audio, you can kick it new school with a deep English Dolby Digital 5.1 track or get old school with the decent Dolby Digital 2.0 mix. For the best buck nutty bang for your buck, the resounding 5.1 mix brings the film's fantastical music sequences right into your crib.

What else does the Dogg have in his digital fur coat? As for the extras, upfront the West Coast brings it with a production stills slide show and a commentary with the D-O-Double-G and director, Pook Brown. If you're into pimps and players, Snoop and Pook spit lyrics on such elements as how integral of a role the music played in the movie and that the entire film really didn't come together until the music was incorporated (for you budding filmmakers out there – story usually comes first). The extra-bling continues with three never-before-seen videos: "Get 2 Know Ya," "Step Yo Game Up," and "Fresh Pair of Panties," a segment of Snoop Dogg Live in Dublin, a look at Snoop performing "Drop it Like It's Hot" and "Lets Get Blown" in concert, plus two videos for "Drop it Like It's Hot and "Lets Get Blown." If that's not enough, the entire package comes with a bonus CD with unreleased songs including "Drop It Like It's Hot," (Remix) featuring Jay-Z and Pharrell.

Say what you will about Snoop Dogg, he definitely knows how to cash in on his fame. With this project, instead of focusing on hardcore gangstas, guns and drugs, Snoop's film is all about the ladies. Really, what else would it be about? If you're a fan of the Dogg Pound and can't get enough of the pimpin' lifestyle, hop in your Caddie and take a spin down to the video store to pick up Boss'n Up, otherwise you might just get digitally B-slapped.


01. Get 2 Know Ya (Feat Jellyroll) (03:38)
02. Drop It Like Its Hot (Remix) (04:16)
03. No Sticks, No Seeds (04:19)
04. Shake That Shit (03:49)







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