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歌手Plus One

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这张PLUS ONE的圣诞专集是应某位网友之邀而发布的~~
本人对PLUS ONE并不是很熟悉,也不是特别的喜欢,所以也不怎么会介绍这个组合......
以前曾经买过他们的<The Promise>,觉得还不错,都比较好听
以下是发布<The Promise>的philips33朋友对PLUS ONE的介绍,我就只好引用过来啦~~
带着全美销售已达金唱片纪录并获得『年度最佳新进团体』、『年度最佳专辑』等5项 2000年DOVE音乐奖提名且又有超级制作人David Foster强力背书的优质5人美声合唱团Plus One,夹着超强气势2000年正式进军国际市场。由五位平均年龄20岁的Jeremy Mhire、Jason Perry、Nate Cole、Gabe Combs及Nathan Walters所组成的Plus One,曾因想花更多时间练习,研讨音乐与认真追求演唱技巧,合音协调性便一同挤进旧金山的小公寓,在不放弃任何机会下,他们唱游了大大小小的城镇与演唱场地,而这一切的辛劳终在David Foster将之签入自设厂牌『143』旗下后有了甜美的代价。

This is such an awesome Christmas album release from pop group Plus One, one that includes a mix of holiday favorites as well as several original titles. From the intriguing guitar intro on the first track to the close with a classic Christmas tune, Plus One captures the holiday spirit. The vocals are tremendous, the lyrics are touching, and, while the album definitely has a "pop" sound to it, there's something here for everyone to enjoy.

The first two tracks, "This Is Christmas" and "I Won't Forget This Christmas" (both written by Plus One), are inspirational and innovative, sure to be favorites to listen to over and over again. The next track is a wonderful addition that combines three heart-warming tunes, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," "I'll Be Home For Christmas," and a rousing rendition of "Come Let Us Adore Him". The band slows down a little with a soft and meditative "What Child Is This", definitely one of the album's highlights. It's pure enjoyment to hear Plus One in a nice little spin-off from the verse, listening as the energy builds up toward the final chorus. "Silent Night" is performed free of any accompanying instruments, allowing the listener to hear unfettered the beautiful and clear vocals of these inspiring guys.

The group shifts gears again with "A Prayer For Every Year," probably the only letdown on this laudable album; it has a "been there, done that" sound to it (think of those Disney songs from the early 90's). However, this so-so track is immediately countered with "O Holy Night", one of those tunes that really grows on you after several listens. Next is a merry and charming song titled "Our Christmas Prayer." By this point, one really starts to appreciate the ability of Plus One to utilize a variety of sounds and styles to create an awesome assortment of Christmas music. "O Little Town of Bethlehem" is infused with a touch of novelty, which may appeal to some or potentially turn away others. A classy reproduction of "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" tops off this great Christmas album.

Plus One has successfully produced an endearing and terrific Christmas collection that should find a welcome place in your music library. It's a great CD to pop in the stereo while the cookies are baking, the gifts are being wrapped, and the fire is crackling in the wood stove. It also serves as a reminder of what Christmas is all about- Jesus, something that is missing in many mainstream Christmas releases nowadays. A well-deserved kudos to Plus One!


1.This Is Christmas
2.I Won't Forget This Christmas
3.Medley: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas/I'll Be Home for Christm
4.What Child Is This?
5.Silent Night
6.Prayer for Every Year
7.O Holy Night
8.Our Christmas Prayer
9.O Little Town of Bethlehem
10.It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year







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