《有声畅销书.一脚踩进小美国》(Bill Bryson - The Lost Continent)

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英文名Bill Bryson - The Lost Continent

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“就像我常常跟托马斯·伍尔夫说的,人生有叁件你绝对做不到的事:你打不赢电话公司;你绝对无法引起服务生的注意,除非他想到要理你;以及,你绝对没有办法重回老家。”—— Bill Bryson,The Lost Continent


Bill Bryson是我最喜欢的作家(注意没有“之一”)
事实证明本人与郁达夫的水准相差108000里 huh.gif
估计就算再吃几年白饭也对那种题材提不起兴趣 wink.gif
Bill Bryson是我最喜欢的老师(注意没有“之一”)——香港城市大学的sung老师所介绍 laugh.gif
有任何感想大家一起讨论哈~ cool.gif


A travelogue by Bill Bryson is as close to a sure thing as funny books get. The Lost Continent is no exception. Following an urge to rediscover his youth (he should know better), the author leaves his native Des Moines, Iowa, in a journey that takes him across 38 states. Lucky for us, he brought a notebook.

With a razor wit and a kind heart, Bryson serves up a colorful tale of boredom, kitsch, and beauty when you least expect it. Gentler elements aside, The Lost Continent is an amusing book. Here's Bryson on the women of his native state: "I will say this, however--and it's a strange, strange thing--the teenaged daughters of these fat women are always utterly delectable ... I don't know what it is that happens to them, but it must be awful to marry one of those nubile cuties knowing that there is a time bomb ticking away in her that will at some unknown date make her bloat out into something huge and grotesque, presumably all of a sudden and without much notice, like a self-inflating raft from which the pin has been yanked."

Yes, Bill, but be honest: what do you really think?

From Publishers Weekly
Journalist Bryson decided to relive the dreary vacation car trips of his American childhood. Starting out at his mother's house in Des Moines, Iowa, he motors through 38 states over the course of two months, looking for the quintessential American small town. "Some of Bryson's comments are hilarious--if you enjoy the nonstop whining wisecracks of a 36-year-old kid," determined PW.
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