CANNIBAL CORPSE -《 15 Year Killing Spree》[APE]

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专辑中文名 15 Year Killing Spree

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They warned everybody. After years of arguing, promising, bitching, and the bandmembers probably spewing blood and excrement on one another, Cannibal Corpse's obsessively packaged box set is here. Yes, obsessive is the word, from the amazing cover and comic book by Vince Locke to the full-color booklet loaded with photos galore, complete discographical information, and liner notes by Rock Hard magazine's Alex Webster and Frank Albrecht. There's also a poster and a guitar pick thrown in for kicks. Oh yeah, the music: there are three CDs in this monster, two of them compiling a 32-track best-of that contains all the faves: "Vomit the Soul," "Stripped, Raped and Strangled," "Meat Hook Sodomy," "I WIll Kill You," and other sensitive ballads. The third is a 21-track rarities comp of previously unreleased material with everything from the original 1989 demos to outtakes to cover versions of cuts originally by the Accused, Razor, and Kreator. The fourth disc in the set is the be all and end all: a live DVD that compiles the band's first-ever show in 1989 (though it's not exactly a three-camera shoot), footage from the Butchered at Birth studio sessions, a live set from Moscow in 1993, and a complete live gig from the Palace in Hollywood in 2002. If this band is your thing, then you gotta have it; if you are a collector, you gotta have it just for the package; if you are a Cookie Monster fan, vocalist Chris Barnes represents his alter ego and, you guessed it, you gotta have it.


CD 1
01 Shredded Humans
02 Put Them To Death
03 Born In A Casket
04 Skull Full Of Maggots
05 Gutted
06 Covered With Sores
07 Vomit The Soul
08 Hammer Smashed Face
09 Addicted To Vaginal Skin
10 Cryptic Stench
11 Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead
12 Stripped, Raped And Strangled
13 Pick- Axe Murders
14 Bleeding
15 Zero The Hero

CD 2
01 Devoured By Vermin
02 Disfigured
03 Monolith
04 I Will Kill You
05 Sentenced To Burn
06 Gallery Of Suicide
07 Dead Human Collection
08 Spine Splitter
09 Pounded Into Dust
10 I Cum Blood (Live)
11 [内容被过滤,请注意论坛文明]ed With A Knife (Live)
12 Unleashing The Bloodthirsty (Live)
13 Meat Hook Sodomy (Live)
14 Savage Butchery
15 Pit Of Zombies
16 Sanded Faceless
17 Systematic Elimination

CD 3
01 Skull Full Of Maggots
02 Undead Will Feast
03 Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains
04 Put Them To Death
05 Bloody Chunks
06 Unburied Horror
07 Mummified In Barbed Wire
08 Gallery Of The Obscene
09 To Kill Myself
10 Bloodlands
11 Puncture Wound Massacre
12 Devoured By Vermin
13 Chambers Of Blood
14 Dismembered And Molested
15 Gallery Of Suicide
16 Unite The Dead
17 Crushing The Despised
18 Headless
19 Bethany Home (A Place To Die)
20 Endless Pain
21 Behind Bars






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