Allele -《Point Of Origin》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Point Of Origin

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专辑名称:Point Of Origin
唱片公司:Corporate Punishment


The first question I had upon seeing this band name was "how do you pronounce that?" I then found that the correct pronunciation as 'uh-leel'. My next question was "I wonder what they sound like?" A question quickly answered by placing the CD in the player and hitting the play button. My curiosity stemmed from the band's featuring former members of Otep and Cold, in the place of guitarists Lane Maverick and Kelly Hayes. Otep, I am not terribly familiar with, but Cold I have been a fan of since I heard their self-titled debut back in 1998. I was wondering if the music would be a copy of that, or if it would stand on its own, blending the musical voices of all involved. I am here to report that it is a mixture of the two, and the final result is a very good listen.

The album kicks off in high gear with "Fake," this sets the tone for the rest of the albums 10 songs of emotional pain and musical assault. From there, the album movies into the chugging, restrained aggression telling a tale of regret and realization of self in "A Different Someone." The third track also happens to be their first single, "Closer to Habit." This is a catchy song that is radio friendly, while still containing some edge to it. The chorus just begs for a sing along without feeling corny. . Point of Origin is filled with solid music that, while not on the cutting edge, stands apart from the rest of the alt-rock radio wannabes. The music falls in a vein similar to that of Staind and Cold. Actually, I like this much better than the recent Staind releases, and in a vein similar to recent offerings from Cold. They would also be at home among the likes of Taproot and Sevendust. Despite Sevendust's more aggressive slant, they would make a good live duo.

Back to the album. Other highlights include the passive aggression of "Lost in Your Words" and the morose beauty of "Unknown," which contemplates the price of fame. Beyond that is the interesting and sedate instrumental track that is hidden at the end. This album is strong from start to finish with nothing that seems like filler. Vocalist Wally Wood has a powerful voice which carries strong emotional weight. He can sign filled with emotion and angst, or he can turn it up a few gravelly notches and cut loose with great aggression. Backing him are the two previously mentioned guitarists, Kelly Hayes and Lane Maverick. The two of them work well together laying down complex melodies and rhythms, helping create a sound which is accessible and original. Not to be left out is the rhythm section, comprised of bassist Tim Tobin and drummer Giancarlo Autenzio. They keep the back section solid adding to the driving nature of the music.


01 Fake
02 A Different Someone
03 Closer To Habit
04 Stiches
05 Lost In Your Words
06 Tightrope
07 Immune
08 Lies
09 Misunderstood
10 Unknown
11 Hidden (Instrumental)







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