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专辑中文名Back To Mine Series

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- Back To Mine Series -

创立于1983年的DMC公司是英国第一间倡导DJ文化的唱片公司,过去20多年来对俱乐部文化一直起着举足轻重的作用,而该公司的系列唱片Back To Mine多少给人一种出自名门的感觉。Back To Mine的每一辑都会交由不同的音乐人去打理,音乐人会负责选曲和混音成沙发音乐,而选曲的原则是音乐人平日卧室里常听的私房音乐,单这一点已经能吊起乐迷的胃口,毕竟大家都想知道这些音乐人闲时是会听些什么。

Ultra Records的Back to Mine系列是展现一个电子乐队音乐品味的绝佳机会,其概念很简单:艺术家被赋予最大的‘编辑’自由,根据其品味选歌、编排、混音、制作出一张舞曲chill-out风格的专辑。

曾经很长的一段时间里,对remix作品持着忽视的态度,低估了DJ对原作品二次创作所能带来的无限生机,所以一直也不是喜欢single这种多余的做法, 就那么一首打榜歌却收录了2-4首的remix版本,无疑有炒作之嫌。但也不记得何年何月,自己又是开始沉迷于remix而不能自拔,或许是我第一次步入Red Tea Club,放纵身体的那一刻开始。

在我心目中,Back To Mine和Cafe Del Mar是Chill-out界两张重要的compilation,Cafe Del Mar虽然说水准保持地非常平稳,但新意略显不足。Back To Mine作为一种personnal collection则是水准起落太大,但确实不乏新鲜感,过去收到叫好叫买的Back To Mine包括有Everything But The Girl和Nick Warren以及Groove Armada。对于Back To Mine中New Order明显是持着凑热闹的心态,用摇滚来演绎chill-out?未免太可笑。至于Orbital则让人莫名其妙,幸好还有MJ Cole这辑,非常非常的Urban Sound,极funcky,极soul。

Back To Mine Vol.01 - 2000 - Denny Tenaglia

Audio CD (February 29, 2000)
Original Release Date: February 29, 2000
Label: Ultra Records
Catalog: #1051


On this mix, progressive house-trance DJ Danny Tenaglia goes for an organic, R&B-tinged sound, incorporating Oleta Adams and Ce Ce Peniston with other, more esoteric selections. The source material isn't manipulated via turntables, EQ'ing, and scratch mixing, but rather filtered through sequenced and produced studio processes. The result is often effective and devastatingly sensual, like when the hypnotic "Going Round" coalesces with an understated, shuffling rhythm, building into a dreamy, echo-laden fadeout. Tenaglia's selections alternately benefit and suffer without the layers of house beats and atmospherics that usually disguise a song's less compelling aspects. "Rhythm of Life" pulses with Adams's huge alto, playing off a spare set of piano chords and understated bongo drums, but "Bang Bang Your Mine" sounds silly, as a nakedly inane vocal line is left to cringe in the cold light of an unforgiving mix. Still, when it works, Tenaglia finds a blissful power in the music that escapes most DJs, leaving behind a sunny glow that's just as agreeable in the middle of a summer day as it is during a sweaty night on the dance floor.
--Matthew Cooke

美籍House / Garage DJ,前纽约Disco Twilo (前身Sound Factory及Tunnel驻场DJ , 曾多次为Madonna 、Pet Shop Boys、New Order、Michael Jackson、Jamiroquai作细碟remix。

Back To Mine Vol.02 - 2000 - Dave Seaman

Audio CD (June 19, 2000)
Label: Phantom


Second in the UK dance series. Tracks include 'Gorecki'-Lamb, 'Useless'-Depeche Mode, 'Baja'-Sasha and 'Six Underground'-Sneaker Pimps. 1999 release. Standard jewel case.

著名英国的士高Renaissance及超级跳舞production team:Brother In Rhythm主将,曾为Garbage、Placebo、Alanis Morisette作Remix,Back to Mine-Dave Seaman是继Nick Warren之后又一大获好评的选辑。

Back To Mine Vol.03 - 2000 - Groove Armada

Audio CD (September 5, 2000)
Original Release Date: September 5, 2000
Label: Ultra Records
Catalog: #1058


Prior to the breakthrough success of their second album, Vertigo, Groove Armada (Tom Findlay and Andy Cato) were better known as successful club DJs, plying their trade in clubs the length and breadth of England, from Tangled in Manchester to the End in London. For their first mix CD they eschew uptempo dance-floor tunes in favor of a far more laid-back repertoire--think "At the River" rather than "If Everybody Looked the Same." It's an eclectic mixture of classic and modern--from Barry White to Tears for Fears, stopping at all stations along the way. Unlike many of these kinds of compilations, there's not a duff track on here, and standouts like Al Green's "Light My Fire" and Tony D's "Piano Grand" make the cherry on top. Vertigo was justifiably lauded as the Best Chill-Out Album at the U.K.'s Ministry Magazine Awards in 1999; Back to Mine is a worthy heir to the throne.
--Helen Marquis

Back To Mine Vol.04 - 2001 - Faithless

Audio CD (February 20, 2001)
Label: Ultra Records
Catalog: #1080


Back To Mine Vol.05 - 2001 - Everything But The Girl

Essential recordings: Everything But the Girl
Audio CD (May 29, 2001)
Label: Ultra Records
Catalog: #1082


加入Back to Mine系列CD的音乐人行列,当然是对于他们音乐功力的绝对肯定,要知道出Back to Mine的个个是顶尖高手,不是玩乐队的就是玩唱盘的,Ben Watt和Tracy玩乐队也玩唱盘,玩乐队的成绩有口皆碑,玩唱盘也是个中好手,早在98年每逢星期日就在Northing Hill的Arts Club举行Deep House之夜Lazy Dog Party.他们的Back to Mine用了很多非常有taste的曲子,可听性和前卫性有很好的肩顾,是一张把downtempo,hip-hop,deep house,另类女声,jazz风情融为一体的风格多样而整体同一的chill-out mix CD.

Everything but the Girl的这部分涉及了house、hip-hop、drum & bass、jazz等。
Tracy Thorn及Ben Watt并没像其它人般卖弄自己的唱片收藏,相反所选择的12首作品,就如他们两公婆平日饭后爱播的唱片那样随意,却又显出2人雅致的音乐品味。由DJ Cam的DownTempo HipHop作品“Friends And Enemies”开始,至“Cascade Of Colour”的Deep House,到Donny Hathaway“Someday We’ll All Be Free”的骚灵,音乐品种其实甚广,但Ben的Mixing不单极之流畅,更把全碟暗潮汹涌的气氛掌握得淋漓尽致,一边听你会发现自己像封面的公仔一样,舒服得在沙发上溶掉。
Everything But The Girls一向给人的感觉都是很有品味的,前几年由Warner Bros转会Virgin,风格突然由Indie走到跳舞,水准依然平稳,想不到在DMC推出的Back to Mine,由选曲到remix都一样的浑洒自如。

Back To Mine Vol.06 - 2001 - Morcheeba

Audio CD (September 4, 2001)
Label: Ultra Records
Format: Explicit Lyrics


Morcheeba's contribution to the always interesting Back to Mine series oozes smooth sensuality, fit for either candlelit sofa canoodles with a friend or solo escapes with a pair of headphones. Main Morcheeban Paul Godfrey is behind the 15-track collection, and his journey goes everywhere from Taj Mahal's '70s blues funk on "Chevrolet" to delicious trip-hop on Small World's "Dual Tone," with forays into hip-hop (Missing Linx's "What It Is") and pure smooth soul (Plus's "Put Everything Together") along the way. Godfrey's selections never appear pretentious, despite their coffeehouse eclecticism. His own group contributes the record's finest moment, a brooding 3 a.m. trip-hop stroll through New York's Lower East Side titled "On the Rhodes Again". All in all, this disc is a sure-fire winner for those who spend their time in the Top 40 but want to be a little cooler than the mainstream normally allows.
--Steffan Chirazi

Album Description
Latest edition of the popular chillout series, this time mixed by Morcheeba. Tracks mixed from Annette Peacock, Alice Russell, Dr. John, Jim White, New Kingdom, Small World, The Giant, David McCallum, Taj Mahal & more.

