Tommy Lee -《Tommyland: The Ride》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Tommyland: The Ride
歌手Tommy Lee

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Is it Hanson? Is it the Backstreet Boys? Who is singing the soft rock song? It's no other than Tommy Lee. Tommyland-The Ride opens up with the most mellow summertime friendly song titled "Good Times." Nick Carter is featured on the CD, perhaps it's on this song. "Good Times" is followed up by "Hello Again." This is another soft rock/ballad type of song. The album picks up a little with the song "Tryin' To Be Me." It seems like this is a song aimed at the paparazzi. I can't believe that this was picked for a single. It's an OK song but there are so many better songs on the album. "Sister Mary" is a rather unique looking song. It kind of sounds like it could be a Crue song. I can easily picture Vince Neil singing this song. The song "Tired" is a really good song about getting tired of a relationship. Now this should have been a single. It's funny. I'm pretty sure this is the song with Joel Madden on co-vocals. I love this song. They take pokes at J-Lo, Puffy,Ben Affleck, and even Pamela Lee in the song about people getting tired of their significant others. "Tired" is followed up by "I Need You" which is a pretty sad ballad. It's followed by "Make Believe" which is a really good song. "Makin' Me Crazy" is a good song with a female on vocals too. What I found annoying about this CD is that it doesn't list who guests on which track, only a summary of guest artists in the insert. "Say Goodbye" is another Backstreet sounding pop/rock song.

Overall, Tommyland-The Ride is a really awesome album and it's much, much different than anything that Tommy Lee has ever released. On his last album, the song "Hold Me Down", the vocals were so loud, almost like he was screaming. Tommy is singing kind of soft on this album. His voice actually sounds kinds good. Who knew that Tommy could sing so good and play the drums.

大名鼎鼎的Motley Crue坏男孩Tommy Lee就不用做太多介绍了吧,这是他最新专辑《Tommyland: The Ride》


01. Good Times - Features Butch Walker
02. Hello Again - Features Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate
03. Tryin To Be Me
04. Sister Mary - Features Carl Bell of Fuel
05. The Butler
06. Tired - Features Joel Madden of Good Charlotte)
07. I Need You - Features Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate)
08. Make Believe
09. Makin' Me Crazy - Features Dirty Harry
10. Watch You Lose
11. Say Goodbye - Features Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys
12. Hello Again (Acoustic)







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