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中文名Autodesk 3ds max8.0 官方视频教程

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版本: (2005-9-13)
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Autodesk 3ds max8.0 官方视频教程,包含新近增加的功能,由Autodesk公司(原Discreet公司)制作,非常具有权威性。英文介绍如下:

3ds Max 8 now includes the new .XAF file format for storing and loading animation data in an XML file. Motion can now be moved from character to character in a pipeline and retargeted to account for different scale characters and objects.
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This video demonstrates the new improvements to the File Link feature and the application of materials. File Link's connection to Revit® functionality has been dramatically improved, allowing importation of materials and more. Also all mapping and materials have an option for defining real world scale.
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Scene States is a new tool in 3ds Max that allows you to save multiple scene configurations in a single 3ds Max file. For instance, you can have a single 3ds Max file with an unlimited number of states that define different lighting setups and material properties. When combined with the new Batch Render tool, this is a powerful new tool for design visualization, film/video, and games.
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Sweep is a modifier that allows you to quickly extrude shapes along complex paths. This simplifies and improves the process of creating trim on walls, complex pipe networks, or any other obviously extruded objects.
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The radiosity rendering engine now adaptively tessellates objects to only put geometric detail where lighting information is changing. This allows for much better radiosity solutions with far less overhead.
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3ds Max can import Autodesk Inventor® files if Autodesk Inventor is installed on your machine. The ability to export to DWF has also been added. This is Autodesk's standard file viewer. The viewer can be downloaded free from the web and allows you to send clients 3D content for approval even if they don't have 3ds Max.
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Take a look at the new Asset Tracking tools in 3ds Max 8. Now you can easily connect yourself to any number of standard source control systems or use the Autodesk Vault system for free.
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The Biped system is further enhanced in 3ds Max 8 to allow higher fidelity animation and more powerful animation workflows.
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Cloth has received a number of major improvements since its release on subscription in 3ds Max 7. Cloth now has a faster, more capable solver and many workflow enhancements.
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3ds Max continues to lead the industry in its ability to use Direct X shaders in the view port. Check out the improved Direct X material and the new scene shaders display.
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Check out the Hair system in 3ds Max 8, based on Joe Alter’s industry standard hair solution.
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See the new, dramatically faster and name-independent scripted controllers as well as the new Limit controller.
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The Animation Mixer from Character Studio has been updated to work with all 3ds Max objects. Load complex 3ds Max rigs, Bipeds, and hybrid rigs all in the same mixer.
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3ds Max now fully supports the powerful open EXR image format for both output and as a map type.
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If you are like most people, you hate mapping. 3ds Max 8 now includes a tool that not only makes mapping easy but also fun.
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Learn what’s new in Skin and what makes it extremely powerful in a production pipeline. See updates to the Edit Poly tools including the Paint Deform system.






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