Tracy Thorn及 Ben Watt并没像其它人般卖弄自己的唱片收藏,相反所选择的 12首作品,就如他们两公婆平日饭后爱播的唱片那样随意,却又显出 2人雅致的音乐品味。由 DJ Cam的 Down Tempo Hip Hop作品“Friends And Enemies”开始,至“Cascade Of Colour”的 Deep House,到 Donny Hathaway“Someday We‘ll All Be Free”的骚灵,音乐品种其实甚广,但 Ben的 Mixing不单极之流畅,更把全碟暗潮汹涌的气氛掌握得淋漓尽致,一边听你会发现自己像封面的公仔一样,舒服得在沙发上溶掉。


2001年,由保罗?戈弗瑞以MORCHEEBA的名义出版了一张有趣的混音专辑《Back To Mine》,MIX了影响了MORCHEEBA的音乐的乐人、团体的作品,从混音作品风格之混杂也可以看出MORCHEEBA的音乐根源之广,从R&B老将Dr.JOHN、布鲁斯传奇TAJMAHAL到另类乡村摇滚乐队LAMBCHOP,甚至前卫爵士女音乐家安内特?皮考克(ANNETTEPEACOCK)。

Morcheeba的音乐中除了旋律更胜一筹,考究的编曲及人声、音乐的韵味更让人一旦上瘾便不可收拾。而其中若隐若现的Pop Fushion,爵士,Rock,民谣,蓝调,Hip-Hop,世界音乐元素,更使Morcheeba深厚的音乐底蕴令耳聪之士叹为观止。 如果有遗憾没有听过Morcheeba为Back To Mine系列做的那张专辑,现在可以过把瘾.....


Trip-Hop是90年代一种新型态的Hip-Hop乐。相较于把Hip-Hop变快的Big Beat,Trip-Hop将Hip-Hop变慢(有时很慢很慢),搭配肥厚的Bass音,轻柔、迷幻的音色,跟原本的Hip-Hop比起来,少了一些?侵略性?。

既然根源是Hip-Hop,Trip-Hop也会出现一些Rap和唱片取样。不同的是,Trip-Hop出现的Rap多为相当轻柔的,而其唱片取样,多取样自60、70年代的老唱片,有时连唱片的杂音都被取样,成为音乐的一部份。Massive Attack的作品《Teardrop》对于杂音的运用就相当得当,让人一点都不觉得杂音是干扰。

Trip这个字的本意,可以指"吃了迷幻药后的精神状态",因此黑暗、恐怖、压迫感等不开朗的形容词常被用来指称Trip-Hop,而这也是此类音乐所着重的。若是音乐中出现歌唱,常是女性歌手来唱。 但我觉得男性歌手更能表现这些特质。Trip-Hop中常出现真实乐器演奏,而非合成音色。其音乐形态相当适合以"乐团"方式呈现,特别是在现场表演时,毕竟它不是舞曲走向。

曾来中国表演的英伦电子团体Morcheeba的选曲非常出人意料,选材重点落在了70年代的牙买加音乐和灵魂乐上,并非独孤一味的电音。以DJ音乐概念为本位,自选曲、混音、接歌至整个音乐旅程的铺陈,BACK TO MINE/回归自我 清楚地呈现DJ SET带给听众的音乐能量与具备起承转合的音乐TRIP。由知名乐团MORCHEEBA操刀,乐团DJ PAUL GODFREY负责混音-反映出影响MORCHEEBA的乐种音像,自soul、hip hop、 blues到folk、 psychadelia;这张回归自我混音仍旧呈现BACK TO MINE系列最原始真实的音乐哲学。相较于EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL的迷幻与 SMOOTH,MORCHEEBA则展现不同乐风间令聆听者玩味的音乐活泼面。无论是非常chill-out的"On the Rhodes Again"、经典hiphop "Hidden Crate"以及深沈情感 "Life's Little Tragedy"为结尾,BACK TO MINE一如以往,使人惊艳。

Back To Mine Vol.07 - 2001 - Nick Warren

Audio CD (October 2, 2001)
Label: Ultra Records


Album Description
One half of Way Out West, Nick Warren's Back To Mine features tracks by Craig Armstrong, Coldcut, Sub Sub, Moby and more. An Ultra Records release.

DMC首张推出的精选集,Nick Warren英国十大最卖座DJ之一, progressive house组合Way Out West成员,此碟收录了Coldcut的Autumn Leaves (Irresistable Force Remix) , Craig Armstrong与Elizabeth Fraser的This Love,Moby的Go (Jam & Spoon In Dub Mix),绝对是蒲Club/Party后的必备选择。
Back To Mine Vol.08 - 2001 - Talvin Singh

Audio CD (October 15, 2001)
Label: DMC
Format: Import


Latest edition of the popular UK chill-out series. A quote from the artist responsible for this collection, 'It's about bringing music to people's attention which they've probably never heard before...music shouldn't have boundaries...it's just language, that everyone can identify with. That's the most valuable thing in music today. We're living in that time when things have got to unite.' 14 tracks, artists include Craig Armstrong, U. Srinivas & Michael Brook, Nils Petter Molvaer, Dreadzone, Trilok Gurtu, Photek, Ali Farka Toure, dZihan Kamien, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Massive Attack (Remix). 2001.

由英国名厂DMC所出品Back to mine系列第8集,由Mercury Music音乐大赏赢家,同时也是remixer, DJ, Omni Records老板 – Talvin Singh操刀,保持着Back To Mine系列的传统,每位DJ都把自己内心深处的音乐世界表现于Back To Mine系列中.Talvin Singh是第一位DJ把传统印度风音乐带进主流市埸的奇葩,充份的表现出音乐无界限的理念.推荐曲: Craig Armstrong , The Higher Intelligence Agency , Photek< Lost Blue Heaven>, Vibrasphere , Dub Tractor.

