《Photoshop CS2 电子书二本》

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中文名Photoshop CS2 电子书二本

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Photoshop CS2 Help Desk Book 简介:
After years of fielding questions at seminars from Photoshop users, Dave Cross realized there was a lot of common ground: there were many questions that were indeed "frequently asked." In addition, most questions seemed start with “How come I can’t…." "How do I…." or "Why won’t the (fill in the blank) tool work?" This book addresses the most common problems and questions in Photoshop by both providing answers to the most frequently asked questions, and outlining strategies that can help you avoid problems in the first place.

You’ll see:

• Where to start when things don't work: from tool settings to re-installing Photoshop
• The most common warning dialogs: why they appears, how to fix them, and how to avoid them
• The Photoshop CS2 Checklist: what to check when things go wrong, or before you start working, to help avoid problems
• Solutions to typical problems when using the Adobe Creative Suite
• How to avoid problems by creating flexible documents (adjustment layers, layer masks, groups, smart object, layer comps, and more)
• Frequently asked questions—and their answers—in all key areas of Photoshop CS2:
• general operations (palettes, workspaces, menus, etc.)
• color (CMYK, color management, spot color, choosing color, etc.)
• type
• selections
• making adjustments
• layers
• preferences and settings
• image capture (resolution, Camera Raw, file size)
• sizing (canvas size, image size, copping)
• automation (actions, batch, built-in automation commands)
• common image problems (exposure, focus, noise, color cast, etc.)
• painting (brushes, choosing color)
• output (web, PDF, video, printing)
• special effects (filters, layer styles)
• tools (that don't fit into any other category)
• How to customize Photoshop CS2 to work the way you want it to (actions, menus, workspaces, shortcuts, preferences)
• How to make your own brushes, swatches, shapes, styles, and patterns

Photoshop CS2 For Dummies 简介:

ISBN: 0-7645-9571-7
Format: Paper
Pages: 416 Pages
Pub. Date: May 2005


An all-new full-color edition, updated for the latest software release and bargain-priced at under $30
New author Peter Bauer-a highly regarded Photoshop pro-has rewritten the book from scratch in its entirety
Cross-platform Mac-PC coverage includes program basics, working with camera RAW tools, organizing and managing image files, enhancing images, using channels and masks, painting and drawing, adding masks and special effects, creating Web photo galleries, and streamlining workflow






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