《PhotoShop CS2技巧》(Adobe Photoshop CS2 Studio Techniques Aug 2005).CHM

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中文名PhotoShop CS2技巧
英文名Adobe Photoshop CS2 Studio Techniques Aug 2005

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Adobe Photoshop CS2 Studio Techniques Aug 2005 最新学习资料,电子教程CHM格式

If you're ready to go from blindly following step-by-step instructions to "Aha, I finally GET Photoshop!" this is the place to start. In these pages, world renowned Photoshop instructor and best-selling author Ben Willmore writes in his signature style–intuitive, crystal clear, and in-depth–helping you gain the deep understanding needed to master Photoshop's most essential features. Complex concepts like Curves and Channels are broken down into easy to digest metaphors and descriptions, and features new to Photoshop CS2–such as Bridge, Smart Objects, the revamped Layers Palette and Camera Raw dialog box, as well as the awesome new Warping and Vanishing Point features–are all covered in the depth they deserve, making it possible to quickly adapt them into your daily workflow. Whether you’re a photographer, designer, production artist or hobbyist, the knowledge you gain in this book can dramatically change the way you think about Photoshop.

Other info:
Ben Willmore, "Adobe Photoshop CS2 Studio Techniques"

Table of Contents | Index


About the Author
Much Obliged!
Why This Book?
Will I Understand It?
Does It Start at My Level?
Mac or Windows?
What's on the CD?
Have You Lost Weight?
Is There More On-line?
Where's the New Stuff?
Ready to Get Started?
Part I. Working Foundations
Chapter 1. Tool and Palette Primer
Preparing Your Workspace
Working with Screen Modes
A Quick Tour of the Tools
Navigating Your Document
Picking Colors
Basic Editing Tools
Adobe Bridge
Editing Menus
Editing Keyboard Shortcuts
Closing Thoughts
Chapter 2. Selection Primer
What Is a Selection?
Basic Selection Tools
Magic Wand Tool
Refining a Selection
The Select Menu
Quick Mask Mode
Closing Thoughts
Chapter 3. Layers Primer
How Do Layers Work?
Meeting the Layers
Closing Thoughts
Part II. Production Essentials
Chapter 4. Resolution Solutions
Understanding Pixel Size
Closing Thoughts
Chapter 5. Optimizing Grayscale Images
Levels Is the Solution
The Histogram Gives You Feedback
Setting Up Your Images for Final Output
A Quick Levels Recap
Postadjustment Analysis
Closing Thoughts
Chapter 6. Understanding Curves
With Power Comes Complexity
Taking Curves for a Test Drive
Input and Output Numbers
The Histogram Palette
Closing Thoughts
Chapter 7. Color Management
How Color Works
The Problem with Color
Color Management to the Rescue
Implementing Color Management
Color Management in Action
Closing Thoughts
Chapter 8. Color Correction
Use Gray to Fix Color?!?
Professional Color Correction
Closing Thoughts
Chapter 9. Using Camera Raw
The Camera Raw Dialog Box
Adjusting Multiple Images
Finishing Touches
Closing Thoughts
Chapter 10. Color Manipulation
At the Core Is the Color Wheel
The Hue/Saturation Dialog Box
Replacing Color
Color Balance
Selective Color
Match Color
Red Eye Tool
Color Replacement Tool
Channel Mixer
Gradient Map
Closing Thoughts
Chapter 11. Adjustment Layers
Two Methods For Adjusting An Image
Using Adjustment Layers
Photo Filter Adjustments
Blending Modes
Adjusting Isolated Areas
Limiting The Brightness Range That's Affected
Limiting Which Layers Are Affected
Histograms & Automatic Adjustments
Potential Problems
Limitations of Adjustment Layers
Closing Thoughts
Chapter 12. Sharpening
Removing Film Grain and Scanner/Camera Noise
How Sharpening Works
Tricks of the Trade
Closing Thoughts
Part III. Creative Explorations
Chapter 13. Enhancement
The Battalion of Blending Modes
Closing Thoughts
Chapter 14. Advanced Masking
The Key Is to Choose the Right Tool
The Background Eraser
The Extract Filter
The Blending Sliders
The Pen Tool
Layer Masks
Closing Thoughts
Chapter 15. Collage
Four Techniques to Choose From
Clipping Masks
Blending Sliders
Layer Masks
Creating a Panoramic Image with Photomerge
Vector Masks
Smart Objects
Creating Complex Collages
Closing Thoughts
Chapter 16. Retouching
Patch Tool
Healing Brush Tool
Spot Healing Brush Tool
Clone Stamp Tool
Vanishing Point
The Dodge and Burn Tools
The Sponge Tool
The Blur and Sharpen Tools
Lens Correction Filter
The Liquify Filter
Retouching and Restoring Real-World Photos
Closing Thoughts
Chapter 17. Workflow
Step 1—Image Capture
Step 2—Initial Rough Crop & Straighten
Step 3—Spotting
Step 4—Color Correction
Step 5—Global Tonal Adjustments
Step 6—Global Color Adjustment
Step 7—Reduce or Remove Noise/Grain
Step 8—Local Tonal Adjustments
Step 9—Fine-Tune Localized Colors
Step 10—Interpret Colors
Step 11—Double & Triple Check Masks
Step 12—Retouching
Step 13—Creative Effects
Step 14—Save Master File
Step 15—Create Output-Specific Files
Closing Thoughts
Keep in Touch
CD-ROM Licensing Agreement

《Photoshop Fix Magazine》 PS专业读物:
中文名称:Photoshop Fix Magazine

Photoshop Fix是全心致力于photoshop的时讯月刊,每期都有由photoshop专业人士为您呈现专业,高级和一些少为人知的Photoshop秘密. 。内容包括:Artist Profiles、,Essentials、Tools、Techniques 、Studio 、Tips 。由最前沿的摄影师艺术家、设计师介绍,photoshop滤镜插件探究,专家们深入讲解等。Photoshop Fix 是对于ps爱好者们非常不错的读物。






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