Back To Mine Vol.09 - 2002 - Orbital

Essential recordings: Orbital
Audio CD (June 25, 2002)
Label: Razor & Tie


The Back to Mine series has already provided some memorable compilations from a diverse collection of dance luminaries, including Morcheeba, MJ Cole, Groove Armada, and Talvin Singh. Now, famous brothers-in-rhythm Paul and Phil Hartnoll, a.k.a. Orbital, offer up a selection of tunes that lie close to their hearts and get their heads bopping. Their effort is indulgently deep and impressively broad, and it's certainly one of the series' most eclectic offerings yet. Starting with John Barry and His Orchestra's "The Knack," we are taken through a weird and wonderful selection of tastes and styles, leaping from soundtrack to ska, rave to reggae, industrial to psychedelic, punk to pop. The intensely wide range of sounds means that the CD doesn't flow quite as mellifluously as it might, but with songs by Lee Scratch Perry ("Justice to the People"), the Tornadoes ("Love and Fury"), PJ Harvey ("Kamikaze"), the Selecter ("Celebrate the Bullet"), Jethro Tull ("Living in the Past"), and Plaid ("New Bass Hippo"), it's still an enjoyable, sprawling, and educational album that manages to pull together a disparate but relevant bunch of pre, post, and present dance tunes.
--Paul Sullivan

Back To Mine Vol.10 - 2002 - New Order

Essential recordings: New Order
Audio CD (October 15, 2002)
Label: Back to Mine


Among the flood of formulaic chill-out compilations, the Back to Mine series continues to surf stylishly, head and shoulders above the competition. Eleven albums in, it's the turn of veteran dance luminaries New Order to demolish any semblance of the genre's remaining restraints. Throwing continuity to the wind, they wantonly reflect the broad gamut of taste you might expect from one of the most influential acts of the past two decades. Kicking off with the psyche-blues of Captain Beefheart's raucous "Big-Eyed Beans," before skipping from Can to Cat Stevens and Missy Elliott to Mantronix, it's an absurdly eclectic, joyously eccentric free-form sonic rumble. Alongside contemporary tracks, such as the Doves' "M62 Song," come moments of spine-tingling genius: Joey Beltram's mesmerizing techno classic "Energy Flash" and Roxy Music's mock-sinister ode to an inflatable lady, "In Every Dream Home a Heartache." There's even something for collectors with Patrick Cowley's extremely rare mix of the Donna Summer classic "I Feel Love." Chill-out and Peter Hook were never going to comfortably coexist, so kick off the slippers and get ready for an evening of emotive and enduring music. --Christopher Barrett

From URB Magazine
The Back to Mine series is an interesting concept: Get cool, influential artists to compile the perfect chilling-at-home-after-the-party set. But when you throw such a huge, volatile and inarguably monumental band such as New Order into the mix, what results is bound to be just as maddeningly brilliant as the creators. This installment proves that point in gratuitous fashion.

Opening with the linear, post-blues abstraction of Captain Beefheart before dropping down into the languid opium den of Primal Scream’s classic "Higher Than the Sun," this mix is nothing short of a future music primer. It celebrates young black genius with the inclusion of Missy Elliott’s groundbreaking single "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)" right next to the birth of alternative rock, the Velvet Underground’s "Venus in Furs." There’s the quirky Cat Stevens experiment "Was Dog a Doughnut?," which was turned into a disco hit by forward-thinking DJs of the ’70s. Joey Beltram’s moody techno anthem "Energy Flash" is here in all of its down-pitched glory, as is the Detroit techno architecture of Rhythm Is Rhythim’s "The Dance."

Rounding out the mix with Donna Summer’s proto-techno masterpiece "I Feel Love" and the requisite Can track, this edition of Back To Mine is one for old-school reminiscing or a nice introduction to the deep side for new kids on the block. --Scott Sterling

Album Description
Veteran electronic rock pioneers New Order (check- 'Blue Monday', 'Bizarre Love Triangle', 'Regret', 'Crystal') have delivered an inspired addition to the Back to Mine series! Perhaps more than any previous Back to Mine album, this oozes the bands sound. You can tell these really are the records that the band members have listened to and enjoyed over the years and it's not just a collection of obscure band faves either! Primal Scream, Missy Elliot, Velvet Undergound, The Doves, Roxy Music, Cat Stevens all make appearances, as well as some classic electro adventures from Mantronix, Joey Beltram, and Giorgio Moroder (acknowledged by lead singer, Bernard Sumner as a transitional influence on the then fledging New Order). The album also features the much sought-after Patrick Cowley mix of Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love'. Included are also many humorous and insightful sleeve notes, written by the

Back To Mine系列最新这一集请到New Order来展现他们在创作以外的选歌品味,而他们果然也毫不保留地将横跨6/70年代的艺术实验摇滚奇团CaptainBeefheart and the Magic Band、大团Roxy Music与曼彻斯特迷幻摇滚新宠Doves、当代嘻哈女金刚Missy Elliott并置,挑战其天差地别的风格与贯穿其中的突破性精神;其中还穿插着独立摇滚宗师 Velvet Underground与成功跨越Baggy年代,再战千禧年的超级大团 Primal Scream,绝对是一场摇滚好品味的养成班!

Back To Mine Vol.11 - 2003 - The Orb

Audio CD (February 4, 2003)
Label: Razor & Tie


The Orb--aka Dr Alex Paterson--is a likely candidate to host an installment of DMC's eclectic Back to Mine series. A former roadie for Killing Joke and an original acid house/ambient stalwart, his musical tastes are notoriously wide and often surprising. Given a blank slate to work with, there was always a good chance he would fill it with intriguing and diverse sounds. And indeed he has. He begins with Aphex Twin's swirling, mystical breakbeat monster "Polynominal-C," before dipping into slow-mo territory with Charles Webster's languid jazz lullaby "Be No One." After these contrasting openers, we get the driven ethno-house of Juno Reactor's driven "Nitrogen Part 1," the epic ambient workout of B12's "Interim," humorous hip-hop with Creatures's "Ow Much!," and soaring soul beauty from the Chi-Lites classic "Have You Seen Her?" Add to this Thomas Fehlmann's aquatically strange "I Wanna Be a Fishy," the breathy beauty of Julee Cruise's "Falling," and the Orb's own "The Land of Green Ginger" and you have one varied and entertaining compilation--something not too common these days. --Paul Sullivan

虽然近几年来市面上chill out系列泛滥,"Back To Mine"这个系列还是站住了脚。这不仅是因为这个系列"历史悠久"还靠了它给掌勺的艺人及DJ充分的自主权去选择他们喜爱的音乐素材,从而避免了选材的局限性。 作为一个制作人,Alex Paterson(The Orb)的音乐知识与喜好同样广博。这就难怪在这张专辑中既有像开场曲Aphex Twins 1990年的polynomials那样的老调,也有Charles Webster 2002年深情演绎的作品Be No One。在B Twelve1993年的作品Interim与Chi Lites 1971年的作品Have You Seen Her之间的还选用了显得与二者极不搭调的Creature的Ow Much。

在这种系列中,主刀的艺人大多倾向于选用出自他们自己或是朋友之手的素材。Paterson也不例外。在这张专辑中,很多东西都有他和那些和他合作过的人的痕迹,如Thomas Fehlmann。但是当你听到Julee Cruise的Falling这样的作品时,你就会觉得这确是Paterson自己在家平常就听的东西。还有值得一提的就是你或许能从The Land of Green Ginger这首作品中嗅出些许Orb新专辑的味道。

Back To Mine Vol.12 - 2002 - MJ Cole

Audio CD (March 25, 2002)
Label: DMC
Format: Import


Compilation of Dance Tracks Hand Picked by Cole Himself.

Back To Mine Vol.13 - 2003 - Underworld

Essential recordings: Underworld
Audio CD (August 12, 2003)
Original Release Date: August 12, 2003
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Back to Mine



Album Description
Back to Mine is returns with Underworld following on from most recent compilers The Orb. The latest chapter in the exciting Underworld saga continues with an invitation to party round theirs and to take a peek into their miasma of musical influences.

