原声大碟 -《雪人》(The Snowman)[MP3!]

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专辑英文名The Snowman
别名Walking in the air

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本张专辑的作曲这为英国作曲家Howard Blake。这张原声碟是为1982年BBC的一部仅长达30多分钟的动画片而配,却成为了圣诞主题之经典。尤其是主题曲WALKING IN THE AIR更是被世界许多知名歌手翻唱。本专辑收录完整原声音乐外,还附有其他歌手演唱的WALKING IN THE AIR。

One winter morning a little boy named James wakes up to find that everything outside has turned snow-white. Overjoyed, James rushes downstairs and into the garden, where he begins to build a snowman. James sleeps fitfully, and at midnight he wakes up and decides to check on his snowman. He opens the back door... he can't believe his eyes... The snowman has come to life! James finds himself face to face with a smiling snowman, who with a polite doff of his hat introduces himself and marks the beginning of magical friendship and marvellous adventure
Howard Blake grew up in Sussex, at 18 winning the Hastings Festival Scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music, of which he is now a Fellow. Initially working as a composer and conductor for television and cinema, his prolific output include many film scores, including Ridley Scott's The Duellists (Special Jury Prize at Cannes) and A Month in the Country, (BFI Anthony Asquith Award for musical excellence). Howard's diverse body of work include compositions for the Royal Shakespeare Company, ballet scores for London Contemporary Dance Theatre, Ballet Rambert, The Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet and Gothenburg Opera for the opening of their new theatre in 1996. His classical, chamber and choral works range from the oratorio Benedictus, recorded by Sir David Willcocks to a Piano Concerto for Princess Diana's 30th birthday. Granpa and The Land of Counterpane to a Concerto for Flute and String Orchestra and the score for The Bear. In 1982 he wrote both words and music for The Snowman, which has become a classic. The Snowman stage-show and ballet have performed world-wide to much critical acclaim, and both the film and CD are perennial best sellers. The haunting theme song Walking in the Air is recognisable the world over. It achieved a unique status among singles in the UK when at its first release two different recordings charted at the same time. In recognition of his services to music, in all its forms, Howard Blake was awarded the OBE in 1994. The Snowman, Walking in the Air by Howard Blake is published by Faber Music.


1. The story of The Snowman
2. Walking in the air
3. The story of The Snowman (continued)
4. The Snowman soundtrack
5. Walking in the air
6. The Snowman soundtrack (continued)
7.Walking In The Air(Peter Auty)
8.Walking In The Air(piano)
9.Building the Snowman
10.The Snowman's Music Box
11.Walking In The Air(Aled Jones)
12.Walking In The Air(Hayley Westenra)
13.Walking In The Air(Nightwish)
14.Walking In The Air(Hank Marvin)
15.Walking In The Air(Placido Dominigo, Sarah Brightman, Helmut Lotti, Riccardo Cocciante)
16.Walking In The Air(Cliff Richard)
17.Walking In The Air(St Philips Boys Choir (Liam O'Kane))
18.Walking In The Air(Phil Coulter)







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