苏珊·希雅妮 Suzanne Ciani -《低语轻诉 III》(Pianissimo III)轻音乐[MP3!]

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专辑英文名Pianissimo III
专辑中文名低语轻诉 III

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     本专辑《Pianissimo III》(低语轻诉 III)是Suzanne Ciani(苏珊·希雅妮)的“低语轻诉”系列专辑的第三辑。她被美国乐坛喻为“…自然,纯净,彷佛是潜意识里最向往的温柔。”


     After the success of Suzanne Ciani's first acoustic piano album 'Pianissimo,' it's no surprise that she would venture into the world of hammers and strings again. Nor is it any surprise that her second album is just as pleasurable as the first. Ostensible created out of previous electronic pieces dating as far back as 1983 (The Velocity of Love) most of the work comes from the 1990's - as late as 1996 Princess, Etude, and Timeless). This gives the listener an opportunity to see how the acoustic side of this musician has matured, and how it has affected her overall work.

     Frankly, I like Ciani better as an acoustic performer. The underlying percussive nature of the natural piano lends her a definition that is sometimes lacking in her electronic work. As much as people might argue with me, I believe that control is more of an issue with electronic composition and performance than it is with an acoustic instrument. The latter is beautiful 'in spite' of its limitations, the former can hypnotize the artist with its textures, diluting the melodic content. Compare, for instance, the original Velocity of Love with the version presented here. While the two versions are both pianistic, the original is a bit more diffuse even thought it is more orchestrated. Both are beautiful though.

     Ciani has a native melodic skill that produced consistently affecting work. As I've mentioned before, her music is more intimate and less bravura than other, equally good pianists. Not that she isn't capable of moments of dazzling performance (Andalusian Dream), but her niche is really the song, and not the singer (Go Gently, and Bel Canto). I've been listening to this album for several weeks now, postponing reviewing it to listen 'one more time,' and it refuses to get tiresome.

     I never did manage to get the included multimedia track to work on either my Mac or my PC's, which is probably my fault. But as I've said, it isn't why I bought the album. I bought it for the music, and there is plenty of that.


01. If I Could
02. Celtic Nights
03. La Mer
04. Pretend
05. 4 O'Clock in the Morning
06. Soaring
07. I Believe in Love
08. Butterflies
09. Full Moon Sonata
10. The Fifth Wave
11. Sogno Agitato
12. The Enchantress
13. Megan's Dream
14. Turning
15. Ocean Avenue







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