Ever wondered what live techno pioneers Rick and Karl listen to at home? Try the bittersweet R&B pop of TLC for size. How about a few headmessin' rave classics like "Horsepower" from CJ Bolland's Ravesignals series, Remy and Sven's "Piano Power" and even Aphex Twin's ballistic "Didgeridoo". Throw in plenty of Afro hip beat vibes and you have an un-pigeon-hole-able mix that really sums up where they've been, where they're at, and where they're going!

此辑由电音界教父级团体“Underworld”所主理,一反以往电音舞曲的风格,添加入许多纯粹Hip-Hop风味的曲目,以Urban Soul,Old Skool再接续以Techno-Trance的乐风,终场再以雷鬼味的Electronic结尾;TLC的Creep相信大家耳熟能详,Doctor Octagon的Old Skool佳作”Bear Witness”,B-Boy的最爱,LTJ Bukem带来神秘科技感十足的Drum&Bass作品“Music”,经典老团Depeche Mode的”Barrel Of A Gun”是首悠美的D&B作品,电音狂人Aphex Twin的“Didgeridoo”超炫的Electronic作品,快到尾端时再带上一首 D’Angelo的“Brown Sugar”让人沉浸在无可救药的浪漫情境;由Underworld此辑看来,其创作野心相当大,几乎横跨所有领域,此辑虽不是Underworld自已的作品,但就其理念来说,依旧是相当大胆之尝试,对乐迷来说,也绝对符合珍藏价值。

http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0000C7PUB.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg http://fm974.ent.tom.com/img/assets/200309/30625hy542.jpg
Back To Mine Vol.14 - 2003 - Tricky

Essential recordings: Tricky
Audio CD (November 4, 2003)
Original Release Date: November 4, 2003
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Back to Mine


Album Description
The latest installment in the Back to Mine series comes from one of the alternative dance scene’s most inspirational figures: Tricky. Part of the Bristol scene that spawned Massive Attack and Portishead, Tricky has continued to release his own personal brand of music: an amalgam of doped paranoia, slithering beats and eerily frozen melodies.

Who could have predicted that his Back to Mine selection would include tracks from Kate Bush, Chet Baker or The Cure? His sleeve-notes explain all and give us a peek into the psyche of the man. About Dr. John he says: "This isn’t music, it’s magic". About vocalist Shola he says: "Shola’s vocals aren’t second hand emotions, there’s real sadness in there. How can Maxwell be called soul? He’s as soulful as a plate of fish and chips."

This album is full of surprises and delights for inquisitive Tricky fans and any music fans who are after something different. The album even includes four exclusive tracks from Tricky’s own label, Brown Punk Records.

系列电子乐唱片“Back To Mine”现在轮到Trip-Hop鼻祖之一Tricky的表现了。透过这张唱片,歌迷们能更深入的了解Tricky的个人的爱好和更加自由舒展的音乐发挥。已经发行过的“Back To Mine”系列曾有Danny Tenaglia, Groove Armada, Faithless, MJ Cole, Orbital, Underworld,Morcheeba等当前最知名的电子艺人和组合参与,各自选取曲目制作专辑,距Tricky这张最近的“Back To Mine”是老牌乐队New Order的作品。

不过这次Tricky选取的某些作品比如Kate Bush的“Eat The Music”确实让人有点意外,当然他当年(90年代中期)以一张经典专辑《Maxinquaye》对Hip-Hop音乐进行了改造,同样也是惊世骇俗之举。Tricky说他今此选取的歌曲都是他一路成长直到现在仍然喜欢仍然在听的东西。以前他曾习惯把自己喜欢的歌曲录成合辑,不过这些年以来已经没有再做,这次有了机会做这样的事情,实在对他本人也是个莫大的乐趣。

Back To Mine Vol.15 - 2004 - Audio Bullys

Audio CD (January 6, 2004)
Label: Back to Mine


Album Description
Current media darlings the Audio Bullys (Simon Franks and Tom Dinsdale) have compiled the 15th in the Back to Mine series, following in Underworld and Tricky’s recent footsteps.

Audio Bullys’ first artist album Ego War has been one of the success stories of the summer. It has sold in excess of 50,000 copies in the UK alone and has given dance music the fresh, irresistible punk funk attitude that it so needed. The boys made a conscious decision not to fit any particular scene, simply letting the sound take its own course.

With tracks from the likes of The Beach Boys, The Stranglers, The Specials, Marvin Gaye, Roots Manuva, The Prodigy, Squeeze and Madness this looks set to be one of the most enjoyable Back to Mine sets yet.

The mix includes "All Burnt Out", an exclusive track from the Bullys themselves, plus some exclusive MC-ing over the tracks from Simon.

继首张大碟"Ego War"共冶摇滚声浪,舞池碎拍,怪趣取样,复古迪斯可於一炉,风潮横扫 2003 年夏季的伦敦城之后,Audio Bully 这个由Simon Franks与 Tom Dinsdale 两个年轻人所组成的团体,再接再厉地於 DMC 旗下发表了这张辑结他俩心爱曲目的"Back To Mine"。包括 Madness,The Stranglers,The Special,Roots Manuva 等涵盖不同世代与类型的艺人,而其中最大的共通性在於这些曲目所呈现的自主性,不妥协而能呈现出聆听趣味的特色。更是电子与摇滚互通血脉的根源,值得折衷派音乐爱好者细听!

曾在 90 年代与 Massive Attack、Portishead 连袂掀起迷骇(Trip Hop)风潮的 Tricky,可以说是这三组人马中,唯一 坚持持续探索音乐新疆界的艺人。在迷骇后期移居纽约之后,Tricky 广泛吸纳旧时音乐素材与美式嘻哈所实验出充满粘渍与黑暗气息的音乐风格,恐怕也不是一众打着后迷骇旗帜的晚辈可以触碰得到的远方疆界!这张由 DMC 与 Tricky 合作推出之最新一辑"Back To Mine",包含了后庞克耆宿 The Cure、Dub 大师 Gregory Issac,神经质新音乐女王 Kate Bush 等人最经典的作品,正是让所有着迷于"诡计式变体音乐"的朋友,一探这位乐怪胎灵感来源的机会。

Back To Mine Vol.16 - 2004 - Death In Vegas

Audio CD (February 17, 2004)
Label: Back to Mine


Album Description
Death in Vegas is a band that has an endless capacity for reinvention. Their three studio albums Dead Elvis, The Contino Sessions and Scorpio Rising have all been markedly different. Over the years, the band has evolved immensely and has continued to build their fan base.

Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes have used this creativity and flexibility to put together the 16th volume in the Back to Mine series. Its varied tracklisting will not disappoint. After collaborations with Liam Gallagher and Paul Weller on their Scorpio Rising LP, it was recently revealed that DIV are to produce the next Oasis album.

