《不列颠战争风云录》(britain at war in colour)[DVDRip]

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英文名britain at war in colour

Release Date: February 5, 2001
Starring: John Thaw (Pres/Narr), et al.

Amazon.co.uk Sales Rank: 2,539
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Edition Details:
• Region 2 encoding (Europe, Japan, South Africa and the Middle East including Egypt). Read more about DVD formats.
• ASIN: B00004Y3PE
• Catalogue Number: 8573847702
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DVD Features: • Special Feature Information:
° Exclusive Footage
° Five Letter And Diary Pieces
° A Year By Year Breakdown Of Historical Events
° Ten Original World War 2 Posters
° Key Facts About World War 2 With 24 Hot Points
° The Memphis Belle Documentary
• Aspect Ratio: 4:3
• Available Audio Tracks: Dolby Stereo
• Main Language: English
• Disc Format: DVD 9

Amazon.co.uk Review
Documentary and newsreel film of World War II has been seen before, but Britain at War--In Colour is different. Much of the footage here was shot unofficially by servicemen and civilians as a personal record of events unfolding, giving the three programmes a more inward, human quality. "Darkest Hour" covers the period from the government's failed policy of appeasement, through the months of misfortune and failure, to the turn of the tide in North Africa late in 1942. "The Beginning of the End" traces the successes in Asia and the Atlantic, through the D-Day landings, to victory in Europe in April 1945. "Unknown Warriors" takes a chronological overview, through the letters and diaries of, and recent interviews with a dozen people caught up in the conflict. It makes for a detailed, informal and moving insight into the impact of war on those who live through it.
On the DVD: The colour film reproduces with excellent clarity in the 4:3 picture format, enhanced by the immediacy of the stereo soundtrack and John Thaw's thoughtful narrative. Each programme has 28, 19 and 12 access points respectively. Thirty minutes of additional footage are welcome, though the five letter and diary pieces add nothing significant. The year-by-year breakdown of events, and key facts linked to 24 Hot Points within the films, make a valuable study aid. Reproductions of 10 original war posters are harmless enough, but the inclusion of William Wyler's hard-hitting 1943 documentary, The Memphis Belle, gives a valuable insight into bombing missions from an American perspective. All in all, this is essential viewing for World War II buffs and newcomers alike. --Richard Whitehouse

Features colour film, documenting the reality of war for the people involved. Includes extracts from diaries and letters from those who witnessed Britain at war. Contains three episodes plus extra unbroadcast footage.

Britain at war in colour,這是Carlton Television 繼World War II in colour後製作的另一部彩色二戰紀錄片,承襲前一部的風格,清晰的彩色畫面配上當年經歷二戰的士兵、百姓的信件、日記組成的旁白,從另一個角度來看這場世紀大戰。

此片英國有發行dvd,且全部都有英文字幕(就二戰紀錄片而言是很少見的),最值得一提的是他的特別收錄,收錄有威廉惠勒執導的Memphis belle(很意外全部是彩色畫面),如你看過電影英烈的歲月,更應該看看真實的Memphis belle,此片是威廉惠勒在Memphis belle號出第25次任務時隨機拍攝的,雖然事實上Memphis belle的第25次任務並未如電影所描述的那麼驚險,充滿戲劇性,但我們看到的卻是最真實的歷史呈現,我們目睹當時機組員所經歷的,遠方的法國海岸線,嚴密的防空炮火(比我想像的近的多),遠方出現的小斑點-Bf-109!與Bf-109交戰的場面尤其精采!被擊落的B-17,機組員數著跳傘逃生的人數....,本片唯一的缺點就是太短了,只有47分鐘,看完後有意猶未盡的感覺。

另外也收錄了約翰福特執導,獲得奧斯卡最佳紀錄片的The battle of Midway,十分可惜的是本片收錄的不是完整版,我手中的資料本片應該有14分鐘(沒錯,是14分不是41分),但本片的版本只有9分鐘,但也同樣精采,影片結尾也充滿了約翰福特的風格:一位美國陸戰隊員在夕陽下演奏"紅河谷".....。據說當年羅斯福總統在白宮看完本片後十分感動,他說:我希望美國的每一位母親都能看看這部影片.....。






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