Billy Dean -《The Christ》(A Song for Joseph)专辑[MP3!]

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专辑英文名A Song for Joseph
专辑中文名The Christ
歌手Billy Dean

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Thanks to John Denver, Billy Dean has found a new lease of life at Curb Records. After years of frivolous wonderings without a record label, Dean's cover of Denver's "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" caught radio's attention, resulting in Dean being signed to Curb Records in early 2005. This resulted in two CDs: one a commercial country CD "Let Them Be Little" and this Christmas collection. Perhaps, Dean and his co-producer Ray Barnette have placed too much attention on his album proper resulting in "The Christ" sounding very much workmanlike. Unlike some yuletide offerings where the sound is rotund--filled with lush strings and heavenly-sounding choirs, "The Christ" has an acoustic almost demo- like feel. Depending on one's taste and preference, this may come across as a blessing or a curse.

Throughout the CD, Dean is not reticent about his Christian faith. And he is to be congratulated for getting to the essence of Christmas' real meaning in the anodyne "Just for Me and You." Coming from the pen of Mitchell Callis, this power ballad thumbs out the salvific mission of Jesus Christ that is in no way treacle. Noteworthy also are the vocals of Dean's daughter Hannah who is a melismatic powerhouse in the veins of Carrie Underwood. Mark my words this young lady is a name to watch. Taking a fresh perspective on the traditional story of Christ's birth, "The Christ" tells it from the perspective of the angel to Joseph (Jesus' earthy father) calmly assuring him that the baby to come is none other than the Christ. A little less effective is the last of the three originals, "Shine On" a popish number that fits more on a contemporary Christian album than a Christmas CD.

But, the CD takes a disappointing turn when it comes to the more traditional carols. They are just freighted with an obligated feel-on most of these tracks Dean does not sound too enthused. Offering an impervious read, there's not much creativity in Dean's take on these carols. Though Dean sings right on the mark, he does nothing new to these tried and true evergreens. In fact, if it were not for Dolly Parton, Dean almost sounds like he was about to doze off on "Silent Night." Described in the liner notes as one with an "angelic voice... (who) sang "Silent Night" like a sacred lullaby," Parton truly redeems this canticle from Dean's snoozing counterpart. But sadly the same can't be said of pop vocalist David Pack who joins Dean on the modern classic "Mary Did You Know." Though Pack's high tenor perfectly compliments Dean's lower baritone, Pack sounds off on numerous occasions, making his performance here embarrassing at best.

Dean's warm baritone is the perfect vehicle for Christmas songs and this CD shows that he can sing them-though he needs the added vocal charm to make this CD even more magical. Depreciative also is the fact that this CD avariciously only has 10 songs. Overall, this is a good CD, but not essential.


01. The Christ
02. Mary Did You Know
03. Silent Night
04. First Noel
05. Little Drummer Boy
06. Just For Me & You
07. Oh Holy Night
08. What Child Is This
09. Away in a Manger
10. Shine On







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