Death In Vegas 是一个如斯充满想象力,创造力的乐团。端看他们成军以来所推出的三张专辑”Dead Elvis”,”The Contino Sessions”,以及”Scorpio Rising”,那种饱含剧情张力,却由绝不互相重复的诡谲,深沉,并且万变的音乐风格,就足以让两脚跨在摇滚与电子界线上的乐迷们听得亢奋不已。而这次 DIV 来到了这个众家音乐好手展现其音乐聆赏品味的重地”Back To Mine”,自然要把他们平时最喜爱,所受影响最深刻的 Living Sound Track 全秀出来。嗯,别惊讶于这张根本就是天马行空的挑选清单,不论是后摇团体 Song:Ohia,后崩传奇 Fad Gadget,乡谣老组 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band,爵士老才女 Nina Simone,还有 Joy Division,Bo Diddley,Cowboy Junkie . . . 八竿子打不到的这回就在杂食莫以此为甚的 DIV 给一网打尽。废话少说,请好好享受这段奇幻的音乐旅程吧!!
Back To Mine Vol.17 - 2004 - Richard X

Audio CD (May 11, 2004)
Label: Back to Mine


Album Description
The latest release in the Back To Mine series comes from Richard X. Under the guise of Girls on Top Richard is known for his best loved bootlegs. He is also responsible for chart hits with some of Britain’s biggest names in pop (including Sugababes, Freak Like Me and Liberty X’s ‘Being Nobody).

His recent debut album His X-Factor Volume 1 featured these tracks alongside collaborations with Kelis, Caron Wheeler, Tiga, Jarvis Cocker and Mark Goodier.

There’s an inevitable electro pop vibe to the album with some tracks inspired from the past and present. Some of the fun, electro sounds come from artists such as Goldfrapp, Kelis, Pete Shelley, and John Carpenter.

素有英国 Bootleg 之王的美誉,以其天马行空的怪趣取样手法营造派对疯狂趣味,进而在 2003 年风靡整个电子乐圈的青年奇才 Richard X,此次为 Back To Mine 系列作嫁主理选集,自然成为所有 Back To Mine 中时拥护者之间未演先轰动的谈论话题!到底这位将混音手法如同美劳课剪贴一般玩得出神入化的怪咖,在这个素以标榜回归触动人心的选辑里,会放入蛇么让人惊奇的素材呢?从曲目上广泛涵盖 1970 ~ 2004 的各种曲风,在以 Electro Pop 为基调的 Trip 中放入曾经启发他音乐创作的心水歌曲,显然这张专辑要带给听众的不只是平和回归,而是更多出其不意的愉悦与趣味!

Back To Mine Vol.18 - 2004 - Lamb

Audio CD (August 24, 2004)
Label: Back to Mine


Part 18 in the popular downbeat series, Back to Mine: the Voodoo Sessions comes from Lamb producer Andy Barlow. As ever the selection is eclectic and unusual with all manner of styles jostling for space. The appropriately titled "Intro" by Martina Topley-Bird sets the voodoo mood well with her vocals sounding eerily ancient and rich in mysticism, which is the key to the hypnotic songs found here. The chanting world blues of Dr John's "I Walk on Guilded Splinters" maintains the atmosphere as things gently start to pick up with a deep, tribal MAW remix of Nina Simone's "See-Line Woman." The tempo really kicks in for Barlow's own "Sacred Space," world-influenced progressive techno inspired by the Glastonbury stones. This pace continues until the closing few tracks, Chris Thomas King's version of "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues" bringing it back to a gentle acoustic level until Damon Albarn's Nabintou Diakite project ends things in a fittingly spiritual manner. Back to Mine: the Voodoo Sessions is another great compilation in the series. The mixing is nothing to make a fuss of but the song selection and running order makes for a good way to spend an hour. --David Trueman

Album Description
Lamb's Back To Mine is the 18th in DMC's renowned series of personal collections for after-hours grooving. Their chosen title for this compilation, The Voodoo Sessions, is indicative of the musical journey they take us on.

Mancunian downtempo drum n' bass duo Lamb were one of the first groups to add a lyrics-based vocalist to steadfastly jungle-based productions. They were formed in 1994 by producer Andrew Barlow and vocalist Louise Rhodes, and have created some of the most beautiful dance music of the past decade from their self-titled debut Lamb to their most recent release Between Darkness & Wonder.

Their Back to Mine selection includes some gorgeous selections by Nina Simone remixed by Masters at Work, Nitin Sawhney's "Prophesy" and Hefner's remix of "Shashkin" by Omar Faruk Tekbilek. Also featured are Andy from Lamb's alter ego Hipoptimist, and Mali Music.

由制作人兼混音师及键盘手的Andy Barlow和女主音Louise Rhodes合组的小羊乐团,所创造出反差极大的Drum\'n\'Bass、Ambient、Downtempo等多元音乐风格,已经为他们树立起独一无二的金字招牌!在Lamb为DMC旗下Back To Mine系列作嫁的同时,我们可以深入发现到Andy Barlow更鲜为人知的乐种性向,《Back To Mine-Lamb》里又是世界型态的African Headcharge、Omar Faruk Tekbilek、Mali Music等艺人,又是蓝调/爵士名伶Nina Simone的经典作〈See-Line Woman〉,然后雷鬼取向的〈Killer〉和标准配备鼓打贝斯〈Hoax〉、〈Scared Space〉等曲目都在其中。如此充满创意的概念性选辑绝对是喜爱折衷音乐的你的最佳选择!

专辑名称:Back to Mine
音乐风格:Porn Groove

lamb由一队夫妻档组成,妻子Louise Rhodes 和丈夫 Andy Barlow。和许多乐队一样,妻子主要承担VOCAL的角色,而丈夫则主要摆弄一些器材,研究曲式的框架和如何弄出许多有意思的节拍与鼓击来。

Louise Rhodes 绝对不承认自己只是一个简单的vocal角色,她的嗓音特点绝对不是那种所谓的飘渺,而她的特色是多变,在转音和拖音上都常常一波三折。并且由她自己做词自己演绎。

其实lamb的音乐成分占比重更大的应该是Drum&Bass,搞不懂怎么会被归类为trip hop的。难道是女主音Louise Rhodes 鬼魅的唱腔还是其鼓机?可明明是典型的Drum&Bass玩法啊。

Back To Mine Vol.19 - 2005 - Carl Cox

Audio CD (January 4, 2005)
Label: Back to Mine


Album Description
Carl Cox's Back To Mine is the 19th in DMC's renowned series of personal collections for after-hours grooving. Carl Cox's mix is appropriate for the series his selections take you on a journey from the old Caister soul days through to blissed out modern day electronica. Carl Cox needs little introduction; the man has been at the forefront of the global dance scene for over twenty years. From the early orbital UK raves of the 80s through to the international club scene of today, he has consistently rocked the party with energy, passion and a commitment that few others can come near to matching.

Carl Cox's selection includes some gorgeous tracks by Diana Ross, Leftfield, Groove Armada, 808 State, Style Council and Carl, himself!

开开心心搞来这张片子,原想该是MINIMAL TECHNO之类的风格,没有想到CARL COX这个老黑框我一记,完全不是他擅长的超HIGH ENERGY的TECHNO,而是FUNKY+DISCO+HIPHOP+HOUSE+JAZZ的大杂烩.非常"黑人"的选曲,很见CARL COX的功底,对各种类型的黑人音乐都有所了解,不愧是我心目中的NO.1 TECHNO DJ.也许是很久没有听DISCO的关系,耳中突然传来HARVEY MASON的GROOVIN' U,真是颇感怀念的.某个下午躲在寝室里听CD看书的美好时光.搞不好了,年纪轻轻,却老是怀旧.......

