宇多田ヒカル -《You Make Me Want to Be a Man》(You Make Me Want to Be a Man)4th western single[MP3!]

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专辑中文名You Make Me Want to Be a Man
专辑英文名You Make Me Want to Be a Man
版本4th western single

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22-year-old singer/songwriter Utada is set to unleash her enigmatic fusion of alternative, pop, dance and funk grooves on the UK in the form of her debut Mercury Records release, 'Exodus' on October 17th.
'Exodus' is Utada's first English language album, it follows 3 previous albums which have sold over 20 million copies in Japan, all entering #1 on the Japanese album chart. Her debut album sold 10 million copies making it the biggest selling album in Japanese history and stayed at #1 for 6 weeks.
Utada composes, writes and arranges all the songs on 'Exodus', infusing her music with seductive, witty lyrics and well-crafted melodies. She is joined on her debut album by some outstanding special guests that reflect her varied tastes: drummer Jon Theodore from Mars Volta delivers an infectious groove on "Kremlin Dusk;" and master producer Timbaland, who adds his funky touch to "Exodus '04", "Wonder 'Bout" and "Let Me Give You My Love."

'Exodus' will be supported through a unique 'MTV Digital Discovery' launch on MTV international websites by featuring a special series of Utada animations, videos and high editorial support, together with an MTV interview, digital downloads and an exclusive MTV First Listen album preview stream.

Raised in NY to a musical family (her father is a musician/producer and her mom was a beloved traditional-style Japanese singer in Japan), Utada was fed a diverse musical diet of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, The Police, and Dr. Dre, all of whom left their mark on Utada's musical style. At age 13, she was approached by Toshiba EMI to write several Japanese pop songs, resulting shortly thereafter in her first major album for the label in 1999. The million selling release catapulted Utada to Superstar status at just 15 years of age.

Her debut single 'You Make Me Want To Be A Man' will be released on October 10th. the track is accompanied by a 500k, dark, futuristic video which was directed by Kaz Kiriya.

继9月推出[Be my last]之后,宇多田ヒカル(Utada)的4th英文个人单曲'You Make Me Want To Be A Man' 将于10月在全球范围内强势推出,此次的单曲综合了几大音乐流派的风格,并同时发行了4个由不同混音效果的版本,相信这次Mercury为Utada度身打造的专辑肯定能让各位光迷大饱耳福!


01.You Make Me Want to Be a Man(Tom Neville Mix)
02.You Make Me Want to Be a Man(Junior Jack Mix)
03.You Make Me Want to Be a Man(Bloodshy Mix)
04.You Make Me Want to Be a Man(Album Version)

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