《Linguatec 德法互译 2006》(Linguatec Personal Translator 2006)[ISO]

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中文名Linguatec 德法互译 2006
英文名Linguatec Personal Translator 2006

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Renowned companies and many thousands of users have been relying on the sophisticated translation technology of Personal Translator for years.

The new Personal Translator 2006 is the first PC-based translation system world-wide which, in addition to rule-based translation technology, contains a newly developed component that simulates the thinking process of the human brain according to the principle of neural networks and makes it usable for translation. This is particularly effective in the following functions:

The automatic subject area recognition function assigns the correct subject areas to a document and makes sure, for example, that instead of the general translation (e.g. board = Brett) a suitable specialist term is used (e.g. Aufsichtsrat in a business context) without you having to select settings manually.
The automatic name recognition function identifies proper names of people, companies, products and places and avoids incorrect translation in cases where a proper name also has a general meaning (e.g. in the case of family names such as Stone, Farmer, Fischer etc. or in the case of geographical terms such as Golden, Hof, Essen etc.)
The neural transfer function, for which an international patent has been filed, can also offer a correct translation if the current sentence does not contain an indication of the suitable meaning of a term with several meanings (e.g. He is holding a bill [Rechnung or Geldschein] in his hand. or Mit Schlössern [locks or castles] kannte er sich gut aus.). In such cases, the neural network also includes preceding and subsequent sentences in the analysis.
You can select from three versions of the new Personal Translator 2006:
If you only do occasional translations or want to display German Web pages in English directly in the integrated Web browser and do not have to add words to the dictionary, Personal Translator Home is the ideal program for you: The Home edition offers the same translation intelligence as the professional versions and has an extensive dictionary in which you can look up words in no time at all.
New: Includes automatic subject area recognition and neural transfer

With an expandable dictionary, Personal Translator Office is the right choice for all personal and business translation needs. This version also includes the one-click translator PT Direct, which allows you to quickly have a sentence translated from within any text or look up a word even when PT is not running.
New: Includes automatic subject area recognition, neural transfer and automatic background spellcheck.

Wherever high efficiency and an optimal workflow is an issue, Personal Translator Pro is the ideal solution: The Office integration allows you to translate directly from within Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, the technical and general vocabulary covers all areas, the context analysis across sentences ensures reliable translation results also for highly complex texts, and the sentence archive effectively speeds up the completion of recurring tasks.
New: Includes automatic subject area recognition, neural transfer, automatic background spellcheck, Outlook integration and translation of PDF documents.
Whichever version of Personal Translator you choose,
the time you require for translating will decrease drastically.

Personal Translator has been tried and tested by international businesses and repeatedly found to be a reliable translation tool.
And not without reason: Generally, linguatec translation programs have already paid for themselves after 3-5 months. Personal Translator regularly comes top in tests carried out by specialist magazines and in scientific studies.






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