电子乐界里最具份量最重量级的天王级DJ Carl Cox再次出击!风格横跨Techno、Progressive、Tech-House的Carl,擅长用高压的深沉重音直击舞客。这回Carl Cox在DMC厂牌下的Back To Mine系列,一切以自己的偏爱曲目为主,于是老牌灵魂/节奏蓝调女伶Diana Ross和电子团体Leftfield同台较劲,爵士钢琴老将Ramsey Lewis则是和折衷电气组合Groove Armada打成一片!而拉丁爵士的打击好手Bill Summers的作品〈Feel The Heat〉在此辑中同样大快人心。也因为这样吸收了多元的音乐背景,才足以造就Carl Cox在电子乐界如日中天的不败地位!

Back To Mine Vol.20 - 2005 - Pet Shop Boys

Audio CD (July 12, 2005)
Label: Back to Mine


受到广大乐迷们欢迎的 Afterhour 心水歌乐辑 " Back To Mine " 又回来啦!这次 DMC 特别邀来 Electro Pop 经典乐团 Pet Shop Boys 担纲主理,将他们平日家居生活中不可或缺的音乐挚爱在这里与所有乐迷们分享!适逢 " Back To Mine " 系列推出第二十辑,并且 PSB 在此刻要庆祝他们成军 20 年,这张选辑可说是格外有意义!

除了 Biosphere,Harold Budd,Vladimir Martynov 等偏向极微电子 / 现代音乐风格的作品之外,PSB 同时捡选了 Dusty Springfield,Etienne Daho 等兼具流行与浪漫色彩的曲目兼融其中,让整张选辑听来十分纾缓并赋予深度。Back To Mine 爱好者必备经典!

DMC唱片的招牌系列“Back To Mine”最近又将推出全新一辑,这次他们特别邀来了Electric-pop经典乐团Pet Shop Boys担当“主理大厨”。“Back To Mine”以往曾经邀请过Everything But The Girl、New Order等著名乐团,Pet Shop Boys同样也是重量级的人物。可能有人会觉得他们的音乐比较偏向流行,但是流行并不等于空泛庸俗,Pet Shop Boys是我个人认为把流行元素和人文内涵结合并平衡得最好的音乐团体之一。不知不觉,Pet Shop Boys已经成军20年,Chris Lowe 和Neil Tennant外表上早已从“Boys”变为“Men”,然而他们的音乐和Neil的唱腔听起来似乎从未随着时光流逝而衰老,曲风依然走在流行前沿,演绎中长久保持着那种仿佛自青春期萌动的激情与敏感。他们主理的这张《Back To Mine》也恰好是该系列推出的第20辑,双重的“双十”纪念意义使得这一辑与以往的很不同,是以双碟的形式隆重推出。而封面也较系列以前的专辑清新简约,因为Pet Shop Boys找来了他们的专属设计队伍负责设计。“Back To Mine”系列的一贯宗旨是让音乐人将平日家居生活中挚爱的“私房歌”挑选或Remix成辑与所有的乐迷分享,这回Pet Shop Boys两位成员Chris 和Neil还可以各自拥有一张碟的主理权,但Chris只选出了10首,比Neil那张的17首少很多。

“Back To Mine”系列之所以能创下良好的口碑,它的概念是最吸引人的地方。我们平时听到的音乐作品绝对是经过了市场需求、大众口味等多方面的考量,即使音乐人再怎么坚持自己的音乐理念,也或多或少要向现实作出一些妥协让步。也有可能音乐人在呈献给大众的作品中流露的那一面,与他/她私底下的那一面是截然不同的,这种差别时常让人觉得惊诧。就如同平民大众对于明星的私生活总有一窥究竟的欲望那样,作为乐迷的我们也很希望能有机会了解一下自己喜欢的音乐人的真正音乐口味,进而再循着其音乐口味去深入剖析揣摩他/她的真性情,“Back To Mine”正好搭起了这座桥梁。有很多资深乐迷觉得音乐已经成为一种非常私人的东西,自己甚至到了不愿意随便谈论,和人共享自己喜欢的音乐的地步。所以,把自己的私房歌公诸于众,来接受别人对你音乐品味的评判,其实也是很需要勇气的,不过到了Pet Shop Boys这种级数也不用再顾忌什么了。

也许在聆听Pet Shop Boys过往的作品时,你已经感觉到在那层强劲酷感的电子流行舞曲外壳下,其实隐藏着一颗敏感、脆弱、充满人文思考的柔软内心,这足以让人对他们的音乐口味产生了强烈的好奇心。这张《Back To Mine》确实带给人不少惊喜,首先我们发现Chris 和Neil这平素合作无间的两人,原来音乐喜好竟然大相径庭,选择的交集中只有白人灵歌女王Dusty Springfield,Chris选了她的I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love,而Neil选了Goin’ Back。由Chris主理的Disc1以80年代电子、Disco舞曲、摇滚、福音歌曲为主,选择的艺人包括Savage、Queen、Carl Bean等。他意在展现人类各种情感主题,如爱情、友情、性、宗教信仰、希望、绝望等,也许他自身正陷于对生命深层意义的反复思考中,又或者是想提示愈发流于表面的现代都市人去深入思考。

相对于Chris的“动”,Neil的选择呈现出“静”的一面,甚至给人以“不食人间烟火”的感觉。由他主理的Disc2让人猜测他有临睡前听音乐的好习惯,因为这些音乐似乎专属于临睡前那段时光。他的“心水”选择中有来自Harold Budd等人的Pulse Pause Repeat、Biosphere的Microgravity和Closer Musik的One Two Tnree No Gravity等简约电子/氛围音乐作品, 以及Craig Armstrong的Laura’s Theme、Vladimir Martynov的Come In! (II Movement)、Lunz等类似电影配乐的片段,甚至有Elgar艾尔加的“叹息”、Grieg 格里格的钢琴小品等古典音乐作品,由人声演唱的只有Dusty Springfield的Goin’ Back、Etienne Daho的La Baie以及Video Kid这三首。全部的曲目之间没有停顿,犹如缓缓流动的音乐河流,整体营造出静谧、意味悠长、颇具深度的音乐氛围。听第一遍时你也许会觉得这真是催眠的好选择,但再仔细聆听时你会发现,不少曲目里似乎暗藏着感伤,尤其是Craig Armstrong钢琴演奏的Laura’s Theme,让人内心隐隐作痛。只是这种感伤如同笼罩在一层迷雾中若隐若现,抓不住其实质具体的指向,而是一种潜意识的流动。而Dusty Springfield的Goin’ Back、Etienne Daho的La Baie则是兼具流行与浪漫色彩的曲目。藉着这17首曲目我们也似乎触摸到了Neil细腻敏感的内心世界。据说人在深夜11点以后最容易受到忧伤、寂寥等情绪的侵袭,Neil提供的“私房歌”或许能为现代都市人平日积压的负面情绪找到一个宣泄的出口,除了符合“Back To Mine”的“Chill out(放松)”理念外,也有意或无意地呈现出“Healing Music”的感觉。
曾经听过这样一句话:“当你拿到一张令你非常感动的唱片,放入唱机,你要做的事,便是静下心来思考。音乐,纯粹是帮助你思考,提升你到达某种精神境界的工具和手段。”Pet Shop Boys的这张《Back To Mine》能不能帮助你提升到某个精神境界则见仁见智,不过或许可以引领你暂时逃离尘世烦嚣,向内观照。


