《Professor Teaches Web Design Fundamentals》

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中文名Professor Teaches Web Design Fundamentals

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Program Description

Offers hundreds of practical tips and techniques designed to get you up to speed on the essential skills for creating Web pages.

Step-by-step, "how-to" instructions make learning easy! Web Design is a growing field in the job market. Knowing how to take text and graphics and display them in a fashion that is easy for the user and satisfying to the company or editor is a great asset. This Professor Teaches program will guide you through the learning process.

Offers practical tips and techniques designed to get you up to speed on the essential skills. In this Professor Teaches package, learning these powerful programs is accomplished in a user-friendly, step-by-step method, that is filled with numerous "how-to" instructions that make learning very easy.

Topics Covered

Creating a Page
Learn about the elements of a web page and how they work together in a way that is easy for a visitor to understand.

Topics in this section include:

Determining Your Approach
Displaying Web Pages
Identifying Pages with a Purpose
Including Web Page Elements
Using Web Page Templates
Understanding Design Features
Introducing HTML

Planning the Site
Learn how to play step by setp the web site's message, goals, and audience.

Topics in this section include:

Determining Your Message
Identifying Your Audience
Developing the Content
Laying Out the Site
Linking the Pages
Linking to Other Sites
Finalizing the Design

Creating Text for the Web
Learn the steps to brainstorming your text ideas, placing those ideas onto paper, and then refining those ideas into polished prose for the Web.

Topics in this section include:

Composing Your Text Ideas
Writing Your Text
Editing Your Text
Arranging Text on the Page
Selecting Fonts
Using Text as Graphics

Managing Graphics
This section explains what web color is and the technical details of digital formats. Learn about using existing graphic images on your pages and about some advanced graphic techniques that will give your site professional polish.

Topics in this section include:

Selecting a Color Scheme
Using Color on the Web
Using Existing Graphic Images
Designing Images for the Web
Exploring Digital File Formats
Introducing Advanced Graphic Techniques

Going Live
Learn about the administrative details to consider as you develop a web site.

Topics in this section include:

Selecting a Host Company
Registering Your Domain Name
Managing Your Site Sturcture
Testing and Fixing Your Site
Editing and Updating Your Pages
Registering with Search Engines
Marketing Your Site


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System Requirements

Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP







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