《Cisco CCNA视频教程》(CCNA CBT Nuggets)[RMVB]

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中文名Cisco CCNA视频教程
英文名CCNA CBT Nuggets

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The CBT Nuggets Cisco CCNA Certification Package is a comprehensive collection of training videos that completely covers the objectives for the recently updated 640-801 CCNA exam. But to say that this series is merely a test prep tool is like calling the Mona Lisa "merely a painting of a girl". The CCNA series is intended to enrich your IT career. It's designed to be your ticket to IT utopia, a career working in the exciting field of network infrastructure and technology.
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This series is also an excellent source of career continuation training, and a solid on-the-job reference. A network engineer is alot like a medical doctor. There is a great deal of information to know, there is a requirement to be continually learning and advancing your mind, but there is also a time when you need good references. A successful doctor has a broad range of knowledge, but knows when and how to call in a specialist for a particularly difficult case. Similarly, a CCNA will need a reference that he or she can rely on. This video series is your "referral to a specialist". When you don't feel comfortable with a particular area of deployment or maintenance, just pop in the 30-minute video covering that concept and implementation and you're ready to go.

"I've known Emilio (trainer for the CBT Nuggets CCNA series) for 8 years. With regard to Cisco technologies and network infrastructure, he is the one individual that I trust absolutely and without hesitation. If I knew of a conflict between what Emilio had told me and the Cisco documentation, I would bet the farm that the Cisco documentation was incorrect. As a systems engineer consultant, I hired Emilio to help me with two network infrastructure contracts I was involved in. In one of those contracts we ran into some WAN connectivity devices from an unnamed vendor that just wouldn't work. Our implementation was flawless, and per the vendor, these devices had never been used in the capacity we were configuring. Emilio reverse engineered the devices and re-configured them at a low-level and we were fully successful with the devices and the project. The vendor then solicited Emilio to teach it's engineers the re-configuration steps and the theory behind his successful implementation. That's what makes Emilio second to none. He understands and can do, he understands at such a granular level that he can adapt and succeed where success is not apparent. I am personally very thankful that Emilio has agreed to be the CBT Nuggets full-time Cisco trainer. I am certified as a CCNA, but I'll have to be honest, before I watched Emilio's videos I was a "paper CCNA". I didn't know that I was a paper CCNA until I watched the videos, and I certainly don't feel like one now. I would literally get excited when Emilio would e-mail me and let me know that another CCNA video is ready for review. This series is incredible, I'm very proud of the training."
- Dan Charbonneau, MCSE 2000, MCT, CCNA, Master CNE
CBT Nuggets MCSE 2000 trainer
President and founder, CBT Nuggets, Inc.

The CBT Nuggets CCNA Certification Package contains the videos listed below:

- Intro to CCNA/ Concepts and Hardware
- Cisco IOS Basics
- Router Components
- The Configuration file
- Managing IOS images
- Access Control List Essentials
- Standard Access Control Lists
- Extended Access Control Lists
- Named Access Control Lists
- Applying an ACL to a line
- Cisco Discovery Protocol
- Intro to the OSI Reference Model
- The OSI Data-Link Layer
- The OSI Network Layer
- The OSI Transport Layer
- Setup mode
- Password Recovery
- IP Addressing
- Subnetting Basics
- Advanced Subnetting
- Netware
- Spanning Tree Protocol
- Network Segmentation
- Transparent Bridging
- LAN Switching
- Virtual LAN
- Fast-Ethernet
- Private Addressing and NAT
- Routing Basics
- Distance Vector Protocols
- Frame-Relay Basics
- Frame-Relay Advanced Concepts
- Frame Relay Monitoring
- ISDN Essentials
- PPP Essentials
- CCNA security issues
- Basic Switch Configuration
- Cisco Internetwork Design






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