Back To Mine Vol.01 - 2000 - Denny Tenaglia
1. Emotion Heater [Vocal Mix] - The Gentle People
2. To the Sea [Original Mix] - Yello
3. Loft in Paradise - Danny Tenaglia
4. Plan'/'Minty
5. Going Round - Dani Siciliano
6. Beau Mot Plage - Isolée
7. Bang Bang You're Mine [Full Vocal Remix] - Bang the Party
8. Only You - Kimara Lovelace
9. Keep on Walkin'
10. Running Away - Roy Ayers
11. Rhythm of Life - Oleta Adams
12. Cairo
13. One Note Samba/Spanish Flea - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
Back To Mine Vol.02 - 2000 - Dave Seaman
1. Superself, The - Midi Brotherhood
2. Weather Storm - Craig Armstrong (previously unreleased)
3. Future Past - Genetica (previously unreleased)
4. Baja - Sasha
5. Epsilon Phase - Global Communication
6. Useless - Depeche Mode (Kruder & Dorfmeister remix, previously unreleased)
7. Six Underground - Sneaker Pimps (previously unreleased, Perfecto dub)
8. Sonic Boom - Desert (previously unreleased)
9. Short Goodbye, A - D*Note (previously unreleased)
10. Format 2:1 - Angel Baby (previously unreleased)
11. Gorecki - Lamb (previously unreleased)
Back To Mine Vol.03 - 2000 - Groove Armada
1. Description of a Fool
2. Playing Your Game Baby
3. Piano Grand
4. Stanways Revenge
5. Snappiness
6. Encounters
7. Sound of Music
8. Your Song
9. Next Type of Motion
10. Light My Fire
11. I Should've Know Better
12. Schmoov!
13. Tall Stories
14. Pharoahs
Back To Mine Vol.04 - 2001 - Faithless
1. Intro - Faithless
2. My Life - Dido
3. Childhood - Dusted
4. Past - Sub Sub
5. Mushrooms [Salt City Orchestra Out There Mix] - Marshall Jefferson
6. Never Goin' Down [Ben Chapman Remix]
7. Another Night In - Tindersticks
8. Solo Flying Mystery Man - Pauline Taylor
9. I Love My Man [Original Version] - Bent
10. Sunday 6pm - Faithless
11. Child [Album Version] - Alex Gopher
12. Throw - Paperclip People
13. Hercules - Aaron Neville
14. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
15. Billy Jean - Shinehead
Back To Mine Vol.05 - 2001 - Everything But The Girl
1. Friends and Enemies
2. All Alone (No One to Be With)
3. Bayou
4. Stars All Seem to Weep
5. Flow
6. Cascades of Color
7. Do It Now
8. Wonderful Life
9. To Cry About
10. Silent Treatment
11. Funky for You
12. Someday We'll All Be Free
Back To Mine Vol.06 - 2001 - Morcheeba
1. Pony - Annette Peacock
2. On The Rhodes Again
3. Someday - Alice Russell
4. Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya - Dr. John
5. Still Waters - Jim White
6. Cheap Thrills (Underdog Remix) - New Kingdom
7. Dual Tone - Small World
8. Hidden Crate - The Giant
9. The Edge - David McCallum
10. Baby Let's Dance Together - Kittu
11. Chevrolet - Taj Mahal
12. Put Everything Together - Plus
13. What It Is - Missin' Linx
14. Baby - Os Mutantes
15. Life's Little Tragedy - Lambchop
Back To Mine Vol.07 - 2001 - Nick Warren
1. Mission [Live from the Outer Zone]
2. Warmth Reheated - Talismantra
3. This Way
4. This Love - Craig Armstrong
5. Autumn Leaves [Irresistable Force Remix] - Coldcut
6. Go [Jam and Spoon in Dub Mix] - Moby
7. Wormhole - Glide
8. Gutaris Breeze - John Beltran
9. Spiritual Rechnology - Symbiosis
10. Past - Sub Sub
11. Part-Y-Time - Gianni Marchetti
12. Space Van - Glide
Back To Mine Vol.08 - 2001 - Talvin Singh
1. Weather Storm - Craig Armstrong
2. Dance - U. Srinivas & Michael Brook
3. Song of Sand II [Coastal Warning Mix by Rockers Hi-Fi] - Nils Petter Molvaer
4. Delta - Higher Intelligence Agency
5. Cave of Angels - Dreadzone
6. Kabhi Unke Milan Ke Asha Ne - Swati Natekar
7. Om - Trilok Gurtu
8. Lost Blue Heaven - Photek
9. Kalpa Taru (Tree of Wishes) - TUU
10. Monsoon - Vibrasphere
11. Mali Dje - Ali Farka Toure
12. W30 - Dub Tractor
13. After [At Jazz Remix] - dZihan & Kamien
14. Mustt, Mustt [Massive Attack Remix] - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Back To Mine Vol.09 - 2002 - Orbital
1 00:02:00 02:49:57 The Knack - John Barry & His Orchestra
2 02:51:57 03:04:41 Justice To The People - Lee Perry & The Upsetters
3 05:56:23 04:00:35 Babaloo - DSR
4 09:56:58 02:46:17 Spice - Eon
5 12:43:00 02:34:59 Love & ury - The Tornadoes
6 15:17:59 03:52:25 We Have Come To Bless The House - Severed Heads
7 19:10:09 03:40:31 Ska'ed For Life - Orbital
8 22:50:40 03:10:07 Schulmaedchen Report (title theme) - Gert Wilden & Orchestra
9 26:00:47 02:12:22 Kamikaze - PJ Harvey
10 28:12:69 04:15:06 Celebrate The Bullet - The Elected
11 32:28:00 05:59:23 No Idea - Earth Leakage Trip
12 38:27:23 04:33:61 Lost Property - The Divine Comedy
13 43:01:09 05:27:32 Pal Pal Teri Yaad - Falguni Pathak
14 48:28:41 06:03:35 Half Stepper - Hyper-On-Experience
15 54:32:01 03:06:37 Don't Burn Your Bridges - Susan Cadogan
16 57:38:38 03:16:12 Living In The Past - Jethro Tull
17 60:54:50 04:57:54 Network Twenty Three - Tangerine Dream
18 65:52:29 05:27:24 New Bass Hippo - Plaid
19 71:19:53 02:14:17 The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe - Robert Mellin Orchestra
CD 73:31:70
Back To Mine Vol.10 - 2002 - New Order
1. Big Eyed Beans from Venus - Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
2. Higher Than the Sun - Primal Scream
3. Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) - Missy Elliott
4. Venus in Furs
5. M62 Song
6. In Every Dream Home a Heartache - Roxy Music
7. Was Dog a Doughnut?
8. Bassline - Mantronix
9. Cherry Red
10. Energy Flash
11. I Feel Love [Patrick Cowley Mix]
12. Mushroom
13. Dance
14. E=MC2
Back To Mine Vol.11 - 2003 - The Orb
1. Polynomial-C - Aphex Twin
2. Be No One - Charles Webster
3. Nitrogen, Pt. 1 - Juno Reactor
4. Interim - B12
5. Ow Much
6. Have You Seen Her? - The Chi-Lites
7. I Wanna Be a Fishy - Thomas Fehlmann
8. Falling - Julee Cruise
9. Land of Green Ginger [Exclusive] - The Orb
10. Blue Calx - Aphex Twin
11. Barbie Girl [TF Long Version]
12. You Don't Fool Me - Joachim Spieth
