Eric Clapton -《2001年巡回演唱会》(One More Car One More Rider)[DVDRip]

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专辑英文名One More Car One More Rider
歌手Eric Clapton

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The Band

Nathan East - bass, backing vocals

Steve Gadd - drums

Andy Fairweather Low - guitars, backing vocals

Greg Phillinganes - keyboards

Billy Preston - Hammond organ, kieyboards

David Sancious - keyboards, guitar

For the "One More Car One More Driver" Live on tour 2001, Eric Clapton backed himself up with some of the finest Jazz musicians in the industry. For starters is the amazing Steve Gadd on drums. You may remember him from Steely Dan, Al DiMeola (guitar), Chic Corea (keyboard) and the list goes on. Eric's band is fully armed with one of the foremost jazz basist's, Nathan East. Nathan has appeared on hundreds of albums and in numerous Grammy-award winning performances including Eric's MTV Unplugged and his 1997 Song of the Year "Change The World". He was also co-founder of the group Fourplay (signed to Warner Bros), with Bob James (piano), Lee Ritenour (guitar) and Harvey Mason (drums), whose Grammy-nominated albums have earned Gold status and continue to top Billboard's Contemporary Jazz charts. His outstanding contribution to popular music has been recognized with distinctions that include Britain's Ivor Novello Award, ASCAP Awards for songwriting, NARAS Most Valuable Player for several successive years and MVP at the International Rock Awards. If that's not enough, Eric has none other then Billy Preston hammering away on the Hammond Organ. For those to young to know, Billy Preston is sometimes known as the "fifth Beatle" due to his work on "Let it Be" and "Abbey Road." In addition to the Beatles, his accomplishments are highlighted by a string of hits, including collaborations with some of the most celebrated names in the music industry: Aretha Franklin, Sammy Davis Jr., Quincy Jones, The Jackson Five, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, not to mention his beginnings as a Gospel musician. Without question, Billy Preston adds the sole to this awesome concert.

Concert Summary

Like a good bottle of wine, the older Eric Clapton gets, the better he becomes. The "One More Car One More Driver" DVD concert is a wonderful display of a legendary guitar player that continues to refine his playing, even after his magnitude of success obtained over so many years of fine playing. The Concert starts with just Eric Clapton on acoustic guitar. For me, that would be more then enough, but that's just the beginning. After his first bluesy lick on acoustic, on comes the band. That's when Eric reaches for the semi-hollow body Gibson Electric and plays something startling; a jazz riff. With the band he has backing him up, I guess it should be expected. Then it's back to the acoustic with full band for several wonderful tunes. The first 30 minutes or so is very subdued and relaxing and shows Eric's refined side of playing. Then itâs on to his fancy painted Fender Stratocaster and the blues. Man, there's still no one that can play the blues like that man. Mixed in the blues tunes are classic Clapton tunes that include Badge, Cocaine, Wonderful Tonight, Layla and Sunshine For Your Love. The whole concert is an experience and the DVD does a remarkable job of capturing the magic.





1. Key To The Highway

2. Reptile

3. Get You On My Mind

4. Tears In Heaven

5. Bell Bottom Blues

6. Change The World

7. My Father's Eyes

8. River Of Tears

9. Going Down Slow

10. She's Gone

11. I Want A Little Girl

12. Badge

13. Hoochie Coochie Man

14. Have You Ever Loved A Woman

15. Cocaine

16. Wonderful Tonight

17. Layla

18. Sunshine Of Your Love

19. Over The Rainbow






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