Deep Purple -《Rapture Of The Deep》专辑[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Rapture Of The Deep
歌手Deep Purple

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A couple of years ago with DP's release of Bananas I openly questioned whether this legendary band had anything left in the tank. In my opinion they hadn't made a truly solid album since 1996's Purpendicular. Well the good news is that I was wrong because Rapture of the Deep is a great new album that restores my faith in the band.

My main complaint about Bananas was that is seemed like they featured new keyboard player Don Airey a little too prominently, at times his talents were just intrusive. When I listen to a DEEP PURPLE album I want to hear the voice of Ian Gillan and the incredible guitar talents of Steve Morse. If I wanted to hear keyboards I would buy some Yanni albums. (I shudder to even suggest such a crime) I once listed Gillan as one of the top 5 metal singers of all time and got blasted for the inclusion. When you listen to the mans body of work with DEEP PURPLE and his vastly underrated solo releases (not to mention his one off performance with BLACK SABBATH) I am not sure how you could find 5 singers better. As for Morse, well this is his fourth album with DP and I for one wouldn't trade him for Blackmore, and I am a big fan of Ritchie. Let's face it, the band could have gone out and replaced Blackmore with any number of young axe slingers looking to make a name for themselves. Instead they opted for someone as long in the tooth as the rest of the band, and his experience and maturity are the perfect fit for these guys.

All that talent would be lost though without a great batch of songs, and that was what was lacking more than anything else on Bananas. This is an entirely different ball game though. The rockers are purely top shelf this time around. The album opens with a solid four song run in "Money Talks" "Girls Like That" "Wrong Man" and the mystical tones of the title track. They answer that run with another four pack later that contains the albums best rocker "Don't Let Go". Bracketing these is two great ballads, an art form that the band has made a habit of over their careers. Everyone can name the bands staple rockers like "Smoke On the Water" and "Knocking At Your Back Door", but how many can name all the great ballads the band has written? Well you can add "Clearly Quite Absurd" and "Before Time Began" to that list. "Clearly Quite Absurd" is delivered so soulfully from Gillan that for me it is an instant classic, not unlike "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" from Purpendicular. The interplay between Morse and Airey cements the experience.


01. Money Talks
02. Girls Like That
03. Wrong Man
04. Rapture Of The Deep
05. Clearly Quite Absurd
06. Dont Let Go
07. Back To Back
08. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
09. Mtv
10. Junkyard Blues
11. Before Time Began







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