BECKY TAYLOR -《Shine光芒万丈》(Shine)[MP3]

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Amazing, expressive, beautiful and extraordinary are just some of the words that have been used to describe the remarkable voice of Becky. Discovered by EMI when she was only 12 years old, Becky has already released a successful debut album. Now at 15, Becky is set to become an international star with the launch of her exceptional second album, Shine. Released by EMI in September, Becky will amaze her fans with the strength and range of her vocals.

Shine combines an eclectic mix of well-known tracks, producing a classic album you'll want to listen to time and time again. Becky brings a feminine charm to Bryan Adams' record breaking number one hit, Everything I Do. More upbeat is Windmills - with its electro-pop sound this track has an edgier, modern feel. Lacrima Madonna, combines the clear vocals of Becky with an urban RnB rap. More traditional ballads, including Time, From a Distance and You Raise Me Up complete Shine, creating a refreshing and distinctive album.

Becky collaborated with some of the world's most respected musicians to create Shine. Tolga Kashif, one of the most diversely talented musicians of his generation, produced and arranged the album. Responsible for the musical direction of the BBC's Children in Need Platinum selling single, Perfect Day, Tolga brought his considerable expertise to Becky's Shine.

Becky says, "it was wonderful to have the chance to work with Tolga Kashif, we really ‘clicked’ from the start. I'm really proud of this album and I love the fact that we have recorded a wide variety of songs which I've really enjoyed making my own."Becky first came to the attention of EMI 3 years ago. At the age of 12, Becky sent a demo tape to EMI Classics’ President, Richard Lyttelton. Quick to spot Becky's star quality and exceptional voice, Lyttelton immediately offered her an exclusive record deal. Within one month, Becky was recording her debut album and her first performance at The Royal Albert Hall soon followed. Singing to raise funds for Farm Aid, Becky wowed an audience of 5,000, which included H.R.H Prince Charles. Promotional tours then followed to the Far East, US and Europe.

During the past two years, Becky's voice and looks have both matured. Her voice has evolved to resemble the dramatic vocals of a young Celine Dion with the charm of Eva Cassidy and she has blossomed to become a beautiful and accomplished performer.


当年十三岁的邻家女孩,如今已是豆蔻年华;那甜美童稚的嗓音,如今更添成熟韵味 !

本专辑中她重唱多首著名的流行歌曲和传统民谣,像是布莱恩亚当斯的畅销冠军名曲“Everything I do”、居尔特新世纪乐团2001年畅销专辑「Once in a Red Moon」中最受到喜爱的“You Raise me Up”、法国配乐家米谢列格杭为电影「The Thomas Crown Affair」所写的奥斯卡金像奖主题曲“Windmills of Your Mind”以及被贝蒂蜜勒唱红的主题名曲“From A Distance”、狄士尼动画「狮子王」配乐家汉斯济默为电影「神鬼战士」所写的主题曲“Now We Are Free”、摇滚乐手Cat Stevens在一九七零年复出后隽永深刻的名曲“Into White”以及Alan Parsons Project创团以来最受到喜欢的一九八零年专辑「The Turn of a Friendly Card」中的畅销曲“time”等等。尤其在“time”一曲的开头,为了营造出复古的效果,制作人还特别加入留声机般的沙沙声。另外她也演唱了英国近代伟大的作曲家史丹佛最有名的宗教旋律“The Bluebird”。



Becky was born in London in 1988. Now 15 years old, her musical achievements are already quite remarkable: at the age of seven, Becky played Eponine in Les Miserables and at eight she not only won the Thorndike Theatre Talent Competition, but was also the youngest finalist competing against performers more than three times her age. At ten she went on to win the British Arts Awards, London Final, for her startling performance in ‘The Secret Garden’, and continuing in the same vein, made her début television appearance on the BBC’s Blue Peter singing My Heart Will Go On.

Becky’s first love is singing but not content to confine herself to one discipline, she has received numerous awards for dance and drama as well as attaining advanced qualifications in Modern, Tap and Ballet from the Susan Robinson School of Dance.

Becky came to the attention of EMI Classics in 2000 when they received a cassette of her singing. Almost immediately they offered her an exclusive recording deal and she began to record her first CD within one month.
In April 2001, Becky performed at the Royal Albert Hall in aid of Farm Aid, before an audience of 5,000 including H.R.H Prince Charles, who commented afterwards that he would watch her career with great interest. A single in aid of the charity was released at the same time.

Becky’s debut album, A Dream Come True was released in early summer 2001 and was an immediate success both in the UK and internationally. This was followed by a Christmas single You Can Be A Hero, which was especially written for Becky and featured in BBC1's Christmas animation 'Second Star To the Left'. Becky is also a featured artist on Mattel’s highly successful video/DVD, ‘Barbie as Rapunzel’.

Becky has continued to perform in England and abroad, taking part in José Carreras’s Christmas concert at the Royal Albert Hall in December 2002 with guest artist Claire Sweeney and performing before H.R.H Princess Royal for the Save the Children Fund’s annual concert. Becky’s new album for EMI, produced and arranged by Tolga Kashif and Simon Hanhart is due for release in October 2003.


1.You Raise Me Up
2.It is you
4.Last word you said
5.Everything I do
6.Lacrima Madonna
7.From a distance
8.Now we are free
9.Into white







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