13. Hempire - FFWD
14. Light 3000 - Schneider TM
Back To Mine Vol.12 - 2002 - MJ Cole
1. For Louise
2. Diabolous - Cinematic Orchestra
3. Spottieottiedopaliscious - OutKast
4. Civilized Reggae - Burning Spear
5. Sincere [Jazzanova Sincerely Yours Remix] - MJ Cole
6. Ravel String Quartet in F Major (Très Lent Excerpt)
7. Tell Me - Omar
8. Strategy - Archie Bell & the Drells
9. Zoom - The Commodores
10. People That I Love
11. Love Lady [Groove Chronicles Groove Mix]
12. Destiny - Zero 7
13. Sunshine [Groove Armada Sunset Dub] - Handsome Boy Modeling School
14. Music - LTJ Bukem
15. Believe [MJ Cole Remix] - Goldie
Back To Mine Vol.13 - 2003 - Underworld
1. Gil Scott Heron - B-Movie
2. TLC - Creep
3. Doctor Octagon - Bear Witness
4. Rave Signal - Horse Power
5. Remy and Sven - Piano Power
6. Fuse V LFO - Loop
7. Toots and The Maytals - 54-46
8. LTJ Bukem - Music
9. Depeche Mode - Barrel of a Gun
10. Aphex Twin - Didgeridoo
11. Dead Prez - Hip Hop
12. Ali Farka Toure - Machengoidi
13. Tartit - Buloululba
14. D’Angelo - Brown Sugar
15. Gregory Isaacs - Public Eyes
Back To Mine Vol.14 - 2003 - Tricky
1. The Cure - Lullaby
2. Little Kings - How We Ride
3. Eric B and Rakim - My Melody
4. The Beat - Mirror in the Bathroom
5. Doctor John - Loop Guru
6. Rodagan and Tricka - Believe This
7. Morphine - Potion
8. The Buzzcocks - You Tear Me Up
9. Le Tigre - Much Finer (Original Version)
10. Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse
11. Kat Cross - Symphony for Irony
12. Kate Bush - Eat the Music
13. Costanza - Desire
14. Chet Baker - My Funny Valentine
15. Liz Denmore - Just a Little Bit
16. Little Kings featuring Shola - Days Like This
Back To Mine Vol.15 - 2004 - Audio Bullys
1. Madness - My Girl
2. Wildchild - Renegade Master
3. X Presidents - Diamond Rings
4. Dee Patten - Who's the Badman
5. The Stranglers - Peaches
6. The Prodigy - Outer Space
7. The Stranglers - Golden Brown
8. Roots Manuva - Strange Behavior
9. The Specials - Blank Expression
10. Dance Conspiracy - Dub War
11. The Kinks - All Day and All of the Night
12. Squeeze - Up the Junction
13. Corrinna Joseph - Live Your Life
14. New Horizons - Find the Path (In Your Mind)
15. Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love
16. Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me
17. Audio Bullys - All Burnt Out
18. The Beach Boys - God Only Knows
Back To Mine Vol.16 - 2004 - Death In Vegas
1. The Upsetters - Cloak and Dagger
2. Fad Gadget - Back to Nature
3. Gene Clark and the Godsin Brothers - Only Colombe
4. Nina Simone - My Sweet Lord
5. Songs - Ohia Soul
6. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Nashville Blues
7. Dillard & Clark - Polly
8. Sam Gopal -The Sky Is Burning
9. Bo Diddley - Elephant Man
10. Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane
11. Au Pairs - Headache for Michelle
12. Piero Piccioni - Psychedelic Mood
13. Joy Division – Decades
14. Mmm – Donna
Back To Mine Vol.17 - 2004 - Richard X
1. I Monster - Who Is She
2. John Carpenter - Assault On Precinct 13
3. Goldfrapp - Black Cherry
4. Jona Lewie - You'll Always Find Me in The Kitchen at Parties
5. Kelis - Young Fresh 'n' New
6. Nivea - Run Away (I Wanna Be With You)
7. Heaven 17 - Let Me Go
8. Animotion - Obsession
9. S.Y.D. featuring Nancy Fortune - Discomanic
10. Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique - Haunted Arp
11. Pete Shelley - Homosapien (Dub)
12. Mum & Dad - Dawn Rider
13. Denton and Cook - Tomorrows World Theme
14. Trans X - Living On Video
15. FPU - Crockett's Theme
16. The Silures - 21 Ghosts
Back To Mine Vol.18 - 2004 - Lamb
1. Martina Topley – Bird 'Intro'
2. African Headcharge - Dinosaur's Lament
3. Dr. John - I Walk on Guilded Splinters
4. Nina Simone - See-Line Woman (Masters At Work Remix)
5. Nitin Sawhney - Prophesy
6. Hipoptimist - Sacred Space
7. Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Shashkin (Hefner Remix)
8. Drome - Hoax (What Did You Got?)
9. Chris Thomas King - Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
10. The Bug Vs.The Rootsman feat. He-Man – Killer
11. Mail Music – Nabintou Diakité
Back To Mine Vol.19 - 2005 - Carl Cox
1. Ramsey Lewis – Spring High
2. Diana Ross – No One Gets The Prize
3. Harvey Mason – Groovin' You
4. Sounds Of Blackness – Everything Gonna Be Alright
5. Black Science – New Jersey Deep
6. Bill Summers – Feel The Heat
7. John Handy – Hard Work
8. Loose Ends – Stay A Little While
9. Timmy Thomas – Why Can't We Live Together
10. Style Council – Long Hot Summer
11. Leftfield – 21st Century Poem
12. Jodeci – You Got It
13. Groove Armada – Dan Solo
14. Coco Steel And Lovebomb – Summer Rain
15. Carl Cox – Mi-Son (Give Me Your Love)
16. 808 State – Pacific
17. Jesus Loves You – After The Love Has Gone
Back To Mine Vol.20 - 2005 - Pet Shop Boys
Disc: 1
1. Don't Cry Tonight - Savage
2. Take A Chance - MR. FLAGIO
3. Dirty Talk - Klein & Mbo
4. Passion - The Flirts
5. Ti Sento - Matia Bazaar
6. Never Be Alone - Justice
7. The Show Must Go On - Queen
8. Stand On The Word - Celestial Choir
9. I Was Born This Way - Carl Bean
10. I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love - Dusty Springfield
Disc: 2
1. Traum - Fairmont
2. Pulse Pause Repeat - Daniel Lentz
3. Microgravity - Biosphere
4. Come In! (II Movement) - Ensemble Opus Posth
5. Promenade Sentimentale (Sentimental Walk) - Vladimir Cosma
6. La Baie - Etienne Daho
7. Tiny - Vessel
8. Laura's Theme - Craig Armstrong
9. One Two Three No Gravity (Dettinger Mix) - Closer Musik
10. Goin' Back - Dusty Springfield
11. Lunz - LUNZ
12. Sospiri Op.70 - New Philharmonic Orchestra
13. DD Rhodes - Www.Jz-Arkh.Co.Uk
14. Video Kid - Video Kid
15. Movement - Lobe
16. At Dusk - John Surman
17. Melodie Op.47 No.3 - Emil Gilels






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