Iron Maiden -《A Matter of Life and Death》[flac]

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专辑中文名A Matter of Life and Death
歌手Iron Maiden

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铁娘子的音乐是尖锐的吉他,咆哮和演唱和多变的节奏的重度混合,深受"深紫"和"黑色安息日"及朋克音乐的影响。在风格上借鉴了Judas Priest(犹大圣徒)尽管媒体经常对其报道,但Iron Maiden仍有着很强的“地下乐队”的气息。Iron Maiden作为一支英式金属乐队与Black Sabbath、Led Zeppelin等著名乐队称雄80年代,成为那个“摇滚黄金年代”的典范。

如果这将这张新作与上一张专辑相比,还是可以感觉到两张专辑之间的差别。如果说上张专辑在音乐元素处理上已经做得十分到位的话,新专辑已经达到了使人爱不释手的地步,我非常喜欢这张封面,个人觉得这张新作封面是Iron Maiden所有大碟中最好的一张,效果极佳
这张唱片10首曲目在编排上大下功夫,音乐充满了感性的一面,充满了强烈的自省色彩,歌曲本身的旋律性还是比较强的,具有一种浓浓的地下音乐色彩,有几首作品感觉有点灰暗。本人联想到了原Iron Maiden吉他手Smith离开,我非常喜欢Smith,在这张新作中让人联想到吉他手Smith吉他手是否依然存在……




A Masterpiece Of Life And Death - 96%
Written by Fatal_Metal on August 25th, 2006

This one really shocked me. I was skeptical, as was everyone and I downplayed it every chance I had - now the band's back to slap me in the face for my sins. It was an exercise in futility - after all, this is Maiden, the most consistent and highly regarded band in all of metal. It's definetly a grower as well - one doesn't grasp the beauty and the atmosphere of this masterpiece in just one listen. All I can say is, the band's aged really well - unlike mentors Judas Priest and Deep Purple. One might label the the album as being on 'overdrive' by merely looking at the length of the songs but fortunately this isn't the case.You will notice that the longest songs themselves do not feature any sort of extended soloing, the album keeps the Maiden tradition of keeping riffs and rhythm high on the charts. This isn't Dream Theater or Opeth, this is Iron Maiden - what they do, they do with conviction.

The band's gone way way down the progressive and epic route. This is Maiden undoubtedly, but Maiden at their most progressive and atmospheric. It is rather dangerous for a classic metal band to go to such extreme progressive leanings - but one can't help but like this. The atmosphere really seeps in, you can almost smell the gun powder and see barren wastelands around you as you listen. Maiden have always had this unique, wonderful ability in being able to conjure images of the lyrics in the listener - the bridge of "Ghost Of The Navigator" resembles a ship sinking desperately in wrathful waters, "The Nomad" brings to mind a suny desert with a desolate man walking about it, "Hallowed Be Thy Name" (Best song ever, easily) expertly brings to mind a prisoners insecurities before he is lead to the gallows and his remorseless reconcilation later to his fate. Here too, the listener feels himself being transported back to the war laden 40's. Once the album is complete - he is abruptly thrown off back to the present, to find that it isn't much different. That's basically the message Maiden are trying to send through to the listener here, and they do it damn well!

All instruments play an equal role in the albums success. Nicko drumming resembles the death march of a batallion of soldiers as they march into the unknown and then he shifts breathtakingly to a more relaxed drum style and then he breaks into some really insane, refreshing creative stuff. Nicko has always been in the shadow of Clive Burr's superior drumming skills but he gets better as he grows older and now he's in Clive Burr territory following Burr's principle of being 'Catchy, fast, furious and creative at the same time'. Despite the albums immense atmospheric leanings, it strangely has Maiden's heaviest guitar tone. Adrian, Dave and Janick all do an absolutely awesome job on guitars. The soloing here is perfect and the riffing remains heavy but lapses into these amazing 'atmospheric bridges' that all the songs contain. Steve is as usual excellent on bass although his bass guitar isn't as pronounced in the mix as it was in Maiden's earlier stuff. Everyone accepts that Bruce's vocals have sharply reduced in quality since the early days, but one cannot deny he does an excellent job here - he merely does what is needed to be done with perfection and emotion intact and doesn't lapse into the excesses one sees in so many Modern Metal bands these days. There are lots of surprises here as well, and they all work - for example, the riff of Lord Of The Light which is rather atypical for how the song actually began. "The Legacy" has the great acoustic intro and follows with a riff ripped off directly from "Gutter Ballet" (Savatage - title track for Gutter Ballet. Amazing song, one of metal's best ballads) which itself stole a song from Maiden's "Hallowed Be Thy Name".

I feel I don't need to divulge into the detailed explanations of the songs by doing a track-by-track review as it would only spoil the grandeur of the album for a listener. I re-instate that the album must NOT be dismissed on first listen, it takes some time to really seep into the listener. This certainly is Maiden's best since Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (In my opinion the best metal album ever wink.gif). It takes the best parts of The X Factor ("The Sign Of The Cross" especially, the band certainly re-listened to it and took cues from it) and combines it with the vintage Maiden sound to create what Brave New World and Dance Of Death could have been. This may very well be the last Maiden album in a long time, but they certainly faded away with a blast of the amazing.

Conclusion - Amazing album, best Maiden album since 7th Son. Very atmospheric and epic. Must be listened to rigorously till it clicks.

Choice picks of the lot - Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, The Longest Day, Out Of The Shadows, The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg, Lord Of Light, The Legacy.

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1. Different World
2. These Colours Don't Run
3. Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
4. The Pilgrim
5. The Longest Day
6. Out of the Shadows
7. The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
8. For the Greater Good of God
9. Lord of Light
10. The Legacy






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