Slayer -《血中统治演唱会》(Reign In Blood: Still Reigning)[DVDRip]

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专辑英文名Reign In Blood: Still Reigning

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1982年,吉他手KERNY KING 在洛杉矶郊区与主唱TOM ARAYA,组建SLAYER乐队,随后乐队吸收吉他手JEFF HANNEMAN和曾做过医院临床医生的鼓手DAVE LOMBARDO加入,形成乐队初期阵容。

起初乐队主要翻唱铁娘子和JNDAS PRIEST及一些朋克乐队的歌。1983年,SLAYER乐队在WOODSTOCK俱乐部的演出给METAL BLADE唱片公司主管留下了深刻的印象,他请求将乐队的一首曲子<<AGGRESSIVE PERFECTOR>>收录在其公司出版的一盘金属合集<<METAL MASSACRE3>>中,作为交换条件,乐队要求该公司为他们出费录制自己的专辑.1983年,SLAYER乐队进棚录制了他们第一张LP<<SHOW NO MERCY>>这张专辑一经发行立刻被一些金属疯子,甚至于美国和欧洲杂志称为经典之作.作品中关于魔鬼的素材,独特的尖叫和锐利的吉他独奏成乐队今后作品的特征.

1985年,乐队出版专辑<<HELL AUAITS>>,仍由METAL BLADE唱片公司发行,他们开始尝试处理旋律较慢的曲子,而他们的恶魔意识却又比上一张专辑更进了一层.同年,乐队欧洲进行巡回演出,凭借<<HRLL AWAITS>>的成功,与DEF JAM 唱片公司签约.

1986年,由公司老板RICK操刀的唱片<<REIGN IN BLOOD>>出版,唱片中十首歌只有二十八分钟,但却使重金属这一概念有了定论,可以说是迄今为止最好的一张速度金属唱片.

成名之后,乐队出现了一些内部矛盾,在"REGIN IN BLOOD"巡演途中,鼓手DAVE离开了乐队,接替者TONG不适应乐队发展,所幸DAVE又回来了.

1988年,乐队出版新专辑<<SONTH OF HEAVEN>>,这张专辑速度相比上一张慢多了,他们还采用了与BLACK SABBATH乐队极为相似的迷幻节奏.

1990年,一张结合新旧音乐元素的专辑<<SEAONS IN THE ABYSS>>问世,它在美国卖了一百万张,这将乐队带到了重金属界最前沿,使他们成为了仅次于METALLICA重型乐队.

随后,鼓手DAVE被乐队开除,理由是DAVE总是将时间花在他妻子身上,不练习,影响了他的鼓技,从FORBIDDEN退出的新鼓手PAUL BOSTAPH加入了杀手乐队.

1994年,乐队出版了新专辑<<DINVIN INTERVENTION>>,在发行第一周,就卖了十万张,而且在美国TOP100中排名第八.

1996年,乐队出版<<VNDISFINTED ATTITNDE>>之后,PANL离开乐队,但当98年,乐队出版新专辑<<DIABLUS IN MUSIC>>中,他奇迹般地出现在歌迷面前.


Still Reigning is the third Slayer DVD release in the last two years. The 2003 box set Soundtrack to the Apocalypse contained a DVD of performances, and of course the same year saw the release of War at the Warfield. This begs the question of whether or not the fans need another Slayer DVD in 2004. We do. As you probably know, the band has recently included the Reign in Blood album in its entirety as the second half of their set on their recent tours. Rather than including the entire show, Still Reigning focuses on the performance of the legendary album, and adds bonus tracks of six other tracks performed during the evening, as well as a documentary. Reign in Blood in its entirety—does their really need to be any other discussion?
Some fans have voiced disappointment over the band’s last couple albums, complaining that the band has lost a step. I for one don’t think they are guilty of anything but repetition, but apparently some disagree. None of that amounts to a thing. When you hear the band launch into the intro to “Angel of Death” it is physically impossible not to have a physical reaction that erupts from the very core of your metal soul. No matter how many times I’ve heard the song, its performance live never fails to send me straight back to my bedroom circa 1986, as if I’m experiencing the energy for the first time. For a nearly twenty year history with a song, I can think of no higher praise. While one of the highlights of the show is the performance of rare live tracks from the album (“Epidemic”, “Piece By Piece”, etc.) these songs still cannot surpass incredible setlist regulars like “Postmortem”, “Angel of Death” and “Raining Blood.” The bonus material includes six songs performed earlier in the set, including the rare “Spill the Blood” and “Necrophiliac.” Songs performed that night that were not included on the DVD are “Disciple”, “Fight Til Death”, “Payback”, “Hell Awaits”, and “Dead Skin Mask.”
The band has aged (so have I—it’s been 18 years!), and Tom Araya can’t match his studio scream of 1986 in a 2004 live setting, but one can have very few complaints on the quality of the band’s performance. Slayer has always delivered as a live band and the guys clearly still love the material and performing it live. The finale includes a poorly kept surprise, as during “Raining Blood” the band is drenched with theatrical blood that is “rained” down from above. This seems a little hokey to me, but it’s something the band seems to find energizing. Araya in particular goes absolutely apeshit at this point in the show, and it seems obvious that the band is feeling the moment rather than just selling the performance.
Still Reigning was directed by Dean Karr and filmed on July 11 at the Civic Center in Augusta, Maine. There are multiple camera angles that switch rapidly and sometimes utilize black and white. The camera work is artistic and professional, but can be a bit too much at times. I found myself being far too aware of cinematography at the expense of the energy from the live experience. I would not have complained if the crew would have pointed one camera at the stage and another at drummer Dave Lombardo, and just left them still. The experience of the show is what is key here, and that suffers just a bit from photographic wankery. Camera angles aside, Still Reigning looks good and the sound is excellent.


1. Angel Of Death
2. Piece By Piece
3. Necrophobic
4. Altar Of Sacrafice
5. Jesus Saves
6. Criminally Insane
7. Reborn
8. Epidemic
9. Postmortem
10. Raining Blood






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