Anthrax -《Fistful Of Metal》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Fistful Of Metal

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找不到中文介绍了,就从AMAZON上拖过来吧。 喜欢金属的朋友应该对这个名字很了解了,所以也不多废话。如果在VC上找THRASH METAL的话,会发现大多数的乐队里都会提到ANTHRAX这个名字,不过这支乐队却在VC上找不到,所以就发几张上来。

Anthrax was formed in 1983 by guitarists Scott Ian and Dan Spitz, vocalist Neil Turbin, drummer Charlie Benante, and bassist Danny Lilker. This lineup produced 'Fistful of Metal', released in 1984. After the album's release Lilker and Turbin left the band, and were replaced by Frank Bello and Joey belladonna, respectively. This configuration of Anthrax, which is also the "classic" lineup, released the EP 'Armed and Dangerous' in 1985. Afterwards, they went into what many people consider their classic albums. Later that year, the band released 'Spreading the Disease'. It sold reasonably well, but it was nothing compared to what was around the corner. In 1987, the band released what many fans, including myself, consider their masterpiece 'Among the Living'. Later that year, after releasing that masterpiece, they decided to joke around by trying rap-metal, showing they had a sense of humor. The EP, 'I'm the Man', was arguably the first rap-metal release, as the title track featured a heavy riff with two band members rapping. Later, in 1988, the band released 'State of Euphoria'. While it featured some strong material, some of their fan base was disappointed, as it wasn't a great as ATL. Later, in 1990, the band released 'Persistence of Time', their return to form. While not as good as ATL, it was a HUGE step-up from SOE. the next year, the band released the compilation 'Attack of the Killer B's', which featured covers, and previously unreleased material, including Anthrax's second try at rap-metal, a cover of Public Enemy's "Bring The Noise", whcih also featured chuck D of PE. After the album's release, Belladonna left the band, and there was a two-year silence. In 1993, the band recruited Armored Saitn vocalist John Bush and released 'Sound of White Noise'. After the album's release, Spitz left the band and Anthrax gained a short tradition of losing lead guitarists. The next album, 1996's 'Stomp 442', didn't sell well, in fact it became the worst selling album of the band's career. The next year, the band released 'Volume 8: The Threat Is Real', which was consideerably better than Stomp 442. After the album's release anthrax went on a hiatus. In 2003,the band reconvened and released 'We've Come for You All', their strongest album in years. The next year, they released the live album 'Music of Mass Destruction - Live in Chicago (CD with bonus DVD)'. Later, they released 'The Greater of Two Evils', a collction of classic Anthrax tunes, as voted by the fans, redone with Bush on vocals. Earlier this year, the Among The Living lineup of Bellabonna, Spitz, Ian, Benante, and Bello reunited and are on tour. Since then, anthrax have remained and continue to tour and record.


This album, in one word, is decent. It has it's merits, and is worth a listen, etc etc, but it is hardly a classic by any stretch of the imagination. This was Anthrax before the introduction of Joey Belladonna, their "classic era" singer (who has recently rejoined the band). This was anthrax before they became one of the most well known thrash bands (and one of the best) of all time.

The riffs in this album are pretty good, but i've noticed that the beginning riff to "deathrider" is taken from the riff near the end of the Metallica song "Motorbreath", which is kind of a cheap way to open the cd. That song was actually good, however, and has some decent soloing etc. The rest of the songs pretty much continue in the same vein as this, mid paced (for thrash metal) sound.

Most of the instruments on this album are pretty good, however, Charlie's drumming frankly is nowhere near as god as it became on, even the next album! It's not bad, but it fails to stand out at all, with some annoying interludes too (such as the stupid sounding 3 note drum interlude in Deathrider).

Overall it's a decent enough effort at the end of the day, but the bands work directly after this proved TWICE as good, heavier, with better vocals and musicianship yadda yadda yadda. Id really give it 2.80/5, it's not worth a full three.


01 - Deathrider
02 - Metal Thrashing Mad
03 - I'm Eighteen
04 - Panic
05 - Subjugator
06 - Soldiers Of Metal
07 - Death From Above
08 - Anthrax
09 - Across The River
10 - Howling Furies







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