To/Die/For -《All Eternity》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名All Eternity



这是TO/DIE/FOR第一张专辑,其中“In The Heat Of The Night”也是我最早认识他们的一首曲目,推荐试听!
I must say that bands like these desserve alot more recognition here in the USA, This cd simply rocks, If you like nightwish, iced earth, sonata arctica, edguy- or even 80's rock, you'll fall for this one... The guy has that voice that brings back the 80's along with the great guitars and deep sounding drums, great melody, I think its worth every damn penny, take a chance and get it, if you like Metal youll like this cd it simply rocks!!


01 : Farewell
02 : Live in You
03 : In the Heat of the Night
04 : Our Candle Melts Away
05 : Dripping Down Red
06 : Sea of Sin
07 : Loveless
08 : One More Time
09 : Mary-Ann (RIP)
10 : Together Complete
11 : Rimed With Frost
12 : Lacrimarum


01 : Farewell

You have been hurt so many times
you always seemed to buy their lies
but that is all gone forget your past
go on and dry those tears
now come with me
i will take you someplace safe.
The world is cold and so alone
we have got no place to call our own
but i don’t care come run with me
and we will find a way
believe me now
i will take you someplace safe.

Will you take my hand
because nothing never ever lasts
i will seal our love
for eternity.

02 : Live in You

I need you like a vampire needs blood
am I in love for real
my whole soul is aching for you

should I be happy or should I cry
I don't know I've never felt this way before
there's nothing sacred but you

if you'll bleed I'll bleed with you
if you! (will) die I will die with you
is this the feeling called love

will you take this death from me
if it makes us feel that we are alive
there is nothing sacred but you and I

as the blood runs in your veins
I wanna be inside of you
I wanna live in you as the pain you
wanna keep inside! (you) !

I need you like the devil needs sin
you are my obsession
I will never let you go

03 : In the Heat of the Night (Sandra cover)

talk to me, want my love
talk to me, but not that stuff
you ain't enough
using my love
and you call, for me
again, I'll see

in the heat of the night
you'll lose your heart and sell your soul
I lose control in the heat of the night
it's much too late to leave the trade
but I can't stand it anymore
you'll lose your heart and your soul
I lose control in the heat of the night

talk to me, want my love
talk to me, but not that stuff
who's on my side
losing my pride
and you call, for me
again, I'll see

04 : Our Candle Melts Away

We bled all we had
wouldn't like to bleed again
we have suffered too much
wouldn't like to suffer anymore
there is no hope in our souls
only cold chilling our bones
ones with misery
ruining life for evermore

Our candle melts away

Despair has a hold of us
another day to fade away
through all those painful ways
into hearth of misery
and season of gloominess
has arrived for eternity
all what is left is pain
ruining life for evermore

We are crying in despair
our candle melts away
flame of hate burns out the air
we are slowly dying

05 : Dripping Down Red

She stalks at night with hunger
she takes you down and leaves you cold
lady in black the fallen angel
nocturnal beauty with looks that kill
dripping down all red
night by night down to it
night by night she gets what she wants
one by one they fall down
one by one the do as she pleases
They are all crying for their lives
as it is dripping down all red
begging on their knees for staying alive.
She leaves you cold yeah
you know,

She will gets what she wants
they are all down on their knees.

06 : Sea of Sin

I close my eyes and I can see
something cold lives inside of me
how long must I live in this pain is it unforgiving
I think it is unforgiving

Something cold is running in my veins
it is getting colder and colder day by day
and that fear it holds me in its arms
what is happening to me

I feel like I fall
deeper and deeper into the sea of sin
I never believed this could happen
I never believed this could happen to me

Something has awaken this silence in me
it told me the things I never knew before
how long must I live in this pain
what is happening to me

I never believed that I could fall

07 : Loveless

Because of you
My heart is cold and loveless
There is no love no more
When you seal my fate

Love turns to hate
When you give me a smile
Inside of me something dies
You are killing me

When you embrace me
Calmness in my soul turns to misery
Walking hand in hand with you
And flowers wither all around

08 : One More Time

Pain dwells within my heart
it is growing stronger everyday
grief eats away my soul
I am weaker day by day
nothing can heal my wounds
alone I hear the pain inside
no one to hear my cries
the screams of agony.

One with sadness
please let me die just one more time
to be with you
all this sadness
release my soul just one more time
to be with you.

This pain is killing me
it slowly carves away my life
can not stand the misery
in tears clench the knife
I bleed for you my love
for you my blood keeps running red
until we meet again
forever joined in death.

09 : Mary-Ann (R.I.P.)

Silence fills the room
calmness is complete
misery is fading away from her face
her restless soul
is forever gone
always running away from here
she left me alone

She left me her warmth
for the cold days ahead
down pours the rain to wash away
the lust of life

10 : Together Complete

Far too long I have known misery
and dying longing for your hell
so I fell down to the stream of eternity
finished my life but everything goes on
I kissed mortal life goodbye
I let my blood drain down

Come on my love dare you dance with me

Down below in my grave
nigth's black carpet embraces us
I dwell in darkness and so shall you
if you come all the way to the end
why don't you follow me?

At nightfall all will belong for you and me
together we will be complete
all I need is you to be by my side
together all will be complete

Eternity is too long time without you
come and dry my tears
better dead without you
than living without you

Nothing can heal this loveless soul
if you don't follow me
eternally what else would you ever want?

11 : Rimed With Frost

Summer is gone again
she is awaken from her sleep
frost opens her eyes
cold breeze moves her hair
she gathers the cold under her wings
she gets ready to fly for me
where can I go?
where can I hide?
she casts coldness over me.

Among the cold and wind
her blue and frozen being
she is coming to breeze me again
among the cold and wind
through the glacier alone
she is coming to kiss me goodbye.

It is time to fly away
we are awaken from our sleep
we gaze the pale grey sky
cold breeze fills the air
together we spread our wings again
we are ready to fly away
our pact sealed by blood
for all eternity.

12 : Lacrimarum

It is all pain and it is all tears
it is all chaos and it is all fears
it is all sin it is the feeling
that i am not alive
i am afraid to face my fate
misery sorrow and hate
despair lives
on lives in everything
Despair lives on and on
lives in everything
life is just a pain that i will go through.


1999年2月7日To/Die/For 有记录的唱片是安排在斯班佛录制的。当时乐队成员是:主唱Jape ,鼓手Tonmi,J-P和Andy 任吉他手,Miikka是贝司手。后来吉他手Joonas替代了Andy的位置。
2000年的秋天, To/Die/For首次和Dark Tranquillity 以及 Sentenced 乐队在弗拉门斯进行了第一次欧洲巡演。在随后的巡演中贝司手Miikka被乐队开除,顶替他的是Make。
2001年的夏天,乐队在录制了第二张专辑"Epilogue"随即进行的长时间令人疲惫的巡演后,吉他手J-P 因不堪疲惫离开了乐队。他离开后乐队不得不在芬兰的巡演以及在欧洲、俄罗斯和墨西哥的巡演临时聘请吉他手。








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