John Tesh -《新世纪管弦乐》(Pure Orchestra)[APE]

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专辑英文名Pure Orchestra
艺术家John Tesh

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本专辑精心挑选了11首具有代表性的、在新世纪音乐领域里耳熟能详的大师的音乐作品。让一个拥有60位乐师的管弦乐队来重新演绎。希望能给你带来一份意想不到,全新的听觉体验。这样的古典音乐比较容易让人接受,并且喜欢。通过John Tesh音乐工作室的努力,我们希望能从欣赏这张专辑的朋友中吸引更多的人喜欢古典音乐。•••••喜欢NewAge的听友,一定能在这张专辑中找到你熟悉的旋律。有Enya ,Yanni ,Jim Brickman, Kitaro, George Winston, Loreena McKennitt, Kenny G,等等新世纪大师的、用古典形式表现的作品,强烈推荐!•••••
小弟英语太烂, sad.gif 下面的译不了啦,在网上又找不到中文介绍,只在Amazon.com上找到一篇“听后评”,原文在下,希望懂英语的同志帮忙翻译。不胜感谢! laugh.gif 本源长期有效。


The thinking behind Pure Orchestra is as follows: select 11 familiar melodies composed by New Age-related artists, arrange them for a 60-member orchestra, then hope something special happens. Alas, nothing much does. This installment from John Tesh's music factory is a decent, well-intentioned effort that may find fans among listeners drawn to symphonic renditions of pop music. Yet for anyone who holds dear the compositions addressed on Pure Orchestra (Enya's "Book of Days," Jim Brickman's "Picture This," "Marching Season" by Yanni, and so on), these lightweight, soundtrack-like interpretations will probably only make you long to hear the originals. Tesh's role here is only as a producer, not a performer, though he does include two original, though uneventful, pieces of his own ("Song for Jennifer" and "Blue"). Kenny G's "Havana" sounds as though its re-creation was being handled by 101 Strings. Meanwhile, the interpretations of two Yanni tracks pale compared to what can be found on Live at the Acropolis, and truly affecting solo pieces such as Brickman's "Angel Eyes" and "Longing/Love" by George Winston gain nothing by orchestral treatment. Sometimes it's better to leave well enough alone. --Terry Wood
From the Artist
The most important element of any good song is a powerful melody. We selected the compositions on this album based on how the original songs would work as fully orchestrated, symphonic works. I know 'new age' music never really gets much respect as a musical genre. It's a shame, because I believe these melodies to be strong and vital. Special thanks to Eric Schmidt for his outstanding arrangements and orchestrations. All the best, John Tesh
Album Description
Lose yourself in a dynamic swirl of strings, horns and percussion as performed by a 60-piece Symphony Orchestra! Powerful melodies transform 13 memorable songs from the world's most popular new age composers into fully orchestrated, symphonic


1. Book of Days(Composed by Roma Enya / Ryan)
2. After the Sunrise(Composed by Yanni)
3. Picture This(Composed by Jim Brickman)
4. Silk Road(Composed by Kitaro)
5. Song for Jennifer(Composed by John / Schmidt, J. Eric Tesh)
6. Marching Season(Composed by Yanni)
7. Watermark(Composed by Nicky / Bhraonain, Eithne Ryan)
8. Longing / Love(Composed by George Winston)
9. The Mummer's Dance(Composed by Loreena McKennitt)
10. Dancin' In The Stars(Composed by Chip Davis)
11. Havana(Composed by Kenny G.)
12. Angel Eyes(Composed by Jim Brickman)
13. Blue(Composed by John / Schmidt, J. Eric Tesh)






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