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原名Brain Damage

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又来3本涂鸦杂志,ENJOY IT!
Today we present you a couple of eas european magazines, beginning with another issue of the polish aerosol art magazine called Brain Damage!

Issue 3. Summer 2000.

Two languages (Polish/English)
76 pages
full color
interview - LOOMIT
Wiesbaden Wall Street Meeting 2000
Hip-Hop Festival 3 Graffiti Action w Szczecinie 2000
Are you 100% hip-hop head??
Russia gets up – graffiti on the far East.
Where to buy cans, and where to eat cheap – info about Wien.
Many photos of trains and walls.
Professional and clean layout

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4th issue. Published in march 2001.

format A4, 84 pages, full color, Polish and English text, cover - UV lacquered.
What's inside:

The content is printed on fat paper and full of color. The layout is clean and tidy. Hip-hop fans will love the feature on "Battle of the Year 2000". The magazine is packed with trains from Scandinavia to Italy, from Barcelona to Moscow as well as many freights and walls. There is an interview and centerfold prepared by Cybe/VHS AX. You will find some art pieces from people like Os Gemeos, Mode 2, Keramik, Bates, Loomit. Also there's a short story on the South American graffiti scene, as well as other thought provoking articles - short European Capitals yard report (Stockholm, Moscow, Berlin, Warsaw, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Zagreb), deep interview with Roger/KHC from Berlin and first BD feature of DJ Vadim.
Hard stuff.

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Issue 6. "Life" issue.

As every life, also graffiti has it's birth, time of activity and senility. It is everybody's choice what to make with his life. So choose wise and collect the fruits of your choice.

format A4, 84 pages, full color, Polish/English

This time we had concentrated on the reflections about life... About start and end. So? So: birth of the train painting in Spain in 1936! Maturation on the NY subway, in seventies - illustrated with unique and previously unpublished flix. Then story of the one of the biggest hall of fames in Europe from Wiesbaden, and report from the last Wall Street Meeting (2001) brought to you by Jaya One/Lords. And as usual - fat gallery of the hot rolling steelz with article series "It is good to know before You Bomb...". This time you can learn about antygraffiti law in UK and Germany. Relax for a while with colorful walls (double centerfold!) and... time for Sonik's text about exotic island - Iceland and local graffiti scene. Additionally in this issue - canvas gallery - mature art, and interview with "Hendoc" - the man who sculpting 3D styles in the wood with chainsaw.
On the end the story about battle of Chicago writers with authorities and of course - DJ Vadim with his reflections.







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