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1.Environmental Science and Technology
作者: Stanley E. Manahan
ISBN: 1566702135

This complete survey of modern environmental science and environmental engineering covers the four traditional spheres of the environment: water, air, earth, and life, and introduces a fifth sphere the "anthrosphere" which the author defines as the sphere of human activities, especially technology, that affect the earth and its bio-sphere. Throughout the book, the relationships between the five spheres and their connections to the sciences are emphasized. This unique text/reference takes a realistic look at the environmental effects of human activities, and shows how constructively directed technology can have a beneficial effect on the Earth.

2.Introduction to Environmental Analysis (Analytical Techniques in the Sciences )
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作者:Roger N. Reeve
出版:John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471492957

Provides information on the application of analytical techniques, such as GC, LC, IR, and XRF for analysing and measuring water, solid and atmospheric samples and for monitoring environmental pollutants.
Emphasizes Field Analysis, reflecting the growing application of this technique

3.Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry, Second Edition
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作者:Stanley E. Manahan
出版:CRC Press
ISBN: 156670491X

Written by a leader in the field, the Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry, Second Edition puts the fundamentals of chemistry and environmental chemistry right at your students fingertips. Manahan presents the material in an understandable and interesting manner without being overly simplistic.They get basic coverage on:-Matter and the basis of its physical nature and behavior-Organic and biological chemistry-Chemistry of water, soil, and air-Industrial chemistry-Toxicological chemistry as it pertains to occupational health and human exposure to pollutants and toxicants-Energy, nuclear energy, and nuclear waste-Applications of nuclear science in areas such as tracing pesticide degradation and nuclear medicine - More than an introduction to this field, Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry, Second Edition provides the foundation that gives your students an understanding of the chemical processes of the environment and the effects pollution on those processes.

4.Environmental Chemistry, Seventh Edition
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作者:Stanley E. Manahan
出版:CRC Press
ISBN: 1566704928

The standard-setting classic just got better! Completely revised and updated since the publication of the sixth edition, Environmental Chemistry, Seventh Edition contains eight new chapters, with significant emphasis on industrial ecology as it relates to the emerging area of "green" chemistry. It also discusses the concept of the anthrosphere as a distinct sphere of the environment.The new chapters in the Seventh Edition includeThe Anthrosphere, Industrial Ecosystems, and oEnvironmental ChemistryoPrinciples of Industrial EcologyoIndustrial Ecology, Resources, and EnergyoIndustrial Ecology for Waste Minimization, Utilization, and TreatmentoChemical Analysis of Water and WastewateroChemical Analysis of Wastes and SolidsoAir and Gas AnalysisoChemical Analysis of Biological Materials oXenobioticsMany professionals in environmental chemistry today began their studies with this definitive textbook. Now this benchmark resource has even more to offer. It gives your students a basic understanding of the science and its applications. In addition to providing updated materials in this rapidly developing field, the Seventh Edition emphasizes the major concepts essential to the practice of environmental chemistry at the beginning of the new millennium.

5.Environmental Engineering Dictionary and Directory
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作者:Tom M. Pankratz / Thomas M. Pankratz
出版:Lewis Publishers
ISBN: 1566705436

Like most technical disciplines, environmental science and engineering is becoming increasingly specialized. As industry professionals focus on specific environmental subjects they become less familiar with environmental problems and solutions outside their area of expertise. This situation is compounded by the fact that many environmental science related terms are confusing. Prefixes such as bio-, enviro-, hydra-, and hydro- are used so frequently that it is often hard to tell the words apart. The Environmental Engineering Dictionary and Directory gives you a complete list of brand terms, brand names, and trademarks - right at your fingertips.

6.Environmental Engineering and Sanitation (Environmental Science and Technology)
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作者:Joseph A. Salvato
出版:John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471523771

Updated to cover new laws and standards, including Federal Safe Drinking Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and the Clean Air Act of 1990. Applies sanitation and engineering theory and principles to environmental control in urban, suburban and rural communities. Engineering design, construction, operation and maintenance details are provided throughout as they relate to plants and structures. Topics include: disease control, water supply, wastewater treatment and disposal, air pollution and noise control, radiation uses and protection, recreation areas, solid waste management and much more.






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